MLB Postseason Betting Predictions

2008 MLB Postseason Predictions

The field wasn’t set until Tuesday night when the White Sox won an exciting 1-0 defensive game against the Minnesota Twins.  Earlier the Twins swept the Sox, but they lost two out of three to the Royals, and the Sox got themselves into position to win and that’s exactly what they did.  The play-offs start on Wednesday, October 1st, and feature six of the eight teams in the play-offs.  The Chicago White Sox open up with a Thursday play-off game at Tampa Bay.

The play-offs will start with the Milwaukee Brewers @ Philadelphia.  The Brewers at various times this season have been among the best in baseball, and among the worst.  After a slow April the Brew crew caught on fire, but then were cold as ice until late this year when they did just enough to slip into the play-offs.  This makes this series interesting since no one really knows what to expect.  Will this be the incredible defensive team with lights out pitching, or the offensively challenged and mistake prone team that once skidded to double digit losses?

Philadelphia comes in with power and overwhelming offense.  They want to make this a high scoring series, which will be hard against Milwaukee’s pitching staff, but they do have the hitters to do it.  This could be a pretty good series, and while Philadelphia has a slight edge, if the other Brewers pitchers can step up, then they have a chance to surprise.  Game one should be a good indication of what’s to come, and the Phillies do not want to be 0-1 before facing C.C. Sabathia, who has been nothing short of exceptional.

While the Brewers will put up a serious fight, I still see the Phillies pulling this off in five games.  Phillies advance, 3 games to 2.


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The other National League match up has the Los Angeles Dodgers going to the windy city to face the Chicago Cubs.  While the addition of Manny Ramirez has really boosted the Dodgers’ offense, this is a case of one team being badly outmatched by the others.  The Cubs have scored over 155 more runs than the Dodgers, and have over three times a better run differential.  They have better pitching, hitting, and as much as I like Joe Torre: better pitching.

The Dodgers have done really well to get to where they have, but at this point they are simply outmatched and this will show early.  Cubs win in four games, 3-1.

The American League will offer the beginning of one play-off series on Wednesday.  The Boston Red Sox travel to play the LA Angels.  This should be one heck of a match up.  Both the Angels and the Red Sox are among the best teams in major league baseball, loaded both in pitching and on offense.  While it’s hard to bet against either one of these teams, this series more than any other is truly a coin toss: either team could win this series.  Since the Angels get home field advantage, I’m going to give them the series by one game: Angels advance after an exciting back and forth series: 3 games to 2.

The White Sox get a day of rest after playing the Twins, but it’s no time to relax.  Chicago has to travel to Tampa Bay to take on the Rays, who have one of the best records in baseball.  Few teams are more complete or better coached than the Rays.  They may not have a list of great all stars who stick out, but this team has no holes, and they are as complete as any team in baseball.

The White Sox played well, but this is another example of a series where they are outmatched.  Unless the Rays trip and stumble while the White Sox play the game of their lives, it’s hard to see this series going Chicago’s way.  The Rays had the best record in baseball most of the season for a reason, and while I keep thinking it’s possible for the Sox to win because they have more “name” players, the Rays have beat those teams over and over all season, so why should Thursday be any different?

The Tampa Bay Rays win in four games, 3-1.


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