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Why Sportsbooks Fear First Two Weeks of College Football


The first two weeks of the college football season offer the avid bettor a great opportunity to beat the bookies. Sportsbook managers have openly stated their concern about getting beaten badly in the first couple of weeks of college football. Some offer lower limits in college football to start the season and even restrict different types of wagers. The reason why is that they don’t have any statistics they can plug into their computer systems that produces the sharp lines we are all used to.
Therefore, if you do your homework by out studying the bookies, there are profits to be made in weeks one and two of the college football season.

Since the sportsbooks have to put up numbers for over 50 games each week, they are bound to make mistakes when there is no statistical data to rely on. You as a bettor don’t have to spend hours researching every game. You can pick your spots and focus on what teams and conferences you know best. I’ve heard sports book managers say that some of the lines they put up at the beginning of the season are mere guesses. That gives the gambler an advantage if we spend our time wisely studying a few games instead of the entire board. We can harness our focus on teams that we know better than the books. Some people are betting experts in certain conferences and know the teams inside and out. By becoming an expert on a handful of teams, you can really use that knowledge to beat the book.

If you find a discrepancy in a line that you think is off, do your homework by utilizing as much pre-season material and statistics from last year as you can. Read local newspapers on the internet to find out how a team has looked in fall camp, examine injury reports, and make your own projections on what a line should be. When you find that you have an advantage over the book on a particular line, exploit it. The biggest thing is that we can spend hours on a handful of games to make our wagers but the books have to put out a number on every game. If we focus on just the games that look to have a bad line, we give ourselves an advantage over the sportsbooks because they don’t have the time either to research every game for hours on end. The major point to remember is that early season college football wagering can be profitable if you study the games and teams properly to find value.

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Bet on which NFC teams will miss the playoffs this season

Two teams expected not to have a prayer at making the playoffs in the NFC are the Detroit Lions and the St. Louis Rams. However, the numbers listed are so heavy in juice that they are not enticing me to lay down a huge bet. The Lions by far are the team least likely to make the playoffs in the eyes of the odds makers as they have been listed as lofty favorites to miss the post season at a whopping -1200. St. Louis is second in the running for least likely to make the playoffs, however the line is just -600.

These two teams are complete disasters. The Lions drafted Matthew Stafford but in no way is he going to be able to turn the Lions from an 0-16 team to a playoff contender in his first year. The Lions do have some dynamic skill position players in Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith has showed signs of being a solid NFL running back. However, the offensive line is not very good which will make it difficult for a rookie QB to be successful. On the other side of the ball, the defense isn’t very good either. All in all, there is no way this team is going to the post season.

St. Louis has lacked consistency out of Marc Bulger and he will have to play better for this team to be any good at all. They lost Torry Holt to free agency and Steven Jackson will be the focus of the offense. Steve Spagnolo is a great coach and he should improve this team on the defensive side of the ball as they drafted some nice defensive players that could help right away. However, they are also a long ways away from going to the playoffs.

There are some solid NFL prop bets out there with much lower juice than the two aforementioned teams above. I think Seattle -175 is a solid bet as I don’t think they are ready to make a quantum leap into the playoffs. They will be better but Arizona is no doubt going to win that division and Seattle is simply not good enough to compete for the wild card. The 49ers at -200 are another solid bet at a reduced price. This team improved as the year went along but still have huge question marks at the quarterback position with no solidified number one starter.

Another team listed at -250 that I think won’t make the playoffs is the Washington Redskins. The Redskins will have six games against very good teams in the Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants. Jason Campbell has yet to prove himself as a quality quarterback and Clinton Portis, the focal point of the offense is getting up there in age. Finally, no way will the Tampa Bay Bucs make a push in the NFC South toward the playoffs. They too have huge quarterback issues. The addition of running back Derrick Ward should help but they simply don’t have enough talent to make a run especially in a tough division. The Bucs have been listed at -450.

Vegas says Michigan State to win 8 games in 2009


Michigan State: Over 8 Wins +130 , Under 8 Wins -170

Michigan State is listed at +500 to win the BIG 10 in 2009

Michigan State is listed at +10000 to win the BCS Championship. That means a $100 bet pays out $10,000!

Mark Dantonio is entering his third year as head coach at Michigan State and he may just have his best team yet. The Spartans return fifteen starters, seven on offense and 8 on defense. After finishing 9-4 overall and 6-2 in the Big Ten, this team has to feel confident with the experience coming back. The bad news however is the Spartans did lose their stud running back Javon Ringer and they enter fall camp with two guys fighting over the quarterback position. The losses at the running back and quarterback position could make it difficult for the Spartans to contend for the Big Ten title.

