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Monday Night Football Betting: Jaguars vs. Texans

Steelers vs. Cardinals Super Bowl Predictions

Jags vs. Texans battle Monday night!

MNF Betting Preview

This week’s Monday night game has two teams who are both technically still in the play-off hunt, but in all likelihood this season will end up a huge disappointment for both the 4-7 Jacksonville Jaguars, as well as the 4-7 Houston Texans.

Prior to this season the Texans looked to build on an 8-8 season and make a play-off push, while the Jags were considered by many to be legitimate Super Bowl contenders.
Now it’s one time fighting another to keep out of the basement of the AFC South.  This hasn’t been a good year for most the teams in this division (minus the Titans, who are feeling just fine).  Both of these teams matching up have had tough schedules and both have dealt with injuries.  Both have also had moments that were just inexcusably bad, as well.
Houston gets a solid home field advantage, and they have the offensive weapons to be frightening, regardless of who the quarterback is.  DE Mario Williams is one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL, but this unit as a whole is rather spotty.  On paper Jacksonville should be one of the best teams, but they have become soft and incapable of playing smash mouth football against a mean opponent.
This is a game where the Jags have more talent, but since they haven’t put it together so far, why would they figure out how to do it now?  The Texans can score, and they feel all right in a shoot out, especially since they have just enough quality players to make a game changing play.
The one thing Houston can’t do is get confident in their home field advantage, and the Jags know that Super Bowl windows are a funny thing.  They need to rebound this season at the end to build any kind of a positive momentum to build off of going into next week.  Jags win a close game, and pull off the mild upset, 31-28.

Week 13 NFL Picks

Steelers vs. Cardinals Super Bowl Predictions

Brees has led the Saints to a 7-4 record ATS!

NFL Week 13 Picks

Week 13 brings a series of high quality NFL games.  While barring a few major upsets (which in today’s NFL are always possible), most of the Thanksgiving games don’t look as good as the Sunday line up, though Arizona @ Philadelphia could provide some thrills on Turkey Day.

This is a great week of football, and as this entire season has shown, no one ever knows what’s going to happen week to week, so enjoy the good games and enjoy the upsets, and have a happy (and lucky) holiday weekend!

THU, NOV 27:

Tennessee (-11) @ Detroit. On paper this is the biggest mismatch of the week.  Even after a loss to the Jets, the Titans are still one of the strongest teams in the NFL, and appear to be a severe mismatch for the Lions.  The Lions have actually looked quite a bit better the last couple weeks…at least for one half, but even with a complete game it’s hard to see this being the game where the Lions break their winless streak.  The Lions have no answer on defense, Titans win 31-17. See the Experts Opinion

Seattle @ Dallas (-13). Seattle has had a terrible run with injuries this season, though they’re at their best now of this season, but it is hard to take a 2-7 team seriously.  That said, Dallas is a tough team, but one with its holes, as well, just enough to open the door for the Seahawks if they put together a perfect first half.  The Cowboys are the better team, and having Romo back at the helm makes all the difference in the world.  Cowboys please the home crowd, 34-24. See the Experts Opinion

Arizona (+3) @ Philadelphia. Well the Eagles put in a really sub par performance against the Ravens.  While the Cardinals have been playing very well on defense, they are hardly the level of the Ravens.  The offense has been on fire, while the Eagles are falling off the edge of play-off oblivion.  The Cardinals have an amazing offense, and while the Eagles have the talent, they need to put together a complete game or the Cards will pull the upset…which I’m actually predicting.  Cards 34-27. See the Experts Opinion

SUN, NOV 30:

San Francisco @ Buffalo (-7). Buffalo generally plays very well out of division and poorly in it.  Trent Edwards had a bounce back game last week by hanging over fifty points on the Chiefs.  San Francisco might have some pieces in place to score some points, but so did Kansas City.  The Bills have one heck of an offense, and a far better defense.  Add in home field advantage, and the Bills win 38-27. See the Experts Opinion

Baltimore (-7) @ Cincinnati. Baltimore has gone through some growing pains on offense, but Cincinnati doesn’t have the defense to pressure Flacco the way some of the other defenses have in recent weeks, although last week’s show against the Eagles was mighty fine for Ravens fans.  The Bengals haven’t looked very strong all season, and it’s hard to believe they’re going to break out against one of the best defenses in football.  Ravens win, 27-13. See the Experts Opinion

