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5 Games You Must Bet This Weekend 10-18-08


5 Must Bet Games!

This football season has been extremely exciting on both the NFL and the college level. Teams we are watching this week: The University of Buffalo is nearing bowl eligibility. Stanford is a force in the PAC 10. Georgia Tech is 4-0 ATS this season and has a great shot at the ACC regular season title. So without further pause, here are five must bet games this week in football.

College Football:

Army @ Buffalo (-11.5): Buffalo is a really solid team, especially on defense, and they’re looking to hit their first bowl this year.  Army is one of the lower teams in the country, but they did win last week.  They also didn’t complete a pass.  Not going to work against Buffalo.  This one could easily become something Buffalo is not used to being on the right side of a rout.  The Bulls should be able to cover this without too much trouble. Bet This Game Now

Georgia Tech (-2) @ Clemson: Clemson is in the middle of a mid-season coaching change after once again underachieving in a mediocre ACC.  Georgia Tech has been on an absolute role, and this is a complete team that is surprisingly strong on both sides of the ball.  Clemson is overmatched here, and the changing of coaching staffs is going to make it impossible for them to bring their A game.  Tech covers easy. Bet This Game Now

Stanford (-1) @ UCLA: UCLA is still receiving a little bit more credit than they should be, and Stanford really is that good.  This is a strong PAC-10 team that is definitely going bowling.  The one common opponent?  Stanford beat Arizona by one in a close game, but Arizona crushed UCLA.  The Bruins have a lot of holes on their team while the Cardinals look really solid on both sides of the ball.  Not only do the Cardinals win, but they should cover easily. Bet This Game Now


San Diego (pick) @ Buffalo: The Chargers haven’t performed nearly as well as expected, but this is a team that looks strong on offense, and QB Philip Rivers is one of the elite signal callers in the NFL.  San Diego has been extremely disappointing on defense, but even with all their injuries this team is still in the hunt.  The Bills are an excellent play-off caliber team, but there are some questions at QB.  Trent Edwards is exceptional, but will he be fully recovered for this game?  I’m betting not, and a great effort by San Diego will be enough to win a very close game. Bet This Game Now

New Orleans @ Carolina (-3): The Saints defense finally stepped up a little, only to have the offense not show up.  That is a team loaded with talent, but they need more consistency.  Carolina is better on both sides of the ball, and they look like a legitimate play off contender since they have play makers on both sides of the football.  The Panthers are going to be exceptional on offense as the running game catches on, and they’re going to outmatch the Saints by more than a field goal.Bet This Game Now

Giants vs. Browns MNF Preview

NFL Odds

Giants vs. Browns MNF Preview

Well in preseason this looked like a good match up, anyway.  Cleveland had a great season last year, and after several major off season moves everyone thought they were going to be competitive in competing to get to the Super Bowl.  Oops.  The Giants, ironically, many thought were a fluke team that made a one time run to win a Lombardi Trophy but this 2008 New York Giants football team is far better than the 2007 version.  At least that’s what it looks like in the early going.

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The Preview on this game is pretty simple, or at least it looks that way at first.  The Rams claimed their first win, the Dolphins look like a powerhouse, and the Bears choked away another game to the Falcons, so maybe we shouldn’t put the automatic win into the Giants column just yet.

The Browns defense has also shown signs of life, and any time a team can force an ugly, defensively led game (see the Titans) then anything goes.  The problem is, Cleveland seems short handed for any type of a fight.  WR Braylon Edwards has been an out and out bust, dropping as many passes as he’s caught, TE Kellen Winslow is also dropping passes, and is injured and will probably miss the Monday night game.

The defense has been solid for Cleveland in recent weeks, but nobody is stepping up to make a play when they need one, and injuries abound on this team.  Add in that QB Derrick Anderson is terrible (less than 50% completion, 2 to 1 INT to TD ratio) and this team is in serious trouble.

