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BetVega Top 20 Super Bowl Prop Bet Picks

2009 Super Bowl Prop Bet Picks has your winning 2009 Super Bowl 43 Prop Bet Picks

Our Top 20 Super Bowl Prop Picks

Well the NFL Playoffs were extremely exciting, and now the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals are set to face off in the big game.  This could be a very exciting match up, and there are many great prop bets lined up on the Super Bowl that should have sports bettors salivating.  There are few sporting events that allow for more exciting prop bets than the Super Bowl, so let’s jump right into the great mix of prop bets available for the big game coming up this Sunday, and keep in mind, these aren’t necessarily the most likely to happen, but a combination of likelihood and good odds!

Super Bowl 43 Game Prop Bets:
#1: 1st to throw an interception, Ben Roethlisberger (+160). Big Ben has 15 INT to only 17 TD and the Cardinals defense has been ball hawking like crazy.  Take the chance at the pay off.  BET

#2: Most Rushing Yards Willie Parker/Edgerrin James, Willie Parker +38.5.
It’s a lot of yards, but even with their “renewed” running game, the Cards haven’t run that well and the Steelers D will have none of it.  Besides, Hightower will get half the carries anyway.  Take Willie. BET

#3: To Score First TD, Willie Parker (-105) or Larry Fitzgerald (-125).
You really can’t go wrong with either bet here.  They’re both going to score, just matters which one you like more. BET

#4: Player to Score first TD in the game.
If you’re looking for a deep sleeper to pay big on a long shot, try a play action pass to a wide open TE Leonard Pop (+2000) while the Steelers are worrying about the outside guys and blitzing safeties. BET

#5: Steve Breaston Scores a TD?
I’d go +300 on yes, because getting it against the Steelers’ starters is going to be a whole lot harder, and if the Cardinals get behind they’ll have to go to the spread to catch up, anyway. BET

Super Bowl 43 Player Prop Bets:

#1: Super Bowl MVP: WR Hines Ward (+1500)
QBs have gotten way too much credit for doing far too little in recent Super Bowls (both Mannings are prime examples), but Hines Ward at +1500 gives much better odds than any other big name player, the others are around +400. BET

#2: Super Bowl MVP: WR Larry Fitzgerald (+500). If the Cardinals win it will be because this man has a game for all time.  Still gives over twice as good odds as either quarterback. BET

#3: WR Anquan Boldin scores a TD. It’s +150 if you think he steps up to prove he’s a good team player, and -180 if you think he gets blanked. BET

#4: WR Hines Ward over 68.5 yards for game. The odds for under over is the same -115, and I just can’t see him having less than that. BET

#5: TE Heath Miller score a TD. It’s +180 for the yes, a weak -240 for no, and with the way Arizona’s defense has been playing, a play action might be the best way to go for them. BET

#6: RB Willie Parker 121-130 rushing yards. If Parker has a big game and falls in this range, it’s +1000 for any lucky bettors.BET

#7: RB Tim Hightower longest rush. I’d go with the under 6.5 at +105.  It’s not much, but he is not a speedster and people are way underestimating how good that Steelers defense really is. BET

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl 43  Prop Bets:

#1: Will Pittsburgh score in every quarter?  Yes is +160, No is -200
.  The Cardinals defense has been great at turnovers, not at stopping the run or pass.  A field goal every quarter seems reasonable to me to bet on the +160. BET

#2: Will Pittsburgh convert a fourth down?  Yes is +160.  Best part about this bet: no action is no 4th down conversion is attempted, and a penalty conversion counts.  Do you really think the Cardinals front 7 will stop the Steelers from getting inches?BET

#3: Number of Steelers to have a rushing attempt, over/under 4. I’ll actually take the over even at -300.  WR Holmes and WR Ward both get reverses and end arounds, so does Miller, and you have Parker, Moore, Davenport at running back, and a full back and QB sneaks by Big Ben.  This seems like a good bet regardless of how it happens. BET