Indianapolis (-4.5) @ Cleveland. Man, Browns fans can’t catch a break.  Cleveland lost QB Brady Quinn for the season, who had been providing a nice spark to the Browns’ offense.  The Colts, meanwhile, the last three games actually look like the Colts of old, making this game potentially a bad mismatch.  Colts win 34-16. See the Experts Opinion

Carolina @ Green Bay (-3). The Packers were absolutely shelled on Monday night against a team that, on paper, they matched up very well against.  Carolina has had its ups and downs, but playing at Lambeau is never easy.  However, with all the heavy snow and cold weather, the irony is that the Panthers are better built for a physical running game in bad conditions than the Packers are.  This one could go either way, but I like Carolina to grind out a close one.  Panthers win 34-31. See the Experts Opinion

Miami @ St. Louis (no line at time of print). The Rams are imploding once again, and Haslett is watching his chances at parlaying an interim coaching job into a full time job fading away.  Miami, meanwhile, has fielded an extremely competitive team and they’re eyeing the Jets for tops in the AFC East.  The Dolphins are looking good and shouldn’t have any problems handling the Rams.  Fins win 33-12. See the Experts Opinion

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay (-4). Well it’s hard to argue with the performance the Saints turned in on Monday night.  Tampa Bay is an extremely talented team, however, and they have less obvious holes on their team than the Packers.  The Saints are on fire, and while their defense looked great on Monday night, it’s hard to see them matching that performance.  This could be a very good game, but the Bucs look good close, 27-20. See the Experts Opinion

NY Giants (-3.5) @ Washington. The Giants are a very complete football team, and might be the strongest team in the NFL right now.  They are solid on offense and defense, and while Washington’s season has far exceeded expectations, and they are an excellent team, the Giants look on fire and while this game could go either way, it’s hard to bet against the champs.  Giants win 28-23. See the Experts Opinion

Atlanta (+4.5) @ San Diego. The Chargers are a talented team underperforming badly.  The Falcons are doing great, and their rush defense is among tops in the NFL.  Matt Ryan is playing far beyond his years.  On paper the Chargers have the talent to beat anyone in the NFL, but they’ve been less than dominant this year.  This is a game the Chargers can win, especially at home, but I’ll take the Falcons in a mild upset 27-24. See the Experts Opinion

Pittsburgh (-1) @ New England. New England has looked really good recently, especially on offense.  The Patriots are looking like a play-off team, and they have a chance to prove themselves against the Steelers, who are one of the most complete teams in the NFL right now.  Steelers win a shoot out 38-31. See the Experts Opinion

Denver @ NY Jets (-8). How ’bout those Jets?  The Broncos don’t have the type of defense that leaves offensive coordinators sleepless at night, and while their passing game is excellent, so is the Jets pass rush.  Look for the Jets to keep rolling at home, 42-33. See the Experts Opinion

Kansas City (+3) @ Oakland. Oakland as the favorite?  Yes, the world has turned upside down.  Oakland blasted Denver last week, and with Darren McFadden back, the offense has some extra pop.  Neither of these teams have had a great season, but Kansas City has played more good games than the Raiders this year, and it’s easier to see the Broncos game as an aberration.  This is hardly the powerhouse game, but I’m going to say the Chiefs edge 34-28. See the Experts Opinion

Chicago @ Minnesota (-3). One of these teams will sit alone on top of the NFC North.  This is Minnesota’s chance to really solidify its place on top of the division – which they need to do since they have the most difficult schedule remaining out of the North teams.  Chicago had a terrible game, bounced back against the Rams, and now face what could be the most important game of their season.  The winner is ahead, the loser is going to have a hard time climbing back out.  Minnesota takes advantage of Chicago’s terrible pass defense to win 27-23. See the Experts Opinion


Jacksonville (+3) @ Houston. Houston has been a bit of a disappointment, but in fairness they have had a killer schedule with a lot of injuries.  That doesn’t excuse fiascos like giving up three TDs to the Colts in less than five minutes, but they play well and have enough talent to scare any team that takes them lightly.  Jacksonville is a slight underdog coming in, and are in desperate need of some late season momentum.  The Texans’ porous D might be just enough to help them do it.  Jags win close, 31-28. See the Experts Opinion

5 Must Bet Football Games for 11-27 to 12-1

College Football Betting

Oklahoma and OSU are both 8-2 ATS in ’08!

#3 vs. #12 Bedlam!