Meanwhile with the Giants, Eli Manning has taken his game to an entirely new level, and a three headed running game is getting the job done in every facet of the game.  The defense appears just as good or even better than before and there doesn’t seem to be a single obvious weakness on this football team.

So does Cleveland have any chance at all?  Not likely, but they might have one thing going for them: QB Brady Quinn.  I’m not saying that Quinn could come in and save the day, but the NFL is a film game, and many quarterbacks have had huge success their first two weeks before sucking forever after that (Koy Detmer, Ty Detmer, Tim Hasselback, Bruce Gradakowski, hell, even Ryan Leaf had a pretty good first game).  So if the QB has skills and the defense has no tape on him, Quinn could step in and conceivably rally a team to a surprise win, especially at home.

But that is a stretch, and it’s not going to happen.  This is one of those match ups that looked good in preseason, but in the end only one team delivered this season and that was the New York Giants.  They’re going to win this one big, and it’s hard to see any argument at all to the contrary

Week 6 NFL Game Picks

NFL Odds

Week 6 NFL Picks

The week six line up of NFL games has some really potentially good match ups, and several potential trap games.  Even better, some teams are matched up who are both teetering on the edge.  Is there any more desperate match up than 2-3 Green Bay at 1-3 Seattle?  If you’re looking at those two teams and two schedules, the loser of that game is very possibly done.  Cincinnati @ Jets looks like a classic trap game for the Jets know that the Bengals are showing signs of life, and Arizona and San Francisco are just dangerous enough to make better teams battling injuries nervous.

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So without any further ado, here is the preview for the week six NFL match ups:

Chicago @ Atlanta. The Bears have an offense now as QB Kyle Orton is not only proven himself a great manager, but as a quarterback now good enough to provide offense.  The Bears still have a talented defense, and one that will get better as they continue to recover from injuries.  The Falcons held on to a victory over a not very good Packers team, and although Atlanta is far better than most expected, they don’t match up well at all with the Bears.  Chicago wins, 31-19.

Baltimore @ Indianapolis. The Ravens have been surprisingly strong this year, and if not for a rookie moment by Flacco, they would still be undefeated.  Flacco is well ahead of most rookies, and the Ravens are a very tough team with a bright future.  On the other side, the Colts have struggled on both sides of the ball.  If not for a near miraculous comeback against the Texans (helped by a Houston sized meltdown) they would have lost that game.  While I have to think that the Colts are going to be back on track, Peyton Manning vs. Ravens defense is not a match up I like.  Ravens shock the world, 27-24.

Detroit @ Minnesota. Not even Minnesota can screw this one up, can they?  The Vikings had a much needed win against the Saints, despite playing terrible offense.  Now they face a much worse Lions team, and look good to win two in a row.  RB Rudi Johnson might be an upgrade for the Lions, but he’s not running against the Vikings D.  The Vikings looked terrible but did what they had to in order to beat the Saints.  Maybe that means this is becoming the Vikings team we all thought was going to come out roaring.  Detroit should simply trade off everyone they can get anything for, stock the draft picks, and start over.  Vikings win easily this time, 33-10.

Oakland @ New Orleans.  The Saints lost in a heartbreaker to Minnesota, but they also kept shooting themselves in the foot to do it.  The offense still looks good despite injuries, but their defense is bad enough to keep anyone in the game.  The Raiders have talent, but Coach Kiffin was not the problem, and it’s hard to believe an interim coach is going to “turn it around.”  The only time this team even played hard the last five years was when Kiffin was coach.  Oakland quits, Saints roll 41-23.

