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June MLB Betting Hot and Not

June ’08 MLB Betting Report


Who’s Hot, Who’s not?

It’s amazing how much can change in a month.  After April, some of the teams/players on my cold list lit on fire, while others plummeted in the other direction.  So after the so called “merry month of May” who in major league baseball is now hot, and which are not?


1) Tampa Bay Rays. They were the early preseason favorite to strike it big, and started off sluggish, staying below .500.  Since then they’ve played on fire and this small payroll team is not only trumping the Yankees and Red Sox, but fighting for the best record in all of major league baseball.  Having a streak of winning 16 out of 17 home games definitely helps.  Go Rays!

2) Chipper Jones, 3B, Atlanta Braves. There hasn’t been a serious run at .400 since George Brett, but Chipper Jones is on fire, still batting .420 and the scariest part is that he doesn’t look like a player who is playing through a hot streak, he looks like a player who is very comfortable and just getting started!

3) Lance Berkman (Astros) & Josh Hamilton (Texas). These two players are placed together because they are BOTH threatening to take the triple crown.  Berkman’s stats are far more impressive, though it may be hard to grab the batting average title from a guy hitting .420.  Hamilton is 4th in average, 1st in RBI, and 2nd in HR while Berkman is 2nd in average, 1st in RBI, and 1st in HR.  Both are having monster seasons, and it’s a rarity to see two going for it in the same season.

4) Florida Marlins. This team has the smallest pay roll in the majors, yet leads their division with a 30-22 record.  All this for a payroll that costs less than A-Rod’s contract alone, making the Marlins one of the best return on investment in the majors so far.

5) Joe Torre. Think about it.  After years of crap, they couldn’t get Torre out of New York fast enough, and now under manager Joe Girardi the Yanks have a losing record and are dead last in the division.  Torre doesn’t look so bad, now, does he?

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Not Hot:


1) Kansas City Royals. Any team that loses 11 games in a row is going to top this list.  The Royals were right around .500, but now they’ve dug themselves a huge hole while their fans’ hearts break.

2) New York Baseball. New York City has two of the highest paid teams in all of major league baseball.  Both were supposed to be competing for the pennant this year, and both are hovering around .500 near the bottom of their divisions.  This certainly isn’t what fans were expecting in preseason.

3) Detroit Tigers. After several seasons of great success and strong play off showings, the one thing Tigers fans did not expect was a team utterly void of pitching near the bottom of their division, 9 games under .500.

4) Ryan Howard. Howard is definitely in a slump, only batting .206, with nearly twice as many strikeouts as hits.  In a city like Philadelphia, that’s not going to fly, even with his history of carrying the team.  He needs to hit his groove soon.

5) Milwaukee Brewers. Many thought this young team would mature and compete after a strong 2007 showing.  They haven’t, Gagne has been a disaster at pitcher, and people are wondering if manager Ned Yost is holding this team back.  The Brew Crew needs to get going quickly if they’re going to salvage this season.

Shane Dayton (Senior Writer for

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Who will be the next NBA Player to get high?


Who will be the next NBA Player to get high?

Dallas Mavericks’ star Josh Howard turned heads on when he admitted on the Michael Irvin Radio show that he smokes marijuana regularly in the off-season.  Equally as shocking was his willingness to implicate the entire league with regard to marijuana use.

Odds on who will admit smoking up next:

Allan Iverson:  4/1
Carmello Anthony:  10/1
Rasheed Wallace:  2/1

Oddsmakers at posted the following odds on NBA Players

LeBron:  40/1
Josh Childress:  4/1
Shaq: 100/1
Dirk:  250/1

Odds on what’s next for Howard:
Arrest:  5/1
Rehab:  20/1
Banned from league:  5/2
Fined by league:  1/2
Starts company with Ricky Williams:  100/1

Additional odds for specific players not listed are available upon request.

Graded as per first player to admit he smokes the stick icky.

Bet on NFL Arrests

Bet on NFL Arrests

Whenever the NFL off-season rolls around the league and its fans begin to hold their breath.  The reason for this being that history has shown a pattern of bad behavior on behalf of the league’s players.  In the past, incidents with big name stars like Michael Vick, Ricky Williams, and just about every member of the Bengals that have either landed them in jail, or in the courtroom have made off-season drama the rule and not the exception.

Dallas Cowboys               15/1
New York Giants              25/1
Philadelphia Eagles          15/1

Who will get Arrested next?  Bet Now!

The recent arrest of Colts running back Kenton Keith and incidents involving other NFL’ers have shown that this off-season is no different.  This being the case fans across the country are wondering who will be next, and what will they get in trouble for.  Looking for answers they have been flooding the largest most successful sportsbook on the web,, where oddsmakers have posted odds on all things NFL player behavior.

