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2008 NFL Draft Winners & Losers

2008 NFL Draft Winners & Losers

This was an exciting draft, and one of the strangest ever to watch. From the really weird order in which wide receivers were judged (and drafted) to Green Bay and Miami, two teams with really young quarterbacks taking a rookie quarterback high in the second round, this was a draft to remember. So when the dust settles, who are the winners and losers?

Updated Week 1 NFL Odds


#1: Kansas City Chiefs – While the other winners and losers may be interchangeable, the Chiefs are winners by a long shot. Watching them this draft has been like a how-to video on the right way to draft. Their first three rounds were exceptional: DT Glenn Dorsey fell to them at #5, then they grabbed the best guard in the draft, OG Brandon Albert. CB Brandon Flowers was a perfect value pick that filled a need in the second round, and TE Brad Cottam, RB Jamaal Charles, and S DaJuan Morgan were all excellent third round picks that give the Chiefs very highly sought after prospects on both sides of the ball at great value. Expect all to contribute immediately. The later round picks were solid, as well, with some very intriguing prospects who give great depth and some potential future gems. Based on the first day alone, the Chiefs would get an A+, and the grade stands for both days.

#2: Washington Redskins – It’s been a long time since this team has been listed in an NFL draft winner’s list, but they earned it. This is the right way to build the team, and this time we saw focus. The Skins wanted offensive weapons for QB Jason Campbell, and ended up with two top wide receivers, as well as one of the best tight ends on the board. WR Malcolm Kelly, WR Devin Thomas, and TE Fred Davis will provide weapons on the offense for years to come, while later picks were spread between offense, defense, and special teams with a variety of great value picks.

#3: Baltimore Ravens – The new coaching staff got off on the right book. They traded down and stocked up on picks, before trading up to get the guy they wanted all along, QB Joe Flacco. RB Ray Rice was also a fantastic pick, and the next several picks were great value, getting high intensity defenders and future special teams stars. Ten picks means more bodies to build depth, and that was in addition to getting CB Fabian Washington from the Raiders for a mere 4th round pick.

#4: Minnesota Vikings – Minnesota traded away most of their early picks for DE Jared Allen, but when you add that to the value of their picks, the Vikings have to be the favorites to win the NFC North. Tyrell Johnson was generally considered the best safety in the entire draft, and a great value in the middle of the second round. QB John David Booty was a great value in the 5th round, and fits into what the Vikings want out of a quarterback. The rest of the picks were all very good values who will make the roster. DT Letoy Guion may see time as an inside pass rush specialist while WR Jaymar Johnson could be an explosive 3rd or 4th wide receiver.

#5: Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins did very well with this draft. OT Jake Long was a great pick and will anchor the offensive lines for years to come while instantly improving the run and pass blocking. DE Phillip Merling is an excellent pick at the top of the second round, and QB Chad Henne was also a coup. The other six picks are all good prospects, most of whom should make the roster. The Dolphins also traded a pick for two Dallas Cowboys back ups who will add depth.

Updated Week 1 NFL Odds


#1: Jacksonville Jaguars – They paid way too much to move up to the top of the first, and then they really reached for DE Derrick Harvey, who keeps getting touted as a pass rush specialist, but who would disappear for games on end. DE Quentin Groves was a better pick in the second, but the amount they paid was too much, as well, and he can only be a pass rush specialist. The remaining picks were uninspiring, and all had major red flags of one kind or another. If the Jags hit the Super Bowl, it won’t be because of this draft class.

#2: Houston Texans – The Texans have done a great job rebuilding under Coach Gary Kubiak, but this draft was somewhat of a head scratcher. OT Duane Brown was definitely a major reach. CB Molden has upside, but from a small school with simple schemes so there are a lot of questions on his ability to play at an NFL level. RB Slaton is way too easily arm tackled. Some of the later picks could make solid back ups, but in a draft with a lot of talent, the Texans didn’t seem to really gain their share of it.

#3: Tennessee Titans – The AFC South is the toughest division in the NFL, but if they all keep ending up on this last that isn’t going to last long. The Titans should have had one major goal: get Vince Young help. So when not a single wide receiver is drafted by the time you have your first pick you…pick arguably the fourth or fifth best running back in the draft? That was even a major reach at that point. Jason Jones has some potential at defensive end, and some receivers were taken late, but you generally don’t find game breakers by drafting receivers in the 4th round. This was a really weak effort overall.

#4: Denver Broncos – It’s been a while since the Broncos have had a good draft, and the pressure is definitely building on Coach Shannahan. Clady has a chance to be a good O-lineman, but he needs to hit the weight room and wasn’t the best prospect on the board. WR Eddie Royal was a huge reach, especially with the other receivers on the board. A couple of the 6th and 7th round picks make decent prospects, but this was really a terrible use of early round draft picks.

#5: Chicago Bears – This draft wasn’t exactly a disaster, but it was strongly underwhelming. The Bears did get an okay first road pick with OT Chris Williams in the first round, who should push for playing time right away, but RB Matt Forte was a reach and made at a spot where the Bears could still get a quality WR, TE, QB, or OL, all of which are greater needs. WR Bennett is an overachiever who could become a very solid slot receiver. Most of the later picks are very developmental projects with limited upside. With all the picks the Bears had, and their needs, far more could have been done with this draft.

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The Top 5 Heisman Candidates 2008-2009

Striking a Pose:

The Top 5 Heisman Candidates 2008-2009

Last year was very possibly one of the best seasons in college football history, and it leaves a lot of reasons for college football fans to be encouraged about the upcoming season, as well. After a season where QB Tim Tebow had a record shattering sophomore year for Florida, winning an extremely rare Heisman as a sophomore, it’s already time to start looking ahead and see who the top candidates are for the 2008-2009 Heisman trophy.

