A.L. East 2009 Futures Betting Odds

The race in the AL East is sure to heat up this year as teams in the division have made some significant moves. Can the Red Sox make it back to the World Series? Did the Yankees buy another championship? This preview will give you some insight on the upcoming season. Check out the latest odds to win the A.L. Pennant.


Baltimore Orioles +4000 (68-93)

After eleven consecutive losing seasons, Orioles fans were hoping the long rebuilding process would finally show some results. While Baltimore failed to sign hometown hero Mark Teixeria, the team did make some moves that could possibly get them out of the basement in the AL East. The O’s suffered a major loss with the deduction of Ramon Hernandez and Daniel Cabrera but got a little something back with the addition of Ty Wigginton and Felix Pie. The fact that Baltimore stepped up and signed rising start Nick Markakis to a six-year deal shows that the team is getting the idea of what it takes to keep talented players around. Though young and seemingly financially strapped, a small few believe the Orioles could be this year’s Tampa Bay Rays.

Boston Red Sox +200 (95-67)

Despite losing out on the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes to the rival New York Yankees, the Red Sox made enough moves during the offseason to put them back in contention for a long playoff run. With Kevin Cash being the only major loss, the nucleus of this team remains solid and the additions make them even more dangerous. The Sox enhanced their dynamic pitching core by adding Brad Penny and John Smoltz to the roster of Becket, Lester and Matsuzaka. Though not a huge free agency splash, Rocco Baldelli should make a nice backup in the batting lineup, especially when considering how J.D. Drew is so prone to injury.

New York Yankees -140 (89-73)

The Yankees went out and spent some major dough this offseason, signing on two powerful arms and a dominant slugger to hopefully get them back in the playoffs. The additions of C.C. Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett just may be enough to get the team past the Red Sox. The Yanks will take the loss of Wilson Betemit with Jeter moving over to short and an outfield stacked with the likes of Nick Swisher, Johnny Damon and Xavier Nady. Though stocked from 1 thru 3 in the pitching department, New York may struggle a bit as the last two spots are up for grabs.

Tampa Bay Rays +350 (97-65)

The Rays were the feel-good story of 2008 but getting back to the promise land might be a difficult task, mainly because the Yanks and Sox are going to be so good. Tampa Bay loss Edwin Jackson and Johnny Gomes but made up for it by snagging slugger Pat Burrell and young left-handed hitter Matt Joyce. The Rays kept their pitching core intact and is absolutely deadly on offense with Burrell, Evan Longoria, Carlos Pena and B.J. Upton in the lineup. A division titled isn’t promised by this young team should definitely make things interesting in the AL East.
Toronto Blue Jays +1500 (86-76)

The Blue Jays had a stagnant offseason at best, adding Matt Clement and Mike Maroth to a rotation that is in major need of some talent. Although they are decent players, these just aren’t the guys. On top of that, Toronto lost AJ Burnett to the Yankees and he is sure to make them pay for it throughout the season. Other than all-star Alex Rios and the aging Vernon Wells, the batting lineup is pretty average and lacks the power needed to keep pace with the big boys in the division. The bright side is that Toronto has two shut-down relievers in the bullpen with B.J. Ryan and Scott Downs who may be able to close things out if the offense can hold late leads.
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