#4: Total sacks by Pittsburgh D over/under 2.5. Over is -105 while under is -115.  Over seems a good bet.  Warner is playing great, but you can sack him, and 3 doesn’t seem an unreasonable number. BET

Arizona Cardinals
Super Bowl 43 Prop Bets:

#1: Cardinals to score 25 points (+4000).
25 is a hard number to get to, but in a game with safeties, field goals, and the possible missed or made two point conversion, this bet is much better at +4000 than the more common 24 or 27 (+1000). BET

#2: Will Arizona throw an INT in the first half? Yes is +120, no is -150.  I like yes because Warner will turn the ball over against good defenses, and Whisenhunt likes the trick plays, which either are TDs or INTs, generally speaking. BET

#3: Will Arizona get a rushing TD this game? Yes is +120, I’ll go with No at -150.  That D is tough, and when they crowd the goal line, either Boldin or Fitzgerald will be one on one.  Why would you run in that scenario? BET

#4: Arizona highest scoring quarter.  3rd quarter is +300. I like the idea of a couple scores after half time adjustments, and if the Cards are several scores behind they might sneak in a “bend but don’t break” TD before the 4th quarter. BET

And there you guys are.  20 awesome prop bets before the Big Game.  Enjoy this Sunday and happy betting!

$500 Super Bowl Betting Bonus


2009 Super Bowl MVP Betting Odds

Super Bowl Betting

A $100 bet on Anquan Boldin to win Super Bowl MVP pays $1,500!

Super Bowl MVP Odds

Super Bowl Prop Bets have become a favorite of all true sports bettors when it comes to the biggest football betting day of the year. Online Sportsbook has published betting odds on which player for the 2009 Super Bowl 43 matchup between the Steelers vs. Cardinals will take home the MVP award.

Player to be named 2009 Superbowl XLIII MVP Odds:

Adrian Wilson +5000
Anquan Boldin +1500
Ben Roethlisberger +175
Dominique Rodgers Cromartie +4000
Edgerrin James +1200
Gary Russell +4000
Heath Miller +3000
Hines Ward +1500
James Farrior +3000
James Harrison +3000
JJ Arrington +5000
Karlos Dansby +4500
Kurt Warner +200
Larry Fitzgerald +500
Nate Washington +4000
Santonio Holmes +1500
Steve Breaston +4000
Tim Hightower +1500
Troy Polamalu +1000
Willie Parker +600
Field (Any Other Player) +800

Payouts are based on a $100 Bet

2009 Super Bowl 43 Opening Betting Line

NFL Odds

2009 Super Bowl 43 Betting Line for Cardinals vs. Steelers

Super Bowl 43 Betting Line

The Arizona Cardinals continued to shock the world by holding off the Philadelphia Eagles 4th quarter rally and will be moving on to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 43 on February 1st in Tampa, FL.

