June MLB Betting Hot and Not

June ’08 MLB Betting Report   Who’s Hot, Who’s not? It’s amazing how much can change in a month.  After April, some of the teams/players on my cold list lit on fire, while others plummeted in the other direction.  So after the so called “merry month of May” who in major league baseball is now hot, […]

Who will be the next NBA Player to get high?

Who will be the next NBA Player to get high? Dallas Mavericks’ star Josh Howard turned heads on when he admitted on the Michael Irvin Radio show that he smokes marijuana regularly in the off-season.  Equally as shocking was his willingness to implicate the entire league with regard to marijuana use. Odds on who will […]

Bet on NFL Arrests

Bet on NFL Arrests Whenever the NFL off-season rolls around the league and its fans begin to hold their breath.  The reason for this being that history has shown a pattern of bad behavior on behalf of the league’s players.  In the past, incidents with big name stars like Michael Vick, Ricky Williams, and just […]

Bet on how many games Barry Zito will lose

Which MLB Pitcher will lose the most games? Is Barry Zito holding up how many games he think he will lose by the end of June? At the pace he is going early in the 2008 MLB season, he may be the first 30 game loser in baseball history. A record of 0-6 with an ERA of […]

Bet on the next NBA coach to be fired

Who will be fired next? We are barely into the 2nd round of 2008 NBA Playoffs and coaches are being let go at an alarming rate. Well guess what? That means we can bet on it and make some easy cash. Check some of the the odds below and check out BetVega’s 2008 NBA Finals Odds […]