#1: QB Tim Tebow, junior, Florida. Tebow put up incredible numbers as both a runner and a passer while leading the Gators to a nine win season. While setting NCAA records and scoring over 20 TD both rushing and passing, Tebow won a well deserved Heisman. He has to be the early favorite for a second. His passing will only improve, and the Gators were a young team who should be even better. There’s no reason to believe Tebow won’t put in another Heisman worthy season.

#2: WR Michael Crabtree, sophomore, Texas Tech. This freshman wide receiver shattered the receiving records for a freshman, and he is one of the best receivers in the country. A year of improvement, and if Tech can pull some upsets in the Big 12 South, we could see two years in a row where a sophomore wins the Heisman Trophy.

#3: RB Chris Wells, junior, Ohio State. The Big Ten is down, and Ohio State looks to waltz to another conference title. Wells is one heck of a running back, and might be the best in the country. With Ohio State having a good shot at the national title, it makes sense that the running back who carries them would be on this list.

#4: QB Chase Daniel, senior, Missouri. The Tigers were about “this” close to playing for the national title. A lot of experts expected most of the Missouri juniors to jump, but they all come back. Daniel has had a fantastic career, and there is no reason to bet against him having a fantastic senior season. If Missouri gets to the title game, Chase Daniel has to be the pick.

#5: QB Matthew Stafford, junior, Georgia. Stafford had a break out season on a Georgia team that is the early favorite to win the SEC. If Stafford can take another big leap, he’ll be one of the best slingers in the country. He gets the nod over talented RB Knowshon Moreno because Moreno will be a sophomore, and it’s hard to believe there will be several sophomores as Heisman finalists.

These are five of the best players in the country, and don’t bet against one of these young men hoisting the next Heisman Trophy

2008 NFC East Division Predictions

2008 NFC East Division NFL Predictions

(listed in order of predicted finish)


8-1 Odds to win Super Bowl 43

7-2 Odds to win the 2008-09 NFC Championship

2008 Dallas Cowboys Prediction from

The Cowboys won their division last season and were the favorites in the NFC until another late season collapse.  They have all the tools, will they put it together this season?  Pacman Jones will be a boom or bust pick up.  First he has to get reinstated, which will probably happen.  Second, he has to grow up…or stay out of trouble just long enough to get a ring.  That’ll be the hard part.

If he stays out of trouble, then Jones, Newman, and Jenkins will give Dallas one of the best secondaries in the NFL and bring the defense to an entirely new level.  Felix Jones is a great pick as a return man and change of pace back to compliment Barber.  The offense will be hot, but Romo needs to prove he’s not a play off choke artist.  The good news is the defense should be even tougher, taking some pressure off.

The Cowboys still have to be strongly favored to win the East even with their difficult schedule, and I see them going about 13-3 if everyone stays healthy and making a serious Super Bowl run in the NFC.


16-1 Odds to win Super Bowl 43

5-1 Odds to win the 2008-09 NFC Championship

2008 New York Giants Prediction from

You don’t care about finishing second in division when you win the Super Bowl.  The Giants put up one heck of a season.  Whether or not DE Michael Strahan retires will affect this team, since that defensive line carried them through the entire play-offs.

The Giants had a very solid draft, and are hoping it pays off like last year’s unbelievable class.  There’s a lot to like here, and there’s no reason to believe that Eli Manning won’t continue to grow as a QB, as well as many of last year’s rookies.  Is a second Super Bowl likely?  That might be asking too much, but this team is definitely going to be a player for years to come.

There are a lot of games on this schedule that look like toss ups, and the G-Men could go anywhere from 8-8 to 12-4 depending how everything falls.  Estimated record: 10-6, second place in the division.


20-1 Odds to win Super Bowl 43

7-1 Odds to win the 2008-09 NFC Championship

2008 Philadelphia Eagles Prediction from

The Eagles have been active in putting themselves in a position to instantly be competitive again.  They were plagued by injuries last year, and should be a much better team than their record indicated.  Watch the trade demands of CB Lito Sheppard.  If he stays with the team and plays hard, the Eagles will be virtually impossible to pass against.

If McNabb can stay healthy, this offense can move.  WR DeSean Jackson has a good chance of contributing right away as a number three, and even more important, can help reduce Brian Westbrook’s returns (and chance of being injured).  Booker is a great fit for the wide open Eagles offense, and his hands and speed will give opposing defensive coordinators fits.  There’s a lot of depth from the draft.  If this team stays healthy, look for 10-6, tied for 2nd. If not, they still have a shot to go 8-8.


35-1 Odds to win Super Bowl 43

14-1 Odds to win the 2008-09 NFC Championship

2008 Washington Redskins Prediction from

The Redskins put on a rally worthy of their fallen teammate, S Sean Taylor.  No team had to endure as much tragedy as the Redskins, and after Head Coach Joe Gibbs retirement, and new defensive and offensive coordinators, Skins fans aren’t sure what they have left.

While this might be the least sexy of the new head coaching hires, new coach Jim Zorn looks like a very solid coach from the Mike Holmgren coaching tree.  The Redskins are finally building a team the right way, and an excellent offense minded draft gives this team great depth and a lot of offensive firepower for the future.

How will this team transition?  They have the players for great offense from multiple sites, and a solid defense, though one with questions.  My guess is this team will go one step back before going two forward.  Don’t be surprised if this team goes 6-10 or 7-9, but they will be competitive and could be a Super Bowl contender in as little as two seasons.

2008 Monday Night Football Schedule