“The NFL is part of the fabric of the lives of fans in America and their interest in their teams and players goes far beyond the field,” said spokesman Reed Richards.  “This is illustrated by the number of fans who come to us looking for analysis and predictive information regarding which star or team will be in hot water next.”

Oddsmakers at posted the following odds on NFL player behavior:

Team to have next player arrested
Dallas Cowboys               15/1
New York Giants              25/1
Philadelphia Eagles          15/1
Washington Redskins       25/1
Buffalo Bills                      25/1
Miami Dolphins                 10/1
New England Patriots        25/1
New York Jets                  25/1
Arizona Cardinals             25/1
San Francisco 49ers         25/1
Seattle Seahawks            25/1
St Louis Rams                  25/1
Denver Broncos                 20/1
Kansas City Chiefs           20/1
Oakland Raiders               20/1
San Diego Chargers          25/1
Chicago Bears                  25/1
Detroit Lions                     18/1
Green Bay Packers           25/1
Minnesota Vikings             20/1
Baltimore Ravens              25/1
Cincinnati Bengals             5/1
Cleveland Browns              25/1
Atlanta Falcons                 8/1
Carolina Panthers               25/1
New Orleans Saints           25/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers       25/1
Houston Texans               25/1
Indianapolis Colts             15/1
Jacksonville Jaguars           25/1
Tennessee Titans              25/1

Next NFL player arrested will be for
DUI         3/1
Robbery   15/1
Assault    4/1
Tax evasion   25/1
Dog fighting    20/1
Drug possession  2/1
Firearm possession 4/1
Breaking and entering 10/1

Will there be more arrest in the 08-09Reg Season or Offseason
Regular Season    5/12
Offseason            19/10

Total Number of In-Season Arrests
Over 7.5 2/3
Under 7.5 11/10

Will an NFL Player be arrest multiple times before end of 08-09 Regular Season
Yes  5/8
No    1/1

Next Professional Sport to Have an athlete arrested
NFL  2/3
NBA  2/1
MLB   5/1
NHL   8/1

Who will get Arrested next?  Bet Now!

NFL Odds

Bet on how many games Barry Zito will lose

Which MLB Pitcher will lose the most games?

Is Barry Zito holding up how many games he think he will lose by the end of June? At the pace he is going early in the 2008 MLB season, he may be the first 30 game loser in baseball history. A record of 0-6 with an ERA of 7.53 has people calling the 2006 signing of Zito by the SF Giants, the worst free agent ever!


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Some of MLB’s best pitchers have been struggling mightily so far this season and instead of fans and experts wondering who will win the Cy Young awards this year, most are speculating as to which pitcher will lose the most games.

Big names like Zito, Sabbathia, and Mussina have been more than letting their teams down, they’ve been downright awful.  This being the case, the largest, most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odd son which pitcher will lose the most games in MLB this year.
Oddsmakers at posted the following odds on the MLB’s most losingest pitcher:

Player to lose most games in 08 season:

Barry Zito     10/1

Chad Billingsley  15/1

Joe Blanton  12/1

Boof Bonser   14/1

Matt Chico   8/1

Jason Jennings  9/1

Bronson Arroyo  15/1

Dave Bush  20/1

Kevin Correia  10/1

Tom Gorzelanny  15/1

Ted Lilly  15/1

Francisco Liriano  25/1

Gil Meche  25/1

Matt Morris  12/1

Brett Tomko  8/1

C.C Sabathia  18/1

Steve Trachsel  16/1

Justin Verlander  45/1

Jared Washburn  15/1

Odalis Perez  14/1

Mike Mussina   25/1

Kerry Wood    45/1

Most Losses by any one pitcher this season will be:

15 or Under Losses  5/2

16 Losses 6/1

17 Losses 4/1

18 Losses  3/1

19 Or More Losses   2/1

Barry Zito Total Losses during 08 Season:

Over 15.5 6/5

Under 15.5 6/5

C.C. Sabathia Total Losses during 08 Season:

Over 11.5 6/5

Under 11.5 6/5
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Bet on the next NBA coach to be fired


Who will be fired next?

We are barely into the 2nd round of 2008 NBA Playoffs and coaches are being let go at an alarming rate. Well guess what? That means we can bet on it and make some easy cash. Check some of the the odds below and check out BetVega’s 2008 NBA Finals Odds

Odds to be fired next:

Mike Dunleavy 15/1

Mike D’Antoi 2/1

Lawrence Frank 15/1

Oddsmakers at posted the following odds on NBA head coaches:

Next Coach to be fired in the NBA

Marc Iavaroni (Memphis)       15/1

Mike Dunleavy (LA Clippers)   15/1

Lawrence Frank (New Jersey)   15/1

Reggie Theus (Sacramento)     15/1

Jim O’Brien (Indiana)         15/1

Avery Johnson (Dallas)        3/1

Mike D’Antoni (Phoenix)       2/1

Greg Popovich (San Antonio)   50/1

Field 3/2