Defensively four of the front seven is back and I expect this team to be much better against the run this season. The linebackers have a ton of athleticism and speed and will make plays from sideline to sideline. In the secondary, Michigan State lost All-Conference safety Otis Wiley but EIGHT players return with starting experience. With all that experience coming back, they should be better against the pass as well. This should be a good team but I don’t expect them to be great. They have a tough road game at Notre Dame who should be improved but are lucky to get Iowa and Penn State at home. I’m torn on my decision to go over or under on this Michigan State team as I have them projected to win at least 8 games. It will come down to whether or not they can beat Illinois on the road for them to get to 9 wins. I expect the Illini to be much better than a year ago so I will call for a push on the Spartans and project them to go 8-4 in the regular season.

Bet on who will miss the playoffs in the AFC

football odds has released odds on who will miss the playoffs in the AFC for 2009. The heavy favorite to not make the post season is the Oakland Raiders listed at -700. You can’t really argue with the odds makers’ decision to post this particular number as the Raiders are a complete mess. They don’t have a quarterback for one thing. JaMarcus Russell has been god awful since being the number one overall pick a few years back and Jeff Garcia isn’t the answer either as his best years are behind him. The offensive line is also a major weakness which will make it difficult for Darren McFadden and Justin Fargas to run the ball effectively and the defense isn’t great either. The Oakland Raiders are a lock to not make the playoffs, that’s for certain.

The other teams rounding out the bottom of the list are the Cleveland Browns (-600), Cincinnati Bengals (-450), and the Kansas City Chiefs (-450). The Cleveland Browns much like the Raiders aren’t sold on their quarterback situation as well. As the old adage goes if you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have one. Derek Anderson’s production dropped dramatically from his 2007 numbers and Brady Quinn hasn’t proved he can cut it at the pro level. Jamal Lewis is showing major signs of slowing down so points will be hard to come by for the Browns. When you factor in the division they play in that includes Pittsburgh and Baltimore, I can’t see this team being any threat to make the playoffs.

The one bottom team I would stay away from is the Kansas City Chiefs. I know they have been very poor in recent years but they have made some key moves in the off-season with their roster and Scott Pioli is a genius. Matt Cassell will immediately improve this team and Dwayne Bowe is a very good receiving threat for the new Chiefs QB. They also improved their defense through the draft. I do not think this is a playoff team but I would not risk the juice of -450 on this team to miss the playoffs as we all know anything could happen in the NFL.

One value pick that I would consider making is betting on the Jacksonville Jaguars to miss the playoffs at -225. David Garrard struggled mightily last year and needs to improve immensely for this team to be any sort of threat in the AFC South. They did make some improvements in the off-season and Maurice Jones Drew is an absolute stud but given the fact that they are in the same division as the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans, I don’t see them making a run at the post-season.

AFC Team Betting Odds to Make NFL Playoffs This Season

NFL Odds has posted some interesting NFL prop bets for who will make the playoffs in both the AFC and NFC. The odds makers seem pretty dead on with their projections as the top teams in the AFC are clearly head and shoulders above the rest. I think there are seven teams in the AFC who have a legitimate chance at grabbing the six playoff spots and the odds makers agree with my projections.

The New England Patriots are the heavy favorite to make the playoffs and seem to be a lock to make it to the post-season. They have been listed at -700 which doesn’t offer the bettor much value. With a healthy Tom Brady, I don’t see anyone out of the AFC East really challenging the Patriots. The Jets, Dolphins, and Bills are simply not talented enough to beat out this Patriot squad. I actually believe this one of the weakest divisions in the NFL so you can be assured, the Patriots will win the division and grab a post season berth.

The Pittsburgh Steelers has been listed at -400 to make it to the playoffs, which is a better value bet than New England. The Steelers return all but two starters from the same team that won it all a year ago. Baltimore is the only real threat in their division but I believe they will be able to oust the Ravens and take home the division. The defense is nasty and Big Ben is a flat out winner. I can’t see this team not making the playoffs.

Another team that seems to be assured of a playoff spot is the San Diego Chargers who are listed at -600. They are far and away the best team in their division which contains the lowly Raiders, Chiefs, and a Bronco team who will sorely miss Jay Cutler. The final three spots are up for grabs but I have targeted four teams that have a solid chance at making the playoffs. The Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans will battle it out for the AFC South Division title so you can be rest assured that one of them will make the playoffs, if not both.

I also like the Baltimore Ravens to grasp one of the wild card spots. Joe Flacco is only going to get better and the defense should still be solid. One other team to keep an eye on that offers good value is the Houston Texans who are listed at +135. They are loaded at the skill positions with Steve Slaton and Andre Johnson. If the defense improves and Matt Schaub can show consistency, this could be a surprise team in the AFC.