pittsburghlogo -6.5

2009 Super Bowl 43 Betting Over/Under 47
Super Bowl 43 Betting Line from

Pittsburgh 2-1 2-1 2-1 22.67 113.67 3.52 30.33 51.65 176.33 290.00 1.00
Arizona 1-2 1-2 2-1 18.67 76.67 3.29 35.00 57.14 247.00 323.67 1.00
09/30/2007 Sun PIT 14 ARI 21 G 5½/42½ ARI/U 77 205 282 2 86 215 301 2
11/09/2003 Sun ARI 15 PIT 28 G -7/40½ PIT/O 96 283 379 1 87 159 246 1
11/30/1997 Sun PIT 26 ARI 20 G 5½/40 PIT/O 177 165 342 0 48 243 291 0
01/11/2009 Sun SD 35-24 W -6/37½ W/O 165 177 342 15 275 290 2
12/28/2008 Sun CLE 31-0 W -11½/33 W/U 176 193 369 106 20 126 1
12/21/2008 Sun at TEN 14-31 L -3/34 L/O 71 303 374 117 206 323 -4
12/14/2008 Sun at BAL 13-9 W 3/34 W/U 91 220 311 112 90 202 0
01/18/2009 Sun PHI 32-25 W 3½/47 W/O 102 267 369 97 357 454 2
01/10/2009 Sat at CAR 33-13 W 10/49½ W/U 145 215 360 75 194 269 5
01/03/2009 Sat ATL 30-24 W -2/51½ W/O 86 271 357 60 190 250 2
12/28/2008 Sun SEA 34-21 W -7/47 W/O 111 346 457 87 243 330 1
12/21/2008 Sun at NE 7-47 L 8/41 L/O 44 142 186 183 331 514 -2
Pittsburgh is 7-1 ATS in its last 8 games
Pittsburgh is 8-1 SU in its last 9 games
The total has gone OVER in 4 of Pittsburgh’s last 5 games when playing Arizona
Arizona is 4-1 ATS in its last 5 games
Arizona is 4-1 SU in its last 5 games
The total has gone OVER in 5 of Arizona’s last 6 games
The total has gone OVER in 4 of Arizona’s last 5 games when playing Pittsburgh

Early 2009 Super Bowl 43 Prop Bets

2009 Super Bowl Betting Line

2009 Super Bowl 43 Prop Bets

Early Super Bowl 43 Props!

It is never to early to take a look at some great sports betting props for Super Bowl 43! From team odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl, through the coin toss, your early opportunity to set yourself up with a large return on your NFL betting investment is here. Take a look at the early Super Bowl 43 Prop Bets:

The Result of the Coin Toss Will Be
Heads      -105
Tails      -105

To Win the Coin Toss Moneyline
Steelers      -105
Cardinals      -105

To Receive Openning Kickoff Moneyline
Steelers      -105
Cardinals      -105

Team to Score First Moneyline
Steelers      -160
Cardinals      +130

First Score of the Game Moneyline
Touchdown      -150
Any Other Score      +120

Last Score of the Game Moneyline
Touchdown      -180
Any Other Score      +150

Team to Score Last Moneyline
Steelers      -140
Cardinals      +110

Longest Field Goal Made in the Game
Over  43½  Yards     -110
Under  43½  Yards     -120

Shortest Field Goal Made in the Game Moneyline
Over  24½  Yards     -110
Under  24½  Yards     -120

First Made Field Goal in the Game will be Moneyline
1 – 22 yards          +350
23 – 29 yards         +250
30 – 36 yards         +225
37 – 43 yards         +300
44 – 49 yards         +425
50 or more yards    +525
No FGs made         +450

Highest Scoring Quarter
1st Quarter         +350
2nd Quarter         +150
3rd Quarter         +300
4th Quarter         +200

Will at least one Quarter be scoreless Moneyline
Yes             +170
No              -210

Ben Roethlisberger 1st Pass of the Game
Complete                         -200
Incomplete                       +160
Throw an Interception      +800

Kurt Warner 1st Pass of the Game Moneyline
Complete                         -200
Incomplete                      +160
Throw an Interception      +800

Ben Roethlisberger Total Passing Yards Moneyline
Odd Number              -105
Even Number             -105

Kurt Warner Total Passing Yards Moneyline
Odd Number              -105
Even Number             -105

Player to be named 2009 Superbowl XLIII MVP

Adrian Wilson         +5000
Anquan Boldin         +1500
Ben Roethlisberger         +175
Dominique Rodgers Cromartie         +4000
Edgerrin James         +1200
Gary Russell         +4000
Heath Miller         +3000
Hines Ward                 +1500
James Farrior         +3000
James Harrison         +3000
JJ Arrington         +5000
Karlos Dansby         +4500
Kurt Warner         +200
Larry Fitzgerald         +500
Nate Washington         +4000
Santonio Holmes         +1500
Steve Breaston         +4000
Tim Hightower         +1500
Troy Polamalu           +1000
Willie Parker         +600
Field (Any Other Player)         +800