Cincinnati @ NY Jets. The Bengals showed signs of life last week, and finally started to move the ball on offense.  That being said, the defense is still checked out, and this was against a Cowboys team that hasn’t played nearly as well as expected.  The Jets had a bye week after putting up over 50 points on the Cardinals.  The Jets look like the better team here, as the defense is getting better and the offense has really been unleashed.  That being said, this could be a trap game as the Bengals are running out of chances to turn things around, and with WR Chris Henry back they have three threats, which is what made them so dangerous.  That said, I think the Jets still hold on and make their play-off push.  Jets win, 33-26.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay. This should be a great match up, and will really help to determine who wins the NFC South.  Carolina has played some excellent games, but they’ve also lost a game to the Vikings that had many scratching their heads.  They looked dominant the last two weeks, but against Atlanta and Kansas City.  The Bucs still have that defense and an offense that can score, but is also hampered by a tendency to turn the ball over and not run enough.  Still, these are the two best teams in the division, and this is a critical match up.  The toss up?  Carolina is at least looking better while the Bucs are declining the past couple weeks, so the nod goes to the Panthers, 26-16.

St. Louis @ Washington. The Rams are the worst team in football.  Except for maybe Detroit, but at least Detroit scores points in junk time.  Washington is one of the hottest and underrated teams in football.  This is no contest.  Redskins win 37-16.

Miami @ Houston. The Dolphins have had some huge success recently, especially with their “Wild Cat” formation which is now being copied by almost half the league.  They are playing extremely well and really turning things around.  Houston should have beat the Colts before a meltdown dashed their dreams.  While there is every reason to think Miami can win this game, I think with Rosenfels at quarterback the Texans offense should be able to match at home to get the first win.  Texans squeak by 31-27.

Jacksonville @ Denver. The Jags are finally getting back on track, and not a moment too soon.  Denver has a terrible defense, but their offense is one of the best in the league.  While it’s always hard to win at Mile High, the Jags have a very balanced offense, and a defense that is more likely to stop the running game cold.  This is going to be a very hard fought game, and honestly it’s a coin flip in my eye, but the Jags look a little more complete to me than the Broncos, so if David Gerrard doesn’t turn it over, I like the Jags in a 30-17 win.

Dallas @ Arizona. Dallas has not been playing to the level of talent they have, and the fans are concerned.  Yes, the Cowboys are 4-1, but it hasn’t been the most convincing 4-1.  The Cardinals have put up some surprising offense with Kurt Warner at the helm, but there is still a major talent differential between these teams, and the Cowboys are still the much better team.  Cowboys win, but still not enough for nervous fans, 27-24.

Philadelphia @ San Francisco. The 49ers are on the right track, but they need a lot more talent on both sides of the ball, and while J.T. O’Sullivan is having a very good year, he’s not a top notch quarterback.  The 49ers can score enough points to be scary thanks to Mike Martz, but even without RB Brian Westbrook, the Eagles are a much better team and will redeem themselves this week.  Philly 34-27.

Green Bay @ Seattle. One of these teams is about to have their play-off hopes squashed.  Seattle has been atrocious so far, but they’re playing at home with a good chance to rebound against an ailing Packers team, but the defense of Seattle has to get a lot better.  If Seattle can get pressure on Rodgers, they can win this game.  They also need RB Julius Jones to have a big day against a terrible Packers defense ranked 26th in the league, and that gave up 27 points to the Falcons.  The Packers are fighting a lot of injury, and still have yet to score a lot of points against a good team when it wasn’t junk time.  For both teams, this is the most winnable game.  I’m going to give the edge to the home team, though I’m nervous because based on future schedule, this week could easily be do or die for the Packers.  Seattle 27-26.

New England @ San Diego. The Patriots are still looking pretty decent.  The Chargers look surprisingly weak.  That said, the Chargers are still better than the Pats without Brady, and they’re going to be angry over last year.  See those smiles, Coach Belichick?  That’s karma from last season coming back to haunt you.  Chargers put together their best game of the season and win 34-23.

NY Giants @ Cleveland. Not much of a preview needed here.  The Giants are perhaps the best team in football as they are slamming opponents and rolling on both sides of the ball.  Cleveland is barely above the Rams or Lions on the stink-o-meter. Giants roll over the Browns on prime time, 42-16.