Rot# Odds To Reach NFL Playoffs:

5001 Pittsburgh Steelers -400
5002 New England Patriots -700
5003 Dallas Cowboys -120
5004 New York Giants -175
5005 Indianapolis Colts -190
5006 San Diego Chargers -600
5007 Baltimore Ravens -150
5008 Philadelphia Eagles -175
5009 New Orleans Saints Ev
5010 Minnesota Vikings -165
5011 Carolina Panthers +110
5012 Tennessee Titans -120
5013 Atlanta Falcons +110
5014 Green Bay Packers +110
5015 Denver Broncos +250
5016 Jacksonville Jaguars +160
5017 Arizona Cardinals -120
5018 New York Jets +250
5019 Miami Dolphins +275
5020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +300
5021 Buffalo Bills +275
5022 Chicago Bears -120
5023 Washington Redskins +175
5024 Seattle Seahawks +125
5025 Houston Texans +135
5026 San Francisco 49ers +150
5027 Cleveland Browns +350
5028 Oakland Raiders +400
5029 Cincinnati Bengals +300
5030 St Louis Rams +350
5031 Detroit Lions +600
5032 Kansas City Chiefs +300

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UFC 102 Betting Bonus and Contest


The next big UFC event from Dana White’s rapidly growing organization takes place this weekend in the form of UFC 102.

The scheduled main event for UFC 102 is Couture vs. Nogueira. Here is the full fight card:

Main Card
Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Keith Jardine vs. Thiago Silva
Chris Leben vs. Jake Rosholt
Nate Marquardt vs. Demian Maia
Matt Hamill vs. Brandon Vera.

Preliminary Card
Wilson Gouveia vs. James Irvin
Junior Dos Santos vs. Justin McCully
Nick Catone vs. Mark Munoz
Evan Dunham vs. Matt Veach
Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Chris Tuchscherer
Mike Russow vs. Todd Duffee is offering a free to enter UFC 102 contest with a $1,000 grand prize. Check it out as always has a sweet deposit bonus for UFC 102 of $75!

NFL Odds to Reach NFC Championship Game


As I discussed in a previous article, has listed some intriguing proposition bets on who will make the championship game in both the AFC and NFC. This article will focus on the odds to reach the NFC Conference Championship Game and just like the AFC there are some potential profits to be made betting on these lines that seem to offer good value. My projections in the NFC have a three horse race to make to the NFC title game between the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Arizona Cardinals. All of which seem to be great value bets as the juice has been generously offered by the odds makers.

The Giants are a slight favorite over the Eagles to make to the title game at +250. I really like this Giants team as I think they will be better down the stretch this year than last. They do play in a tough division, having to face the Eagles and Cowboys twice but I see them taking three of those four games. I think they have brought in some nice talent to replace Plaxico Burress which was one of the main reasons why they struggled in the post season. At +250, I like their chances of returning to the title game.

Philadelphia is another solid bet at +300 to make it to the NFC Championship game. I like their defense but it sure is sad that they lost defensive coordinator Jim Johnson to cancer. They have also brought in some great skill guys that will make them dangerous on offense. Maclin, McCoy, and Vick are three guys with a lot of speed that will allow McNabb to really spread the field. The word out of camp is that DeSean Jackson is absolutely tearing it up. If he has a big year and Brian Westbrook stays healthy, I can see this team beating out the Giants for the NFC East division crown.

Maybe the best value bet on these particular proposition bets is the Arizona Cardinals posted at +700. Arizona plays in a weak division and I expect them to be just as good as last season. They will rack up wins in their division which means they will have a great shot at playing at home in the playoffs. The odds are great in my opinion and you are getting great value for your money if you choose to bet the Cardinals in this situation. The defense improved in the playoffs and the skill guys are all still in tact. Not to mention the fact that Chris “Beanie” Wells may give them a legitimate rushing attack that opponents will have to focus on as well.

The other teams that I believe will make the playoffs offer good value as well but I don’t think they are quite good enough to go all the way to the final game. Maybe the team with the next best shot is the Atlanta Falcons posted at +500. The Panthers are a talented squad listed at +600 and the Bears with the addition of Jay Cutler have a small chance of making it to the NFC Championship Game are listed at +500 as well. One team I would stay away from is the Minnesota Vikings who have been posted at +375. I think the odds makers are giving this team too much credit. Without a quarterback, I don’t think they have any chance of making to the final NFC game.

Rot# Odds To Reach NFC Conference Final:

521 Dallas Cowboys +350
522 Green Bay Packers +600
523 New York Giants +250
524 New Orleans Saints +500
525 Philadelphia Eagles +275
526 Seattle Seahawks +1000
527 Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1250
528 Washington Redskins +900
529 Minnesota Vikings +325
530 Arizona Cardinals +700
531 Carolina Panthers +600
532 Detroit Lions +4000
533 Chicago Bears +500
534 San Francisco 49ers +1500
535 Saint Louis Rams +2500
536 Atlanta Falcons +600

Late Season Baseball Betting Tips

With the baseball season winding down, I thought it to be appropriate to offer some critical advice on how to approach the last two months of the season. Handicapping baseball toward the end of the season can be tricky but if you follow these guidelines you can pad your bankroll for the rest of the football betting season.

