2008 NFL Draft Winners & Losers

2008 NFL Draft Winners & Losers This was an exciting draft, and one of the strangest ever to watch. From the really weird order in which wide receivers were judged (and drafted) to Green Bay and Miami, two teams with really young quarterbacks taking a rookie quarterback high in the second round, this was a […]

The Top 5 Heisman Candidates 2008-2009

Striking a Pose: The Top 5 Heisman Candidates 2008-2009 Last year was very possibly one of the best seasons in college football history, and it leaves a lot of reasons for college football fans to be encouraged about the upcoming season, as well. After a season where QB Tim Tebow had a record shattering sophomore […]

2008 NFC East Division Predictions

2008 NFC East Division NFL Predictions (listed in order of predicted finish) 8-1 Odds to win Super Bowl 43 7-2 Odds to win the 2008-09 NFC Championship 2008 Dallas Cowboys Prediction from BetVega.com: The Cowboys won their division last season and were the favorites in the NFC until another late season collapse.  They have all the […]