2009 March Madness Brackets

March Madness Brackets March Madness Brackets need to be hand picked by a professional handicapper that knows the ins and outs of college basketball. The Betvega experts are the top handicappers this decade and have a winning percentage of over 62%. This is far higher than any other honest handicapper out there. They have been […]

BCS Championship Mess

Another BCS Championship Mess Shane M. Dayton Some call it a mess, others call it a thing of beauty.  Division I college football has never seen a season like this.  From 2 different #1s and 4 different #2s losing, to the rapid rise and fall of many programs, the parity and enjoyment of this season […]

NBA Season Betting Predictions

2007-2008 NBA Predictions The NBA season is all set to go, and every NBA fan, and especially commissioner David Stern, is praying that it’s a great one.  Between all the referee gambling scandals (and man does that one keep adding up) to pissed off Suns fans and low ratings, the NBA could be in serious […]