5 Football Games You Must Bet This Weekend 10-11-08

5 Must Bet Football Games

The football season has been very exciting so far, and this week promises more great games.  Several teams have surprised on the NFL and college level, while others who were expected to do well continue to flounder.  The following are three college games and two NFL games every bettor should look at this week.

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Vanderbilt (-2.5) @ Mississippi State. Two surprise teams of the SEC meet in this game.  No one expected Vandy to be 5-0 and in first place in the SEC while Mississippi State was expected to be far better.  Sylvester Croom is going to have a hard time finding any type of offense with this team, and although Vandy’s statistical rankings might not be impressive, this team does all the little things right and they just know how to win.  Expect this low scoring game to be no exception.  Vandy wins, and they cover the spread without much problem. Bet This Game Now

Temple @ Central Michigan (-7). Central Michigan is one of the best teams in the MAC, and QB Dan LeFevour is crazy good.  While Temple has been very competitive and still has a chance at six wins, they’re going to be very hard pressed to match the Chippewas offense.  Temple tends to be manage the game offense and a solid defense – but they’re going to have to shoot it out with Central, and they don’t have the fire power.  Central Michigan should win this game and cover. Bet This Game Now

Iowa State (+4.5) @ Baylor. Baylor has looked competitive behind rookie QB Robert Griffin, and he’s going to bring some real explosive firepower to this team.  The Cyclones have had a rough start, but they almost pulled an upset over Kansas and rallied from 21 down to take UNLV to overtime.  This seems a game where the spread goes to the home team, and if this game was in Ames, ISU would be favored.  While Griffin might be the most exciting player on the field, Iowa State has the more complete team, and they are overdue for pulling off another upset or winning a road game.  That Kansas game should have instilled confidence in I-State, and they know a bowl is still possible but only if they win this game.  Expect the Cyclones to win straight out behind the arm and running of their own dual threat QB, Austin Arnaud.  Bet This Game Now

Chicago Bears (-3) @ Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons beat the Packers, and the more you look at the tape, though, the more you wonder how good Green Bay really is.  The Bears have found some incredible offense, with a passing game to match the ground game.  The Bears have to be the current favorite to win the NFC North, as they have an aggressive defense to match.  Atlanta has been a surprising team, but as the Atlanta-Tampa Bay shows, the Falcons aren’t going to do well against good defenses, and the Bears should tear them apart by quite a bit more than three points.  Bet This Game Now

NY Giants (-8.5) @ Cleveland Browns. Cleveland still hasn’t found any offense, and the Giants are the hottest team in football.  Add in the fact that everything is clicking for New York while rumors of Cleveland’s coaching staff being in jeopardy abound, and this has the potential to get really ugly really fast.  If you want any more convincing, then consider this: the Giants are 75% against the spread while the Browns are only 50%.  Add this in with the fact that the Giants are simply much more talented than the Browns and will keep their streak going. Bet This Game Now

NLCS Betting Preview: Phillies vs. Dodgers

NLCS Preview: Phillies vs. Dodgers

A lot of fans thought it was the Cubs year.  The Dodgers took offense.  The match up between the Philadelphia Phillies and LA Dodgers should turn out to be a good one, and while some of the regular season stats might seem to tip favor towards the Phillies, the Dodgers came on strong late and are a better team than their season stats indicate, in strong part thanks to the hitting of Manny Ramirez, and the late season dominate pitching of Chad Billingsley over the last several weeks.

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The Phillies are one of the hardest hitting teams in baseball, and the power in their batting order has to scare even the most seasoned and dominate of pitching staffs.  The Phillies pitching hasn’t been dominate, but it has been better than most fans gave them credit for.  The Phillies pitching staff is #6 in team ERA in major league baseball (3.88), and while they don’t have a dominate ace, there isn’t an obvious weak link in the rotation, either.  Add a whole slew of 30+ HR hitters for run support, and this has been a winning combination for this 92 win team.

