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Super Bowl XLVIII is set to kick this Sunday in East Rutherford, NJ where Peyton Manning will look to secure his second Lombardi Trophy in three tries against Richard Sherman and his detested Seattle Seahawks. While bets on the side and total of this game will likely come in at a record pace in the desert, let’s not forget about the other exciting aspect of betting the final game of every NFL season – the Props! Below are some of the props positions I’ll be taking this Sunday.


1. Total TDs Scored In Game By Seattle: 3 +275, 4 +550, 5 +1000, 6 or more +1400

Right off the bat, it must be known that I firmly believe SB XLVIII will be one in runaway fashion by the NFC entrants. I already positioned myself on the NFC throughout the playoffs, so I’m thrilled the betting public decided to turn Denver into the false favorite for this game. It set up me up nicely for all futures $$$-Line wagers and point-spread positions taken to at the very least guarantee a modest return should this game end up closer than I expect.

Still, I’ll be placing a unit on each of the following listed up above and only be in danger of losing a couple shekels if in fact 3 or less TDs are scored by the Seahawks – not happening!


2. Russell Wilson Total Passing Yards: Over 210.5 -110

Now I know #3 has only thrown for over 200 yards one of the L/4 times he took to the gridiron, but that one time came against the Niners in the NFC championship game and San Francisco possesses a much better pass defense than that of the Broncos. Denver actually excels in stopping the run (#7), and though it stymied the Patriots ground attack in the AFC title game, I simply don’t foresee it doing the same to a determined Marshawn Lynch.

Beast Mode’s ability to force Denver to cheat against the run will open up passing lanes for Wilson to connect for big strikes to Tate, Baldwin, and Kearse to allow for him to topple this pedestrian mark.


3. Total Punts Made In Game By Both Teams: Under 9.5 -150

I like this one for a number of reasons. Both teams just so happen to possess two of the best field goal kickers in the league in Matt Prater and Steven Hauschka. Any time either of these teams get past midfield, both head coaches lean more towards doing whatever it takes to at the very least get into field goal range. Their strong legs will take away from both punters seeing the field.

Adding to the formula is the fact that I expect some points to be put on the board in this one hence taking the need to implement the punters to play the field position game. Denver trailing late will also reduce the punters chances of hitting the field with it forced to go on 4th down instead of punt the ball away.


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4. Total Field Goals In The Game: Over 3.5 +120

This one somewhat plays into the prop from up above. With the wind not expected to be as big of a detriment as originally thought, I can see both Prater and Hauschka living up to the reputations they built up throughout the entirety of the regular season and playoffs. These two weapons are huge and will play an even bigger role should this game play out to being a lot closer than I expect it will be.


5. Will A FG Attempt Be Missed In The Game: No +120

Both kickers had the benefit of already playing a game at MetLife Stadium earlier this season. Hauschka successfully converted all three of his attempts, while Prater banged through his only attempt from 41 yards out. Combined, these kicker have missed only 3 in 61 overall attempts. That’s a 95 percent success rate – I’ll buy that for a dollar!


6. Will there Be A Defensive Or Special Teams TD Score In The Game: Yes +155

With the Seahawks defense adept at forcing turnovers into points, and both teams having exceptional return men in Golden Tate and Trindon Holiday, the possibility of this prop cashing looks pretty darned good on paper. Once this game gets out of hand, the opportunity to cash this ticket becomes even greater when play is forced.


7. Will Any Player Receive A Penalty For Excessive Celebration: Yes +300

8. Will Richard Sherman Get A Taunting Penalty In The Game: Yes +400

I can see it now. Manning’s pass gets deflected and falls right into the hands of the man everyone loves to hate – Richard Sherman. The Stanford grad then rumbles the length of the field while performing the cutthroat gesture the whole way. After he spikes the pigskin into the ground forcing a mini earthquake, he runs over to the Broncos cheerleading squad and twerks each and every one of them forcing the zebras to finally throw some yellow laundry as they laugh uncontrollably.

Sherman is a lightning rod for criticism these days, so any perceived move made in poor taste will no doubt warrant a flag. The guy might talk the talk and do things that bother most, but he backs it up on the playing field. Crazy how his excelled play causes nothing but controversy – he just can’t help himself!


9. Player To Win The 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII MVP: Richard Sherman +3000

This award has gone to a QB each of the L/4 times and a defensive player has not secured the award since Dexter Jackson won it when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers throttled the Oakland Raiders in XXXVII. While I might be better off taking a BIC lighter to the Benjamin, I’ll throw down on the prop, I truly believe this match-up holds some very distinct similarities to that game. Rich Gannon had himself a year for the ages leading up to that game. Insert Peyton Manning. The Raiders offense put lofty point totals on the board all season long. Insert Broncos offense. The Buccaneers went off the betting board as underdogs even though they by far possessed the better overall defense. Ring a bell? Insert Seattle Seahawks defense.

It’s my belief that Seattle’s defense – or either NFC defense that made it to the Super Bowl – would hold a major advantage over the Broncos. Denver has not run up against a defense as sound as Seattle’s all season, and before they finally adjust to what the Seahawks are doing, they’ll be down three scores due to the stop units aggressive way in which it goes about its business.


Enjoy the game, but remember, just because it’s the final one of the year does not make it ok to wager beyond your means. Good luck!

Mike Rose

Mike Rose

MIke Rose is a leading sports writer for top sports betting news websites across the internet. Feel free to follow him at http://twitter.com/MikeRose77 and Google+ .

About Mike Rose

MIke Rose is a leading sports writer for top sports betting news websites across the internet. Feel free to follow him at http://twitter.com/MikeRose77 and Google+ .