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August Baseball Betting Hot and Not

August ’08 MLB Betting Report


Who’s Hot & Who’s not going into August?

Here is August’s monthly report for major league baseball’s who’s hot and who’s not.  This month is kind of exciting, because as we’re going into August a new face breaks into the “Who’s Hot” list at number one, after breaking an incredible 101 year old major league baseball record


Who’s Hot?

#1: Brad Ziegler, RP, Oakland A’s. Ziegler was brought up from the minors and rewarded the A’s confidence by pitching 27 straight scoreless innings to start his career, breaking a major league baseball record that has stood for 101 years.  The streak is up to 30 as of July 30th, and counting.  Want to know what’s even more amazing?  If you count his time in the minor leagues, Ziegler hasn’t allowed a run since May 11.  That’s over 12 weeks and 30 appearances ago. That’s about as hot as it gets.

#2: L.A. Angels.  At 66-40, they have the best record in major leaguer baseball, and are also 8-2 in their last ten games on top of that.  This definitely makes the Angels one of the hottest teams in major league baseball, and this team looks capable right now of taking on anyone in the play-offs.

#3: Francisco Rodriguez.  He is a major reason why the Angels are at number two.  Many people wondered if anyone would ever come close to Bobby Thigpen’s record 58 saves.  Rodriguez has 44 already, and is on pace to net 67.  He’s not likely to remain that on fire, but the fact he is already this close shows that Rodriguez may be having one of the greatest seasons a relief pitcher has ever had.

#4: Milwaukee Brewers.  Yes, the three straight losses were very disappointing, but to go from where they were in April to 60-47 and the leading wild card contender, that’s one heck of a turnaround.  Hopefully they fix the skid, but this is a young team who has a chance to make some waves.


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Who’s Not?

#1: Washington Nationals.  Some thought moving the Expos from Montreal to Washington would make the new team competitive.  You know, the Expos were at least competitive every other season.  That’s all there is to say about the Nationals, worst team in the majors by far.

#2: Cincinnati Reds. Say hello to the only major league baseball team to go 2-8 in their last ten games, and are dead last in a division that many thought would be the most wide open in all of major league baseball.

#3: Every All Star 2B not named Dustin Pedroia. Ian Kinsler was batting over .350, now 3 for his last 24.  Chase Utley went 0-12 against New York, and Dan Uggla, well 1-22 isn’t even the worst of how he’s done since the break.  Yikes.  What is it with baseball and curses?

#4: Jimmy Gobble, RP, Kansas City Royals. In case you missed this beauty back on the 21st, in one inning pitched, Gobble gave up 7 hits, 10 runs (all earned), four walks, and it took 45 pitches to get three outs.  He’s the first relief pitcher in 60 years to put up such terrible numbers.

#5: Baltimore Orioles and Sundays. Maybe the Orioles need a memo that the Sabbath doesn’t apply when you’re playing.  Their win on Sunday the 27th was the first win in 16 Sunday games.  Yep, the O’s are 1-15 on Sunday.  That’s gotta sting.

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Why LSU has no shot of being #1 this season

Forget #1 This Season LSU!

Forget About It: Why LSU Has No Chance in 2008!

Les Miles is a great head coach, and LSU’s 3rd and 4th strings could probably make a run at winning the Mountain West or Conference USA, but this will not be the year for LSU to make another title run.  LSU will have a great team, and talent should be a top 10 or even a top 5 team, but they have absolutely zero chance at winning the national title in 2008.  I repeat: LSU has ZERO chance at repeating for the title, in no small part because they won’t be able to make the title game: and will have stiff competition just to get into a BCS bowl.

Starting off, this is not bashing LSU.  They will be a great team, but they can’t run the table.  First of all, LSU only returns 12 starters from last year’s team, as 7 LSU players were drafted, and another 4 were picked up as NFL free agents, and that was all before QB Ryan Perrilloux was kicked off the team, including one of the best DT in college football history.

Take a look at the players lost.

LSU Players Drafted:
DT Glenn Dorsey, 1st Round
CB Chevis Jackson, 3rd Round
RB/FB Jacob Hester, 3rd Round
WR Early Doucet, 3rd Round
S Craig Steltz, 4th Round
QB Matt Flynn, 7th Round
TE Keith Zinger, 7th Round

Others Lost Graduation/Suspension:
OLB Ali Highsmith
CB Jonathan Zenon
OG Will Arnold
RB Alley Broussard
QB Ryan Perrilloux

These are especially important positions that LSU has to reload on both sides of the ball, and replacing ¾ of your secondary before playing Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia doesn’t but you in your best spot.

There are only five returning starters on defense, and although LSU will have a great defense, will they be absolutely dominant?  In addition, there are serious questions at quarterback and in the secondary.  The good news is that most of the back ups who are becoming starters are juniors, meaning they have a lot of experience.  Also, four out of five offensive linemen return to what was possibly the best offensive line in the entire nation, so the running game should dominate even with Hester in the pros.

Then comes the schedule.  While they do get Georgia at home, there is no reason to mark this up as a win.  Georgia is arguably the best team in the nation, and if they win out in that brutal schedule, there’s no question they go to the title game.  Even with one close loss they could still get the nod.  The bad news is that this game against Georgia comes after back to back road games to South Carolina and Florida.  Add to that Auburn on the road and an SEC title game that would pit them against Florida or Georgia again, and that’s just way too much.  In any other conference, maybe, but not in the SEC.

Don’t forget LSU was the first team to get into the title game with two losses, and that only happened because of collapses by many other teams ranked ahead of them.  This year that won’t happen again, and competition from Ohio State, USC, Virginia Tech, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and the other usual suspects will make sure no two loss team gets a chance.

LSU will have a great team, and I don’t see them doing worse than 9-3, or 8-4 if they have horrendous injury issues, but there is no 13-0 season in sight.  LSU will be a good team, but national title contender?  Not a chance.

2008-2009 Heisman Award Betting Odds

2008-09 Heisman Award Odds

Will the new college football season lead to a repeat Heisman Award winner in Tim Tebow? At +300 odds listed by, it looks like a great bet to us here at How about some sleepers for you: USF quaterback Matt Grothe +5000 to win the Heisman Award at Big 12 and Texas start Colt McCoy is listed at a healthy +1500 to take the prized trophy this upcoming season. Click Read More to see the rest of the Heisman Betting Odds from

2008 Heisman Award Contenders

Odds Provided by

Chase Daniel      +650
Chris Wells         +650
Colt McCoy         +1500
Cullen Harper     +2000
DeMarco Murray    +1500
Eric Berry        +5000
Graham Harrell    +1000
Jake Locker       +2500
Jeremy Maclin     +5000
Joe McKnight      +2000
John Parker Wilson +4000
Juice Williams     +2200
Kellen Lewis       +3300
Knowshon Moreno    +1000
LeSean McCoy       +1000
Mark Sanchez       +2000
Matt Grothe        +5000
Matthew Stafford   +1500
Michael Crabtree   +1000
Patrick White      +1200
Percy Harvin       +1000
PJ Hill            +1500
Rudy Carpenter     +3000
Sam Bradford       +1600
Noel Devine        +1800
Tim Tebow          +300
Todd Boeckman      +3300
Todd Reesing       +2000
Tyrod Taylor       +4500