The Phillies have score 799 runs this season to the Dodgers 700, but the Dodgers have become a much higher scoring team in the second half of the season, since picking up Manny Ramirez, who has been absolute gold.  The Dodgers have shown better defense by allowing nearly 40 less runs, but these are two evenly matched teams now.

The Phillies have the edge in offense, especially in power hitting, but Manny Ramirez has been absolutely clutch, providing offense in clutch situations and with runners in scoring position.  While the ERA of both teams pitching staffs are close, the Dodgers get the nod here.  While the Phillies are #6 in ERA, the Dodgers are #2 with a 3.68 team ERA, and their pitching staff has allowed nearly 80 less walks, and are #5 in opposing teams’ batting average as opposed to Philly who is at #12.

The Dodgers dispatched the Cubs easily, in fact so easily that it made them go from play-off after thought to World Series contender in one week.  The Phillies easily dispatched an iffy Brewers team, but both of these teams look ready for the next play-off series.  While the Phillies have the offensive advantage, the Dodgers have the defensive edge.  Neither is so far ahead of the other to have a heads and shoulders advantage, which means this should be a very good series.

While this one could go either way, and nothing against the Phillies who are playing at their normal exceptional level, but the Dodgers are a great team also on a hot streak, and you have to think that Manny would love to face his old team in the World Series, while Torre would love to be there as a “screw you” to the Yankees franchise that let him go.  The Dodgers are undeniably on a hot streak right now, and so the edge goes to them in a close seven game series.


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By Shane Dayton (Senior Writer for

Saints vs. Vikings MNF Preview

NFL Odds

MNF Preview: Vikings vs. Saints

This week pits two teams against one another that both desperately need a win to get back into the play-off hunt.  The Vikings are only 1-3 and are one of the biggest disappointments in the NFC, although many of those losses were close and the NFC North appears especially weak this year without Brett Favre to lead the Packers.  The Saints are two and two, with a great offense but a defense that never shows up.  These are two talented but struggling teams that will meet on Monday night.

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Injuries have decimated the Saints, and while they’ve done well on offense in finding new pieces to plug in and keep everything running smoothly, the recent injury to first round pick DT Sedrick Ellis is going to be a much larger concern, especially with Minnesota’s amazing running game.  Between Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor, the Saints are going to be hard pressed to keep the Vikings under 200 rushing yards without Ellis.

On the other side, the better pass rush and coverage that Minnesota expected from their defense hasn’t arrived, and the offense isn’t that much better, either.  In fact, now that defenses know how much their need to gear their game plans towards stopping AP, the offense looks worse.

The good news for both teams is that the play-offs are still possible.  New Orleans is laying well, and as players get healthier, they’ll be able to make a run at the Bucs for the division.  The NFC North looks weak and wide open, so while the Bears have to be the favorites, it’s still wide open.

These two teams should provide tons of points, and not a lot of defense.  The Saints have home field advantage, which could be a nice edge as they play Minnesota.  How the one-two punch of Reggie Bush and Deuce McAlister work against the Vikings’ run defense will determine who wins this game.  If they can have any success at all (and Reggie Bush to the outside will be the best way to do this), then the Saints have a great chance of winning this game.  If not, then Minnesota definitely has the advantage.

Both teams should be able to score points, but who is going to make a defensive stop?  While Minnesota has more talent on the defensive side, it’s just too hard to see them winning a shoot out on the road.  Saints win close, 34-30.

Week 5 NFL Predictions

Week 5 NFL Game Picks

Week 5 NFL Game Predictions

The NFL season continues to excite and surprise, and week five looks to be no different.  While the Browns, Raiders, Rams, and Jets all have a bye week, everyone else returns for some major action.  From the “over the hill my ass” record breaking performance by Brett Favre who became the oldest QB to ever throw for 6 TD in one game, to the insane soap opera-like happenings of the Raiders.  The games themselves should be great this week and there will be plenty of action.

