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2011 NFL Betting Lines: AFC Teams Over-Under Win Totals

The AFC can be a hard conference to bet on in regards to over and under win totals, because it is so competitive. Some of the best bargains can be found with a few of the divisions underdogs, who are always likely to upend the odd makers, making from some pretty good payouts.

The following list is who we think could be the best five bets for over/under win totals this year in the AFC.

So, read up, enjoy and bet confidently.

1. New England Patriots (over/under: 11.5 wins) The Patriots were perhaps the biggest winner in free agency acquiring both Chad Ochocinco and defensive tackle Albert Haynsworth. Doing so, they shored up two areas that were sure to be lackluster in 2011. Tom Brady throwing the ball to Ochocinco is a scary-good combination. Definitely take the over. The Patriots are looking like a 14-15 win team, and are heavy Super Bowl favorites at 7-2.

The past few years have been disappointing for the Pats, but many are expecting them to change that in 2011 and revert back to their super bowl-winning ways. And I’m not one to argue with that. Expect New England to tear through opponents all season. This should be the easiest bet you’ll make all year.
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2. Miami Dolphins (over/under 8 wins) There are two different ways that this team could go roster-wise. They could stick with the quarterbacks on their roster like Chad Henne who will no doubt lead the team if they went that route (yikes!), or they could trade for Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, whose future is uncertain in Denver. The trade rumors were rampant a week ago on the Orton-to-Miami front, but have simmered down since. Let’s put it like this: If the trade doesn’t happen, then take the under; if Orton is indeed in Miami at the start of the season, take the over. The rest of the team is a pretty odd bunch, and the acquisition of running back Reggie Bush is a head scratcher, as he was nothing more than a 3-5 touch-per-game back for New Orleans. This is a tough one, but could pay decent dividends.
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3. Baltimore Ravens (over/under 11 wins) Take the under here. This is an easy pick with the Ravens being in the toughest battle in the league against the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have a rough schedule all year, and I see Joe Flacco struggling because of all the pressure that will be on him to succeed this year. Flacco’s downfall in the playoffs is sure to linger into the regular season eventually, and I expect this to be the year. The team still has one of the top-two defenses in the league, but I’m not sure in the offense will help them get to more than 11 wins. The Ravens are my pick for biggest disappointment this season, and are going to be in for a heck of a backlash once this season is over.
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4. Cincinnati Bengals (over/under 7.5 wins) This team is going to be first up in the 2012 draft. I can just feel it, so take the under. Carson Palmer retired prematurely because he didn’t want to play for the team anymore (ouch!), and their top receiver is in New England ready to win him some rings. Meanwhile, Andy Dalton is a rookie and Bruce Gradkowski is a fiery competitor that is really a backup in the NFL. This roster has issues all over, and their only bright spot is Dalton, and he isn’t going to lead the team to eight wins this year, guaranteed. It doesn’t help that they play in the same division as the Steelers, Ravens and upcoming Cleveland Browns either.
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5. Oakland Raiders (over/under 7 wins) There is a lot to say about how the loss of Nnamdi Asomugha will affect this team. But they started something special in 2010 when Hue Jackson took the reins of the offense, and now he will be in charge of the entire team. The Raiders have been known for good corners, and they always seem to replace top-tiered defensive backs when they bolt (ala Charles Woodson), and there is little doubt that Al Davis won’t succeed at that yet again. The team’s .500 finish, their first non-losing season since 2002, can’t be credited to one player, and Nnamdi wasn’t even the leader of a team, that was and is Richard Seymour. Take the over confidently on the Raiders for the first time in a while, and you won’t be disappointed.
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AFC Teams Over-Under Win Totals Odds 2011:

Over 11.5 (even)
Under 11.5 (-120)

Over 11 (-110)
Under 11 (-110)

Over 11 (even)
Under 11 (-120)

Over 10 (-110)
Under 10 (-110)

Over 10 (even)
Under 10 (-120)

Over 10 (even)
Under 10 (-120)

Over 8 (-115)
Under 8 (-105)

Over 8 (-105)
Under 8 (-115)

Over 8 (even)
Under 8 (-120

Over 7.5 (-120)
Under 7.5 (even)

Over 7 (-110)
Under 7 (-110)

Over 6.5 (-115)
Under 6.5 (-105)

Over 6.5 (-110)
Under 6.5 (-110)

Over 6 (-110)
Under 6 (-110)

Over 6 (even)
Under 6 (-120)

Over 5 (-130)
Under 5 (+110)



Matt Martz is a sportswriter for the Bakersfield Californian, the Oregonian, Springfield Republican, Sacramento Bee, and the San Diego Union Tribune. I leave handicapping to the pros. Blessed is the gambler who expects nothing, for ye shall not be disappointed.

About Matt-Martz

Matt Martz is a sportswriter for the Bakersfield Californian, the Oregonian, Springfield Republican, Sacramento Bee, and the San Diego Union Tribune. I leave handicapping to the pros. Blessed is the gambler who expects nothing, for ye shall not be disappointed.

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