Last week we saw some great games with some very unexpected results (no one in New Orleans had them hanging 50 on Green Bay), including Texas Tech being out of the national title hunt by the end of the first quarter.  Even the most optimistic Oklahoma fan couldn’t have seen that coming.  This week has some fantastic match ups on both the College and NFL level, and plenty of serious games for the sports bettor to mull over.


Georgia Tech @ Georgia (-8). Before the season began, this looked like a potential blow out with Georgia hammering Tech on their way to a national title bid.  The seasons have changed, and the Yellow Jackets are a very strong team and Coach Johnson has proved that the triple option can do just fine on the big stage.  Georgia was hammered by injuries, but they’re still a very solid SEC team whose balance should help them keep ahead in the rivalry.  Enjoy this top notch rivalry game, one in which Georgia’s balance should prove key, but anything can happen if the defense wears down. Bet This Game Now

Oklahoma (-7.5) @ Oklahoma State. Oklahoma’s not out of the woods yet.  They need to pass Texas in the BCS rankings to secure a spot in the Big 12 Championship game, and follow that with a spot in the national title game.  Oklahoma State is an excellent team, in a year where the Big 12 has arguably five teams that could be BCS worthy.  This game is at Oklahoma State, and they have an offense to put up a lot of points, and a good defense.  If Oklahoma brings anything less than their A game, this could become dangerously close – which is true any time a rivalry game has this much on the line. Bet This Game Now

Oregon @ Oregon State (-3). Oregon State could keep the PAC-10 title from USC for the first time in forever, and grab a Rose Bowl berth.  Oregon State is a heck of a surprise this season.  After losing basically their entire defense and terrible early play by the quarterbacks, this team has become one of the strongest on the West Coast starting with a big upset of USC and beating everyone except Stanford in conference.  Oregon has played very solid ball, as well, and have the offense to really test Oregon State’s mettle.  This is a rivalry game that can always go either way, but home field at Oregon State is tough.  Just ask USC. Bet This Game Now


Minnesota (-3) @ Chicago. This game decides who leads the NFC North, and only the division winner of the NFC North is going to the play-offs.  The Vikings are hitting their stride and playing as well on defense as they have all season, while relying on their two headed monster of a running game to beat opponents into submission.  On paper, Minnesota should have the advantage at this point, especially with the Bears not looking particularly effective even on rush defense.  Still, with Kyle Orton returning to full strength they are going to be a strong team and test that defense.  Can Minnesota take advantage of Chicago’s terrible pass defense, or will a few Gus Frerotte turnovers doom the Vikes?   That’s the match up that will decide it. Bet This Game Now

Pittsburgh @ New England (-1). Tom who?  Okay, just kidding.  Still, Matt Cassel has been a player, and it’s not his fault the Patriots aren’t in first.  In fact, the Pats look like a solid play-off team as is.  The Steelers have a very strong running game, a solid receiving corps that can make big plays, and a defense that is the best in the NFL.  New England has some big play potential on defense, but they are much better up front against the run, and hardly dominant.  The Patriots offense, however, is.  This will be an excellent match up, and one that will go down the wire and might tell us a little more about the real skill level of each team. Bet This Game Now

NFL Thanksgiving Betting Prop Bets

NFL Odds

NFL Thanksgiving Betting Props

Turkey Day Props

The NFL is defintely not happy that the Titans will not be undefeated going into Detroit on Thanksgiving. That game has now become pretty much unwatchable barring a miracle by the Lions. The late afternoon game between Seattle vs. Dallas atleast provides us with a chance to see Jessica Simpson. The night cap may be the most interesting with the Eagles QB saga going against the AZ Cards.

Most Passing Yards on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) – Listed Only – All Bets Action
Daunte Culpepper (Lions)  +3000

Donovan McNabb (Eagles)  +300

Kerry Collins (Titans)  +3000

Kurt Warner (Cards)  even

Matt Hasselbeck (Seahawks)  +3000

Tony Romo (Cowboys)  +120

Most Rushing Yards on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) – Listed Only – All Bets Action

Brian Westbrook (Eagles)  +400

Chris Johnson (Titans)  +130

Julius Jones (Seahawks)  +3000

Kevin Smith (Lions)  +800

Marion Barber (Cowboys)  -120

Tim Hightower (Cards)  +1500

Most Receiving Yards on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) – Listed Only – All Bets Action