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Kansas City @ Carolina (-10). The Chiefs had a huge surprise win over the Broncos, and it looks like their offense has figured out how to get into full swing.  Carolina is a more balanced team on both sides of the ball, but they have been both up and down this season.  Carolina is seen as a heavy favorite, and simply due to Carolina’s much better defense than Denver, this is a good bet.  Whether the Panthers cover the spread or not might be another story, but they should beat the Chiefs.  Carolina wins 27-19.

Chicago (-3.5) @ Detroit. Even with the Lions firing Matt Millen, that doesn’t change the fact that they are still absolutely terrible.  In fact, they are still one of the three worst teams in the NFL.  Chicago has a solid team that is surprisingly good on offense, but has had issues on defense.  Against the Lions that won’t matter.  This should be an easy cover with the Lions getting some junk time points.  Bears win 34-24.

San Diego (-6.5) @ Miami. The Dolphins looked extremely impressive against the Pats, and fans do have a reason to be optimistic, but they are much better designed to beat the Pats holes on defense than they are against San Diego’s strong front seven.  The Chargers also bring a much more formidable offense, and they shouldn’t have too many problems handling the Fins. Chargers win 37-17.

Seattle @ NY Giants (-8). The Giants continue to just win.  They might not be overly impressive, they might not overwhelm anyone, but they just keep the streak going.  Seattle is still dealing with massive injuries to their wide receiving corps, and they would be hard pressed to beat the Giants on the road, anyway.  Giants win 29-16.

Washington (+6) @ Philadelphia. RB Brian Westbrook is back, which makes a night and day difference with this Eagles team.  It’s hard to believe they would have lost to the Bears had Westbrook been healthy, but no one is quite sure just how good Westbrook is going to be right after injury, and Washington is a very good looking team that doesn’t turn the ball over.  Philly’s defense has been less than impressive for the talent level, and the points are too tempting to pass up, as the Redskins have an excellent chance of winning this game straight out.  Washington upsets 26-23.

Tennessee (-3) @ Baltimore.  QB Joe Flacco is the real deal, and a close loss to a tough Steelers team proves that the future is bright for this team.  Tennessee might have the best defense in all the NFL, and the offense is clicking with Kerry Collins.  Jeff Fisher is one of the best coaches in the NFL, and in a great defensive game that will be the edge.  Titans win against a surprisingly feisty Ravens team, 26-23.

Indianapolis @ Houston (+3). The Colts are still looking to really hit their stride, while Houston just looks pretty bad in general.  A bright spot: RB Steve Slaton looks to be a legitimate NFL star, and if WR Andre Johnson can pick it up, this could be a really scary offense once again.  While Indy is favored, they still look discombobulated and thrown off by injuries.  The Texans can also get much better, and this looks like an upset game to me.  Texans win 31-30.

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Tampa Bay @ Denver (-3). The Bucs have a much better defense and an okay (though turnover prone) offense.  The Broncos have a terrible defense and an excellent offense.  This will be a good match up, and while home field advantage might seem like a lot, the Bucs defense can match up to the Broncos defense.  But Griese will force a pass or two that creates a turnover, and that will be the difference.  Denver wins 31-27.

Buffalo (+1) @ Arizona. Both of these teams have played very well for the most part, though Arizona is coming off a beating by Brett Favre and the Jets while Buffalo continues to play great on both sides of the ball.  The Bills are one of the surprise teams of the season, and they are good enough to take advantage of some Kurt Warner turnovers to win a close game in the desert.  Bills win 24-23.

New England @ San Francisco (+3). New England looked bad against Miami last week, and their biggest fear has to be facing a team that can take those game tapes and copy them.  Like a team with a great running back like Frank Gore and a Mike Martz passing system.  Uh-oh.  49ers pull the upset, 30-28.