Player to Score Steelers 1st TD

Ben Roethlisberger         +900
Carey Davis         +2000
Gary Russell         +1200
Heath Miller         +500
Hines Ward         +300
Limas Sweed         +1500
Matt Spaeth         +1500
Mewelde Moore         +1000
Nate Washington         +700
Santonio Holmes         +500
Troy Polamalu         +1800
Willie Parker         +200
Field (Any Other Steeler)         +250
No TD Scored by the Steelers         +2000

Player to Score Cardinals 1st TD Moneyline

Anquan Boldin         +500
Ben Patrick         +1500
Early Doucet         +1500
Edgerrin James         +500
JJ Arrington         +800
Jerheme Urban         +1200
Kurt Warner         +1000
Larry Fitzgerald         +200
Leonard Pope         +800
Steve Breaston         +600
Tim Hightower         +600
Field (Any Other Cardinal)         +250
No TD Scored by the Cardinals         +800

Ben Roethlisberger Total Passing Yards Moneyline
Over  238½  Passing Yards     -115
Under  238½  Passing Yards     -115

Ben Roethlisberger Total Pass Attempts Moneyline
Over  31½  Pass Attempts     -115
Under  31½  Pass Attempts     -115

Ben Roethlisberger Total Completions Moneyline
Over  17½  Completions     -125
Under  17½  Completions     -105

Ben Roethlisberger Total TD Passes Moneyline
Over  1½  TD Passes     -165
Under  1½  TD Passes     +135

Ben Roethlisberger Longest Completion Moneyline
Over  37½  Yards     -115
Under  37½  Yards     -115

Kurt Warner Total Passing Yards Moneyline
Over  255½  Passing Yards     -115
Under  255½  Passing Yards     -115

Kurt Warner Total Pass Attempts Moneyline
Over  39½  Pass Attempts     -110
Under  39½  Pass Attempts     -120

Kurt Warner Total Completions Moneyline
Over  23½  Completions     -110
Under  23½  Completions     -120

Kurt Warner Total TD Passes Moneyline
Over  1½  TD Passes     -145
Under  1½  TD Passes     +115

Kurt Warner Longest Pass Completion Moneyline

Over  39½  Yards     -115
Under  39½  Yards     -115

All NFL Betting Lines are from

10 College Basketball sleepers that might open your eyes in '09

College basketball betting

Baylor is ranked as major sleeper team in 2009 by

10 Sleepers for ’09! takes a look at 10 College Basketball sleepers that might open your eyes in ’09! NCAA basketball just wouldn

NFL Wildcard Weekend Prop Bets

NFL Wildcard Betting Picks has your NFL Wild Card Prop Bets

NFL Playoff Props

The NFL play-offs are all set to kick off, and gamblers all know what that means: it’s prop betting time.  Props add a great bit of fun to the games, and give a little bit more spice.  So without any further wait, here are ten of the top NFL prop bets for this opening play-off weekend.

Colts or Chargers: “To win 13-18, +600.” Three scores might be too much to ask, but 13-18 covers a 13, 14, or 17 point lead, and could be easy to get by a team that is ahead by a score or two, then gets another after a turnover late in the 4th.  It’s a scenario you see a lot: one team’s ahead by a TD, the other turns it over and the junk points get piled on in the fourth.  Two TDs gives much better odds than the lower scores, and is realistic enough as to not be unbelievable, and at +600 is great odds.

Colts or Chargers:
1st TD Scored.  If you want a decent long shot, try Chargers 3rd down back Darren Sproles at +1000.  He has explosive speed, takes a lot of passes all the way (about one in six catches results in a TD) – 3rd down back, receives for a lot of TDs as a receiver, and is also the kick returner.  It is a long shot, but he has scored a lot of touchdowns per touch this season, and at +1000 a $5 bet will pay back $50.

Eagles vs. Vikings:
Longest TD in the game, over 38.5 yards at -115. Don’t even think about taking the under.  Two words: Brian Westbrook.  Two more: Adrian Peterson.  Two more: Bernard Berrian.  Get the point?

