3 Reasons Why The Denver Broncos Will Win Super Bowl 48

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MetLife Stadium is set for the biggest spectacle that it has ever seen when the Super Bowl comes to town a week from Sunday. The Denver Broncos are favored by 2.5-points over the Seattle Seahawks in the biggest game of the year, and here are three reasons why they will get the job done on Super Sunday.

1. Peyton Manning Can Spread the Field – We love what the Seahawks are bringing to the table defensively, but what QB Peyton Manning and the Broncos can do that not many of these other teams in the NFC have tried is to spread Seattle out. Sure, QB Drew Brees tried to do that with the New Orleans Saints, but that’s a team that has a real problem playing outdoors in general. For as good as this Seattle secondary is, forcing it into using three or four corners is a tough predicament for it. Beyond DB Richard Sherman, there isn’t a lot of depth here.

So sure, Sherman can take out one of these great receivers which Manning has to throw the ball to, but he can’t defend all three (and cover the tight end) at the same time. Manning has eyes for all of his receivers, including his running backs out of the backfield, and there isn’t a square foot on the field that he isn’t willing to attack.

2. The Moment Isn’t Going To Be Too Big For the Broncos – Perhaps we would have been better off saying that the moment might be too big for the Seahawks. Granted, we think that QB Russell Wilson, who has played in the Rose Bowl before, has a ton of resolve, and when the moments have gotten big for him, regardless of the conditions, he has found a way to get the job done. That said, he has never been in a Super Bowl before and never has the mass majority of these Seahawks.

Though a lot of the Broncos haven’t been here either, the one man that really matters has. Manning is playing in his third Super Bowl, and the combination of him with WR Wes Welker should be all of the veteran leadership which this team needs to come forward and get the job done on the biggest stage in the sport.

3. Denver’s Secondary Flaws Won’t Be Exposed – Even if WR Percy Harvin does end up playing in the Super Bowl, we really question just how effective he really can be, knowing that he has missed virtually the entire season this year to various injuries. The Seahawks do have the ability to stretch the field, but they aren’t really all that effective at doing it more than once or twice a game. This isn’t a team like Denver, which will take 20-30 yard shots down the field all night long.

The New England Patriots didn’t have the receivers to take advantage of the fact that this secondary is thin with DB Chris Harris out for the season with a torn ACL, and the Seahawks won’t be able to do it either. That should give Manning and the Broncos plenty of time to handle their own business with the football, and if Denver wins the time of possession battle, it is likely going to win this game.


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Mike Rose

Mike Rose

MIke Rose is a leading sports writer for top sports betting news websites across the internet. Feel free to follow him at http://twitter.com/MikeRose77 and Google+ .

About Mike Rose

MIke Rose is a leading sports writer for top sports betting news websites across the internet. Feel free to follow him at http://twitter.com/MikeRose77 and Google+ .