Cincinnati @ Dallas (-17). This one is pretty simple.  Dallas runs the ball against a terrible defense and starts looking good again.  The Bengals are a mess who won’t be able to run, won’t be able to pass block, and won’t stop anything.  Cowboys get back on track by winning big: 34-13.

Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville (-4). Pittsburgh is now not only without Willie Parker, but without Mendenhall.  This is a team fighting through injuries, and struggling with a mediocre offensive line.  The Jags are finally beginning to find their groove, enough so to be favored in this game.  This will be a hard game that can go either way, and could easily go either way.  A hesitant nod to the home team: Jags 23-17.

Atlanta @ Green Bay (No line available). Who will be the Green Bay quarterback?  Apparently this question is important enough to keep lines off the game until further notice.  With Aaron Rodgers, even injured, this should be a Green Bay win.  With untested rookie Matt Flynn, the Falcons become the favorites.  This is a game that could be an easy “what were we worried about?” win, or this game could become brutal.

Minnesota @ New Orleans (-3). No defense is going to show up, so this game is sure to be high scoring.  New Orleans has an excuse as they have struggled with major injuries, while the Vikings are currently one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL.  This match up should have a lot of fireworks.  If either team can come up with even a shred of defense, they’ll win, but in an offensive shoot out there’s no way you can take the Vikings over the Saints.  New Orleans wins 38-32.

5 Football Games You Must Bet This Weekend 10-4-08

5 Must Bet Games This Weekend!

by Shane Dayton (BetVega Senior Writer)

The football season has been fantastic so far both at the college and on the professional level.  There have been huge upsets, surprise turnarounds, and a lot of very close games.  This week continues to promise exciting match ups, and it’s the college games that are going to dominate the card in the short term here.  So while the MLB play-offs have started, don’t ignore the football schedules because there are still plenty of must bet games!

Saturday Games:

Iowa @ Michigan State (-7.5). Iowa is going with the future and the recognized need to get more out of the offense by going with QB Ricky Stanzi.  After Northwestern staged a surprising comeback in the fourth quarter, Iowa needs every Big Ten win they can get to put together a bowl run.  The Spartans are fielding one of their best teams in years, and are better than Northwestern in almost every facet of the game, which means Iowa will be in trouble in this one.  If you can buy the ½ point then do it, but the Spartans are an excellent bet against Iowa this week. Bet This Game Now

Penn State (-13) @ Purdue. Purdue has not looked good this season, and if they lost badly to Notre Dame, then they don’t have a prayer against a Penn State team that legitimately looks elite.  Penn State should be able to more than match Notre Dame’s efforts, and while I usually don’t like betting on favorites when giving up two scores, this one is worth it.  Penn State is going to run all over Purdue.  Bet on the Nittany Lions. Bet This Game Now

Duke @ Georgia Tech (-14). Duke looked really shaky in the first half against a terrible Virginia team before beginning to pile on the points and pull away.  While I really like Duke, they were one of my picks for surprise teams to look out for, Georgia Tech is very tough defensively and the offense has been scary good running the triple option.  Duke is a much improved team, but they won’t be able to handle GT this week.  If you can find 13 or 13.5, go for it, otherwise I feel okay with two scores. Bet This Game Now

Florida @ Arkansas (-24). Florida is going to come back strong after a humiliating loss to Ole Miss.  Arkansas is that bad and will be on the receiving end of an angry beating from a Florida team that knows their only chance back to a title game is to play absolutely lights out.  The Razorbacks have not been impressive on either side of the ball, and they will get crushed by an angry Gators team.  I’m expecting something in the 47-10 range, and don’t let the past fool you: Arkansas is a three win team at best this year.  Crazed Arkansas fans had to be just insane over the Ole Miss upsetting Florida with Houston Nutt while Arkansas was trashed by Texas, and this week won’t be any better for the Razorback faithful. Bet This Game Now