Eagles vs. Vikings:
2nd + OT (-1/2) half most pts -110. Both of these teams are at their best when the running backs are running down hill.  Between that, half time adjustments, and the fact that a team trailing has to pass to catch up (and a team with a big lead is happy to give up junk points), the 2nd half makes more sense than the first.

Atlanta at Arizona:
1st turnover -155 interception. Interception is a good bet here.  Warner has thrown several the last few weeks, and you have a rookie QB against an aggressive defense.  Turner doesn’t lose the football, and RB Hightower is not the Cardinals go to guy.  Despite mediocre odds, the interception is an excellent bet here.

Atlanta at Arizona
-115 both, for what team will score the longest TD. Take your pick.  Both teams know how to go deep, and both have explosive big play capabilities.  This is one where if you have a strong feeling about one team or another, here’s your one in two chances of picking the right one and cashing in good.

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins:
“Score in last 2 minutes of the half” +165 for No. Here you have two great running teams against two stellar defenses, especially against the run.  There’s no way this game is a blow out by half.  The moment potential trouble shows up, can you say third down kneel down and half time?

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins:
1st turnover interception, -155 odds. Joe Flacco has played great, but he’s a rookie QB in his first play-off game against a great defense.  Meanwhile Chad Pennington has had a great season, but he hasn’t faced anything remotely like the Ravens defense.  This one seems easy.

NFL 2009 NFL Wild Card Prediction Chargers vs. Colts

NFL Odds has your Chargers vs. Colts Playoff Prediction

Chargers vs. Colts Pick

The NFL playoffs have been set and it all kickoffs on Wildcard Weekend.  One of the most intriguing games is a matchup from last year’s playoffs and features the San Diego Chargers against the Indianapolis Colts.  Both teams enter the post-season on fire but it will be the end of the road for one.  Who will advance into the second round?  Let’s preview the matchup!

The run San Diego went on to reach the NFL playoffs was nothing short of amazing, but the Colts are easily the hottest team heading into the post-season.  The 2007 Super Bowl champs have pulled off nine consecutive victories behind one of the league’s best defenses and MVP candidate Peyton Manning.  Indianapolis finished with the top ranked pass defense in the AFC with a Cover-2 scheme designed to bait opposing quarterbacks into mistakes.  If the Colts secondary can put the clamps on speedy wide out Chris Chambers and prevent tight end Antonio Gates from softening up the middle, they will succeed at taking away two of Philip Rivers’ most dangerous weapons.
With a record of 8-8, you may be wondering how the Chargers even made it to the playoffs.  The playoff picture is often confusing but San Diego has the Denver Broncos to thank for that.  Denver could have clinched the AFC West three games ago but ended up losing four of their last five, including a blowout to San Diego this past Sunday that garnered the Bolts a division title and a playoff berth.  The Chargers enter Saturday’s game on a four game winning streak after beginning the season at a disappointing 4-8.  If the last game was any indication, L.T. is almost back to his old self as he finally went over the 1000-yard mark and put up some big gains against the Broncos.  The Chargers won’t put it all on Thomlison because the Colts run defense is much improved compared to a year ago.  If this team has any chance of winning they’re going to have to rely on their secondary and the young arm of Philip Rivers.  Although he won’t be making a trip to the Pro Bowl, Rivers put up MVP-like numbers this season with 4,009 yards passing and a league leading 34 touchdowns.
On the other side of the ball is Peyton Manning, a future Hall-of-Famer who is very familiar with the situation.  It seems like Manning eclipses a new milestone every year, just passing his own record of most consecutive seasons with 4,000 or more yards passing.  Peyton is forever a threat and still has many of the same old weapons on offense in Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark.  The defense is also much improved with a healthy Bob Sanders back in the lineup, last season’s defensive player of the year.
The sport books realize this one will be heavily contested as the Colts are a -1 point favorite.  Don’t expect them to take San Diego lightly though, especially when it was the Chargers who pulled the upset last year and knocked Indianapolis out of the playoffs.  Look for these teams to turn up the defensive pressure and obliterate the over/under of 51.