Anquan Boldin (Cards)  +220

Bo Scaife (Titans)  +3000

Bobby Engram (Seahawks)  +3000

Calvin Johnson (Lions)  +350

DeSean Jackson (Eagles)  +450

Jason Witten (Cowboys)  +3000

Justin Gage (Titans)  +3000

Koren Robinson (Seahawks)  +3000

Larry Fitzgerald (Cards)  +220

Terrell Owens (Cowboys)  +220

Bet these NFL Thanksgiving Prop Bets HERE

MNF Preview: Packers vs. Saints

Steelers vs. Cardinals Super Bowl Predictions

Packers vs. Saints Week 12 MNF Preview

MNF: Pack vs. Saints

This Monday Night Football games shouldn’t be a dud this week as two teams with play-of aspirations face off.  The Green Bay Packers are coming off their best game of the year, and will need all the momentum that they can muster against a Saints team that despite being absolutely hammered by injuries, is still loaded on offense and at 5-5 still has a chance to make a run for the play-offs.

The Packers have a sieve at defense against the run, but the Saints are not the type of power or speed running team that can take advantage of this.  Even worse, the Packers don’t cover the short pass well, but they cover the deep ball extremely well, making the loss of Reggie Bush and his 8-9 catches a game even more painful.  You don’t want to throw deep against this team: they’re tops in the league in interceptions, and have already run six back all the way for touchdowns.

On offense they had their first good running day, and with the Saints rush defense, they’re looking for number two.  The Saints have a good offense, but for all the love the media gives Drew Brees, they fail to mention he turns the ball over as much or more than Brett Favre does.  Against this defense, that’s spotting them two touchdowns, because you just can’t throw deep on this secondary.

In fact, in light of how bad the Saints’ defense is, and how their offense goes right into the teeth of a Green Bay defense, I’m not sure how the Saints are even favored here, especially if RB Ryan Grant is really returning to full speed.  The Saints’ only chance on defense is to blitz and confuse QB Aaron Rodgers.  The teams with very good pass rushes have made him look terrible.  Teams who don’t get to him are destroyed by an offense loaded with great skills position players, and maybe the deepest receiving corps in the entire NFL.

The problem is, it’s hard to see that happening, and it’s hard to see Brees getting out of this game with less than two or three turnovers.  If that’s the case, then I just can’t see who on the Saints defense is going to be able to make up for that, especially from a woeful injury riddled secondary.

Look for a shoot out, but a lot of the points of the Saints might be in 4th quarter junk time, and the Packers look to start a roll into the play-offs.

2009 Field of 65 Predictions

Basketball Odds

Can Hansbrough lead UNC to the title in 2008-09?

2009 Madness Bracket?

The #1 College Basketball blog in the land year after year at predicting the “Field of 65” on a weekly basis through out the entire college basketball season is Bracketology 101. We are one week into the 2008-09 season and they have released their first “Field of 65” pojection.


Week 12 NFL Game Predictions

Steelers vs. Cardinals Super Bowl Predictions

Michael Turner leads the surprising ATL Falcons!

Week 12 NFL Picks

Another Thursday game opens up action this week in the NFL, and although the Bengals-Steelers match up definitely doesn’t have the same appeal as it did in the preseason, there are still several excellent games to choose from in the NFL this week.

THU, NOV 20:
Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh (-11): Cincinnati hasn’t looked good all season, but they managed to tie the Eagles.  That will probably be the high point for the season.  Meanwhile the Steelers have shrugged off some early season rust to look like the most dominant team in the AFC, and are already being written in along with the Titans as the likely teams to face off in the AFC title game.  This is a severe mismatch and the Steelers win big 37-17. NFL Expert Picks

SUN, NOV 23:
Tampa Bay (-8.5) @ Detroit: Tampa Bay is a big favorite against of one the worst teams in the NFL.  Dante Culpepper isn’t the answer, and Tampa Bay is very solid on both sides of the ball.  The Lions are thoroughly mismatched, even with the injury to Bucs RB Ernest Graham.  The Bucs will be able to more than compensate, and will hand the Lions yet another loss.  Bucs win 34-9. NFL Expert Picks

NY Jets @ Tennessee (-5): This is a great match up that will really test the mettle of the 7-3 Jets against the still undefeated Titans.  These two division leaders will face off as teams that love tough defense, strong running games, and some pop still in the passing game.  This will be one heck of a match up, but one has to wonder how well a 3-4 built to pass rush can stop that crazy good Titans running game.  In the end, the defense of the Titans is too good to ask Favre to wing it 50 times without a mistake, and that will be the difference.  Titans win 27-23. NFL Expert Picks