Sunday Games:

Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers (-6.5). The Dolphins had one heck of a game against the New England Patriots, and they look a lot more dangerous than even the most optimistic Dolphins fans would have believed in preseason.  Ronnie Brown put on a clinic, and the Dolphins are looking to get competitive this year.  That said, San Diego’s offense is absolutely electric right now with QB Philip Rivers in full stride as a top tier NFL quarterback.  The Chargers defense has been suspect, but CB Antonio Cromartie is a stud, and the Chargers defense tends to have more of a weakness against passing than rushing, meaning the Chargers should easily cover a one touchdown spread.  Go for the Chargers on this one.Bet This Game Now

MLB Postseason Betting Predictions

2008 MLB Postseason Predictions

The field wasn’t set until Tuesday night when the White Sox won an exciting 1-0 defensive game against the Minnesota Twins.  Earlier the Twins swept the Sox, but they lost two out of three to the Royals, and the Sox got themselves into position to win and that’s exactly what they did.  The play-offs start on Wednesday, October 1st, and feature six of the eight teams in the play-offs.  The Chicago White Sox open up with a Thursday play-off game at Tampa Bay.

The play-offs will start with the Milwaukee Brewers @ Philadelphia.  The Brewers at various times this season have been among the best in baseball, and among the worst.  After a slow April the Brew crew caught on fire, but then were cold as ice until late this year when they did just enough to slip into the play-offs.  This makes this series interesting since no one really knows what to expect.  Will this be the incredible defensive team with lights out pitching, or the offensively challenged and mistake prone team that once skidded to double digit losses?

Philadelphia comes in with power and overwhelming offense.  They want to make this a high scoring series, which will be hard against Milwaukee’s pitching staff, but they do have the hitters to do it.  This could be a pretty good series, and while Philadelphia has a slight edge, if the other Brewers pitchers can step up, then they have a chance to surprise.  Game one should be a good indication of what’s to come, and the Phillies do not want to be 0-1 before facing C.C. Sabathia, who has been nothing short of exceptional.

While the Brewers will put up a serious fight, I still see the Phillies pulling this off in five games.  Phillies advance, 3 games to 2.


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The other National League match up has the Los Angeles Dodgers going to the windy city to face the Chicago Cubs.  While the addition of Manny Ramirez has really boosted the Dodgers’ offense, this is a case of one team being badly outmatched by the others.  The Cubs have scored over 155 more runs than the Dodgers, and have over three times a better run differential.  They have better pitching, hitting, and as much as I like Joe Torre: better pitching.

The Dodgers have done really well to get to where they have, but at this point they are simply outmatched and this will show early.  Cubs win in four games, 3-1.

The American League will offer the beginning of one play-off series on Wednesday.  The Boston Red Sox travel to play the LA Angels.  This should be one heck of a match up.  Both the Angels and the Red Sox are among the best teams in major league baseball, loaded both in pitching and on offense.  While it’s hard to bet against either one of these teams, this series more than any other is truly a coin toss: either team could win this series.  Since the Angels get home field advantage, I’m going to give them the series by one game: Angels advance after an exciting back and forth series: 3 games to 2.

The White Sox get a day of rest after playing the Twins, but it’s no time to relax.  Chicago has to travel to Tampa Bay to take on the Rays, who have one of the best records in baseball.  Few teams are more complete or better coached than the Rays.  They may not have a list of great all stars who stick out, but this team has no holes, and they are as complete as any team in baseball.

The White Sox played well, but this is another example of a series where they are outmatched.  Unless the Rays trip and stumble while the White Sox play the game of their lives, it’s hard to see this series going Chicago’s way.  The Rays had the best record in baseball most of the season for a reason, and while I keep thinking it’s possible for the Sox to win because they have more “name” players, the Rays have beat those teams over and over all season, so why should Thursday be any different?

The Tampa Bay Rays win in four games, 3-1.


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