10 Prop Bets for Bowl Games This Weekend

2009 College Football Betting Odds

BetVega has your top 10 bowl gam prop bets for this weekend.

10 Bowl Prop Bets

If you’re tired of the same old point spreads and lines and want to celebrate the New Year by taking on new and more exotic bets, then the NCAA Bowl prop bets might be just the right way to bring in an excellent new year.  Are you convinced you have a Nostradamus-like ability to predict who will score the first touchdown, or if any team will score unanswered three times in a row?  Then the prop bets might be right for you.  Here’s a look at ten of the best NCAA bowl prop bets this weekend.

Jan. 2

Utah Utes @ Alabama Crimson Tide: “Utah Utes 1st score, TD vs. any other,” take any other at +160.  This is a solid Utah team, but the feared spread offense of past seasons that made this Ute team famous isn’t nearly as effective this year as in previous seasons.  The interior of the offensive line is especially suspect, making NT Shaun Cody a good match up.  Utah scoring a FG isn’t unrealistic at all, and the odds are good.

Utah Utes @ Alabama Crimson Tide:
“Utah wins by 1-6 pts,” +600 odds. It’s not that I think Utah will win, but Alabama has played some inferior (read very average) teams way too close, which means they could come in sleeping against Utah.  +600 is great odds, and if they win it’s not going to be by much.  To get the same odds for Alabama, the Crimson Tide has to win by 25 or more for same odds.  Utah seems out matched, but Alabama barely beat some pretty average teams, so it’s a long short worth looking at.

Ole Miss Rebels @ Texas Tech Red Raiders:
“1st score of the game,” TD is -240. Usually I’m not big on bets that are -240, but does anyone see a FG in this game?  Texas Tech got their kicker from the stands and a “kick an XP for a month of free rent” contest.  Houston Nutt has the Rebels scoring 30 a game.  These teams don’t score field goals, the TD as a first score is a great bet.

Ole Miss Rebels @ Texas Tech Red Raiders:
“Any team to score unanswered 3 times,” -260. Both of these teams score a lot of points, but both also do it in streaks.  Texas Tech has their best defense in years, and Ole Miss is solid, but both teams can score, so there’s a good chance that at least one team will run off three scores in a row at some point before the other team comes back.

ECU Pirates @ Kentucky Wildcats: 
Score first,” Kentucky at -105.  Actually both teams are around the same, but I like Kentucky on offense, think their defense has the best chance of stopping the other, so look at Kentucky as a pretty good pick here.

ECU Pirates @ Kentucky Wildcats:
Any winning margin you feel good about” because the worst odds you get with either team is +400 or better, so a winner is a great pay off.
Jan. 3

Buffalo Bulls @ UCONN Huskies: “First score, Any other (meaning not TD),” +210 odds. This game matches up two very good defenses, especially against the run, against two hard core running offenses.  This looks like a perfect set up for some early FGs, so I like the any other bet on this one.

Jan. 5

Texas Longhorns @ Ohio State Buckeyes: One prop you have to look at is Texas to win by 19-24 pts, +550 odds. The Big Ten hasn’t exactly lit up the BCS bowls recently, and here’s another game where the Big Ten team looks potentially badly out matched.  If you are one of many people who expect another Big 10 team getting sack beaten, 19-24 covers a 20, 21, or a 24 point victory and pays great at +550.

Texas Longhorns @ Ohio State Buckeyes:
“Any team to score unanswered 3 different times” with odds of -280. Those aren’t great pay-off odds, but if you’re expecting a slaughter, then this would have to be all but a given.  So if you’re going all out on Texas, you mine as well add this one on.
Jan. 6

Ball State Cardinals @ Tulsa Golden Hurricanes:
“TD -350 first score.” Both teams score insane amounts of points.  Neither one stops anybody.  They don’t kick a lot of field goals, either.  Did I mention these teams score an insane amount of touchdowns?