Bet teams that are still in the race:

The most important piece of advice I can give to bettors who are wagering in the latter stages of the baseball season is to bet on teams that still have something to play for. It’s common sense, that if teams are still fighting for their playoff lives, they are going to bring their A game day in and day out. One of the biggest components of sports handicapping is finding out which teams are going to be motivated to win. Motivation is one of the most critical components in sports because it’s a fact that teams who are dying to win have a better shot at doing so.

Stay away from teams who are resting players:

Towards the end of the season, teams who have large leads in their division are likely to rest players. You have to do your research to find out when teams are going to rest key players. You don’t want your money on a team who has nothing to play for and is simply getting ready or the playoffs.

Bet teams that are peaking late:

Some teams that may not even be in the playoff race may still peak towards the end of the season. You want your money on teams that are playing well and who are showing that they are not packing it in for the rest of the year. The biggest indicator of whether or not a team is still playing to win is by looking at their most recent results. Teams that are winning and doing well over their last ten games are teams to take a serious look at. Also, some clubs find ways to put it all together toward the end of the year and are peaking at the right time. If you can pinpoint these teams, you can find the right situations to place a wager.

Stay away from teams who are calling up minor leaguers:

Every year teams that have no chance at the playoffs want to take a look at the talent they have in the minors. They will call up starting pitchers and betting on rookie starting pitchers can be a major pitfall for baseball betting enthusiasts. Some teams will also bring up big time prospects at other positions to give them a look at the major league level. Avoid betting these teams at all costs because who wants to bet on a team who is playing minor league talent?

College Football Wagering Can be More Profitable than NFL


While NFL is by far the most bet upon sport in the world, I have found it to be true that wagering on college football can me much more profitable. One of the main reasons why is that there is a tremendous amount of disparity amongst teams in NCAA with over 100 Division 1A teams. There simply are much bigger gaps in talent that can be exploited throughout the year. In the NFL, you have the best of the best playing every Sunday. In most cases, every team in the NFL is capable of beating any opponent on a given Sunday because each team is stacked with professionals. That’s not the case in college football because certain programs are much further ahead than others.

Another big reason why college football is beatable is because of the amount of games played throughout the week. The more games there are, the more mistakes the odds makers are bound to make. Let’s face it with over 50 college football games being played a week, the bookies are bound to post a bad number. The key is finding that bad number and exploiting it. If you do your homework and put in the hours of focusing on games that you feel offer value, you are ahead of the books because they only have a certain amount of time before they have to put out a number.

I like to focus on a few conferences that I know very well which is vital to beating the college football point spread. If you really study up and know the teams inside and out in a few conferences, you are putting yourself at a big advantage. If you can become an expert in all the conferences, that’s great but just remember that takes an enormous amount of time and most recreational bettors don’t have the kind of time that the pros do to study all the teams. So my advice is focus on what you know and know it well.

The biggest key to my success is focusing in on a few games that I can study all week which also puts me at an advantage against the bookmaker who has to post his lines by no later than Tuesday. I study and study hard to find weak lines in the conferences I know very well, which has been tremendously successful for me over the years. Pick your spots and research, research, research. Time is on your side and with the vast amount of games being played gives you the opportunity to find the mistakes that the bookmakers are bound to make in college football.

Oklahoma State College Football Predictions 2009


2009 NCAA Football odds for Oklahoma State: Over 9 Wins +105 , Under 9 Wins -145

Oklahoma State is listed at +700 to win the BIG 12 in 2009

Oklahoma State is listed at +5000 to win the BCS Championship. That means a $100 bet pays out $5,000!

Oklahoma State has been placed in the pre-season Top 10 and are considered the only real threat in the Big 12 to challenge Texas and Oklahoma. They are absolutely loaded on offense with Zac Robinson leading the troops at the quarterback position. This guy is extremely talented and I think will have a tremendous year. I think Robinson could grab All-American honors if the quarterback position wasn’t so loaded this year. Dez Bryant is a star as well and could make some noise in the Heisman Trophy race. The running game is also solid with Kendall Hunter churning out yards for the offense on the ground.

The defense should also improve as a unit as they have a lot of talent coming back. Besides the opener with Georgia, the only games I see Oklahoma State losing is to who else but Texas and Oklahoma. I’ll call for a 10-2 regular season and look for the Cowboys to go over the posted number of 9 wins.