Buffalo @ Kansas City (+3): The Bills are in free fall, but they can still be counted on to beat the Chiefs, right?  Well QB Trent Edwards is falling apart while the Chiefs are finding some major life with QB Tyler Thigpen running a version of the college option spread offense.  The Chiefs are not an easy win anymore, and this is a classic example of teams going the opposite direction.  The Chiefs pull the upset, 27-24. NFL Expert Picks

Chicago (-8.5) @ St. Louis: Chicago looked far worse against Green Bay than they actually are.  Well, the defense might really be that bad.  That said, they don’t lose to the Rams, who looked good for three weeks under Haslett before becoming as bad as before.  Bears stay in the tight NFC North hunt.  Bears win 34-23. NFL Expert Picks

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New England @ Miami (-1): This is a rematch of the first game where the Dolphins looked good: when they unveiled the “Wild Cat” offense.  You could say this is a better Patriots team that knows what’s coming this time, but the Dolphins are also a much better team, and no one has been able to completely shut down the Wild Cat offense yet.  This should be a good game, but the Fins are far more balanced of a team than the Pats are.  Fins win a close game, 31-27. NFL Expert Picks

Minnesota (+2.5) @ Jacksonville: The Vikings are underdogs, but they’ve looked fairly good recently, especially on defense.  The play calling of head coach Brad Childress is befuddling at times, but Jacksonville isn’t the physical team from last season, and they are going to be very hard pressed to stop the Vikings running game or to find a lot of room against a Vikings defense that has found its groove.  Minnesota wins 27-20. NFL Expert Picks

Philadelphia @ Baltimore (-1): The Eagles put up a pathetic game against the Bengals, and just can’t seem to get it together.  The Ravens had been playing surprisingly well, but fell back to Earth as QB Joe Flacco endures some of the rookie road bumps.  Baltimore is a slight favorite, but even with all of the Eagles’ woes, the combination of their defense and more experienced offense should be a little too much for a rookie QB.  Eagles win on the road 27-21. NFL Expert Picks

Houston @ Cleveland (-3): Cleveland is looking good, while Houston has shown some sparks but not enough to make the strides expected.  While neither team has much in the way of play-off hopes, a run by the Browns could set them up for next year and help Coach Crennel keep his job.  Browns win 37-28. NFL Expert Picks

San Francisco @ Dallas (-10): The 49ers have a quarterback in Shaun Hill who might be able to make a major jump yet, while the defense has some talent.  The Cowboys are glad to have Romo back, and that defense is finally stepping up.  They have more than enough to overwhelm the 49ers.  Cowboys win 35-24. NFL Expert Picks

Oakland @ Denver (-9.5): Denver hasn’t exactly lit up the world the last several weeks, but even with a defense that normally leaks like a sieve, they are more than enough to handle the woeful Raiders.  Shanahan continues to dominate Al Davis 38-20. NFL Expert Picks

Washington (-3.5) @ Seattle: Matt Hasselbeck’s return was less than stellar, and going against Washington is not the way to bounce back from a terrible streak.  The Redskins are solid on both offense and defense, and should be able to handle a Seahawks team riddled with injuries and poor play.  ‘Skins win, 24-13. NFL Expert Picks

NY Giants (-3.5) @ Arizona: This is going to be an extremely good match up. The Cardinals have developed into one of the best teams in the NFC, riding the arm of 37 year old Kurt Warner and a sharply improved defense. The Giants look like the best overall team in the NFC, and have one of the few defenses that might get to Warner early and often. This will be an excellent game, and the Giants hopes for a win rest on whether or not their defense can get to Warner. The bet here is that the DL carries the day, and the Giants win a close game, 30-24.

Carolina @ Atlanta (-1): Atlanta has been an amazing surprise, and they’re putting together one heck of a season.  A few weeks ago I would have picked Carolina to win, experience trumping Atlanta’s youth, but the Panthers have not looked good at all the past two weeks.  Falcons shut down the run and win 27-17. NFL Expert Picks

Indianapolis (+3) @ San Diego: On paper the Chargers should win this game, as their running game should absolutely destroy the Colts defense.  That being said, how is San Diego’s defense going to stop Peyton Manning?  On paper the Chargers are the right pick, but in a shoot out don’t bet against Peyton Manning…or Norv Turner’s incompetence.  Colts win 38-35. NFL Expert Picks

MON, NOV 24:
Green Bay (+2.5) @ New Orleans: Not sure how the Saints are favored.  Green Bay’s offense is scary good, especially with RB Ryan Grant finally returning to form.  The Packers defense isn’t very good at all except for one thing: they destroy aggressive passing games.   Uh-oh.  Green Bay is built to take out a team like the Saints, and they will.  Pack wins 41-31. NFL Expert Picks

5 Must Bet Football Games for 11-20 to 11-24

College Football Betting

Texas Tech is 5-2-1 ATS in ’08!

Tech vs. Oklahoma!

Another week of football is upon us, and this week has some top notch match ups at both the college and NFL level, including the much anticipated Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma match up that will have a major impact on the BCS Rankings.

This week is loaded with good games, and it’s almost impossible to just limit yourself to five, but here are five picks for games that football gamblers (and fans in general) just can’t afford to miss.


Michigan State (+14.5) @ Penn State. This game has some major implications. If Penn State wins, they win the Big 10 and get a slot in the Rose Bowl. If Michigan State can pull the upset, they’re a long shot for a BCS bowl, but they still have an outside shot and can put a major exclamation point on a breakout season. Penn State has everything on the line, but I think in this match up that Michigan State will absolutely be gunning for PSU, and even if they don’t pull the upset, they will make this a very close game. This just smells like an upset game, and if the Spartans are even close in the fourth quarter, watch out for the upset, and I’m just not willing to give two touchdowns and a half point to Penn State. Bet This Game Now

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-7). Not often the number two team in the country is considered a dog. Tech has had an unbelievable season, and they have already beat two top notch teams in Oklahoma State and Texas. Oklahoma had a close loss to Texas, and still has a chance to get into the title game by beating #2 Texas Tech. This is a huge game, and while Oklahoma seems to have an advantage by having a better defense and running game, it’s not that easy. Tech doesn’t have a dominant defense, but they do have a very good one now. Ironically, that balance could come back to haunt Oklahoma.You know what Tech is going to do, now try to stop them. If Oklahoma gets a few 3rd and 1 situations, that gives Tech a chance to step up and make a stop or two. Those types of situations could tilt the scale to Tech in a very close game. I have to give Oklahoma a slight edge, but Tech has already proven they’re for real, and one more gets them into a national title.Bet This Game Now


NY Jets @ Tennessee Titans (-4.5). Here’s a game for the NFL fans! The 7-3 Jets have really caught fire since an embarrassing loss to Oakland, and have taken control of the AFC East with a win over New England. The Titans are the last unbeaten team in football, and both teams play top notch run defense with dominant defensive lines, and offenses based around the running game. This is going to be one heck of a game, and while I want to see the Jets win, I just can’t see Favre going mistake free against this defense, and that will be the difference as the Titans win a close game.Bet This Game Now

New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins (-2). Who would’ve thought that not only would this be a competitive game between two good teams, but that the Dolphins would be favored? The Dolphins are making a strong run for a play off spot, while the Patriots are struggling to stay in the hunt. Both of these teams are going to bring major offenses and hard playing, but not dominant, defenses. This will be a good game, but the Fins have an even better running game than the Jets, and a more solid defense, so they look to do well against the Patriots one dimensional offense, especially at home.Fins win a close one, and revel in it. Bet This Game Now

NY Giants (-3.5) @ Arizona Cardinals. No one is surprised by the Giants, although I think few of use expected them to be this good. The Cardinals are a surprise, as 37 year old Kurt Warner has found the fountain of youth and is having one heck of a season. Not only is the Cardinals offense firing on all cylinders, but young players on the defense have really stepped up, making them a complete team. The Giants defense is top notch, but can they handle the best receiving corps in the NFL? That will decide a close game. Bet This Game Now

Bills vs. Browns MNF Preview

Steelers vs. Cardinals Super Bowl Predictions

Snow may effect the total tonight in Buffalo

Snow in Buffalo!

Neither of these teams might seem like a powerhouse at this point, as the Bills have collapsed against divisional opponents while the Browns have just made a habit of collapsing all season.

But they were the only team to beat the New York Giants, and the Browns have lost several close games, including last week against Denver.  The Bills are 0-3 in division, but they’re also 5-1 outside of their division.  This makes this a potentially excellent match up, since the Bills still have an outside shot at a wild card while the Browns are playing for Coach Romeo Crennel’s job.

Right now it’s hard to get a good feel for the Bills.  While the Dolphins, Jets, and Patriots are all quality teams, a really good team should be able to beat at least one of them.  Bills have lost 4 of their last 5 games.  The Browns started Brady Quinn at quarterback, and although many quarterbacks have had a couple great games and then fizzled out, the good news is that in his first start Quinn looked very good.

Despite multiple trades for better defensive players and many multi-million dollar contracts, the defense for the Browns hasn’t been up to task, as giving up 34 points to the Broncos last week certainly indicates.  The offense is looking better, but WRBraylon Edwards has a series case of the drops, and he needs to fix this mental block if the Browns offense will become solid enough to finish well.

The Bills started out extremely strong, but have faded badly since then, including some pretty lop sided losses.  The running game and defense remains solid, but neither seems dominant the way they were at the beginning of the season.  While this remains a good defense, it’s not dominant.

Looking at this game, Cleveland’s offense will be good, but the Bills should have a definite edge here.  Since Brady Quinn is only starting his second game, and since the Bills are excellent outside of their own division, in a close game expect QB Trent Edwards to trump his more heralded opponent and keep the Bills at least in the hunt for a wild card spot.

See the weather report for Cleveland @ Buffalo Tonight HERE

Week 11 NFL Game Picks

Steelers vs. Cardinals Super Bowl Predictions

Atlanata Falcons look to keep their playoff push going.

Week 11 NFL Picks

Another week of NFL games are here, and there’s a pretty good slate of rivalries that are going to show which middle of the road teams have a serious shot at the playoffs, and which are going to be out.

NY Jets (+3) @ New England: The Pats won the first game in a close match up, but a lot has happened for both teams since then.  Both teams are far better, and this is a critical divisional game for both teams to claim a lead for the division title and the play-offs.  Both teams are much better than they were in the beginning of the season, but right now the Jets have a really good running game to go with that defense, and that gives them the edge in a game that might come down to the final play to decide. Jets 27-24See NFL Expert Picks

Denver @ Atlanta (-6): Atlanta is one of the great surprises of the NFL, and they catch the Broncos at the right time.  The Falcons have one of the best defenses in the NFL, RB Michael Turner has been on fire, and QB Matt Ryan is playing like a seasoned pro.  Denver has a terrible defense and is on their 2,678th RB this year.  Or something like that.  Jay Cutler has a bright future as an elite quarterback, but it’s not enough here.  Falcons continue their bid for a play-off spot 34-24See NFL Expert Picks

Philadelphia (-9) @ Cincinnati: It’s a shame, because if anyone thinks about it, Marvin Lewis is one hell of a head coach to take the Bengals team he inherited and make them competitive for several years, but this season is a disaster with no end in sight.  Philadelphia is in the strongest division top to bottom in the NFC East and needs to make up their wins outside of division, so the Bengals will remain in trouble.  Eagles 37-20See NFL Expert Picks

Chicago (+4) @ Green Bay: The Packers look like a middle of the road team good enough to beat bad teams convincingly and good enough to be dangerous to other middle of the road teams…but they lack closing power.  The one thing to their advantage: Chicago’s defense has been mediocre and Rex Grossman vs. the Green Bay secondary is about the same as spotting the Packers 14 points (Green Bay leads the NFL in interceptions with 16, and interception returned for a TD with 6).  This gives the Packers a great chance to win this game, but I think Forte will get the ball nearly 40 times against one of the worst rush defenses in the NFL.  Bears pull a squeaker to grab a commanding division lead 31-30See NFL Expert Picks

Houston @ Indianapolis (-8.5): The point spread here seems like past years, though the Colts have hardly been the Colts of old.  But they do get Joseph Addai back from injury, and the teams that have thumped Indy were teams with really good secondaries.  Houston is not one of those teams.  No matter who the quarterback is, the Texans will be able to put up some big points on the Colts, but I can’t see any way of them stopping the Colts.  Colts win a game they need badly, 31-28See NFL Expert Picks

New Orleans (-5.5) @ Kansas City: After three of the worst games anyone has ever seen a quarterback play, the Chiefs adjust to a spread offense like you see in college and third string quarterback Tyler Thigpen has begun to light it up.  The Chiefs aren’t a good team by any stretch, but they’re not terrible right now, either, and the Saints defense is bad enough to give KC a chance at thirty.  This will be a closer shoot out than most people predict.  While the Saints should win, if they come out flat don’t be surprised if this is a game the Chiefs can steal.  Saints win 38-33See NFL Expert Picks

Oakland @ Miami (-10.5): This preview is pretty simple.  Oakland sucks and is a dysfunctional mess.  The Dolphins have been really good of late, and there’s no way they’re not going to run all over the Raiders with that Wild Cat formation.  Fins win big 31-9See NFL Expert Picks

Baltimore @ NY Giants (-6.5): Even with rookie Joe Flacco at QB for the Ravens against a tough Giants defense, this could be a dangerous game for the defending champs if they aren’t careful.  Baltimore’s defense is extremely good, and that Ravens offense has some really nice tricks, especially with QB Troy Smith healthy and getting in the game in some special packages.  That said, this game is at New York, and I don’t think Coughlin is going to allow his team to put their guard down.  Giants win 24-17See NFL Expert Picks

Minnesota @ Tampa Bay (-3.5): Minnesota won a very important divisional game against the Packers, and really damaged their chances of getting in.  But the play calling from Childress was disturbing.  Tampa Bay’s defense is much better over all, and their offense has a better balance than the Packers.  Still, AP can make about anyone look foolish, but I’m guessing more shoddy play calling from Childress will cost them the game.  Bucs win 30-21See NFL Expert Picks

Detroit @ Carolina (-14): Carolina might be the second best team in the NFC.  The Lions are the one team that Oakland would have a chance at.  While it seems impossible to comprehend, look at the rest of Detroit’s schedule.  Who are they going to beat to avoid 0-16?  I don’t see anyone.  Panthers roll towards the play-offs, 34-20See NFL Expert Picks

St. Louis @ San Francisco (-6): St. Louis laid an absolute egg against the Jets, but before that they’ve been playing really good ball under interim coach Jim Haslett.  The 49ers put up one heck of an effort against the Seahawks, but just couldn’t close the deal.  This is a game I could see going either way.  On paper, the Rams have more talent, but the 49ers have a great offensive system and seem to be clicking a little bit more.  This is a toss up, but I’ll take the 49ers, 27-23See NFL Expert Picks

Arizona (-3) @ Seattle: The Seahawks will put up a better fight than they could have even a few weeks ago, as QB Seneca Wallace is proving he has some serious potential as a starter at the NFL level.  Meanwhile, Arizona looks like one of the best teams in the NFC, and Kurt Warner looks like the best he has in years.  The point spread should be close since the Seahawks are playing well, but believe it or not the Cardinals really are just that much better at this point, and maybe we should start talking about Kurt Warner as a legitimate MVP candidate.  Cards win 33-23See NFL Expert Picks

San Diego @ Pittsburgh (-5.5): It’s really baffling, almost inexplicable, how bad the Chargers are right now.  Until you remember Norv Turner is the head coach.  Yeah, the offense is solid, but the defense is horrific and this team can not hold a lead or score enough to win a total shoot out.  The Steelers have been nothing short of dominant, and have to be, along with Tennessee, the favorites in the AFC right now, especially if they get healthy.  Steelers 31-28See NFL Expert Picks

Tennessee (-3) @ Jacksonville: Can losing your defensive coordinator really hurt that much?  Considering the Jags look soft and mediocre and the Falcons are looking at the play-offs (the freaking Falcons) apparently the answer is yes.  The Jags need this game to stay in play-off contention, while the Titans continue to play solid football.  While every game seems insanely close with Tennessee, until they lose you have to make them the favorites.  Titans win 27-20See NFL Expert Picks

Dallas @ Washington (+1.5): The Dallas Cowboys welcome back Tony Romo, but will it be enough?  Granted, Brad Johnson has been atrocious, but the defense has been terrible and receivers have dropped catchable passes.  Washington got pasted by the Steelers, but prior to that game QB Jason Campbell had not thrown a pick all year.  The Redskins are a very good team, and they had a bye week to prepare in addition to this being a home game.  At this point as long as they’re not playing the Giants or Steelers, I’ll always take points on the Skins.  Redskins redeem themselves this week 31-26See NFL Expert Picks

Cleveland @ Buffalo (-4.5): QB Brady Quinn played well in his debut, and one way to avoid getting burned by Braylon Edwards’ drops is to throw to Kellen Winslow instead, and it worked in the last game.  The defense is still terrible, however, and while Buffalo has not been able to handle their business at all in division, they’ve been pretty dang good outside of it and have the running game to make the Browns pay.  While this game will be close, Bills win 27-24See NFL Expert Picks