Patriots Favored To Win Super Bowl 51


Believe it or not, NFL training camps are only 6 weeks away. With OTA activities underway, it is time to start focusing which teams are favored to win the 2017 Super Bowl (Super Bowl 51) in Houston.

The top vegas favorites to win the Super Bowl will not shock anyone, as the Patriots, Seahawks, Steelers, Packers and defending champion Broncos round out the top 5.

Looking at places 6-10, the Cowboys at 18-1 seems a bit crazy considering their Romo can not stay healthy. Moving further down the line, some “joe 6 pack” bettors my be a bit surprised to see the Raiders at 30-1 odds to win the Super Bowl. A solid draft and free agency period, has made the Raiders a very trendy pick to not only make the playoffs, but possibly shake up the AFC contender picture.

(UPDATED 6/7/16)

Odds To Win Super Bowl 51:

Patriots 15/2
Seahawks 9/1
Steelers 10/1
Packers 11/1
Broncos 12/1
Panthers 13/1
Bengals 16/1
Cardinals 18/1
Cowboys 18/1
Vikings 18/1
Colts 20/1
Chiefs 25/1
Raiders 30/1
Ravens 30/1
Giants 32/1
Jets 40/1
Texans 40/1
Bills 45/1
Bears 50/1
Jaguars 50/1
Redskins 50/1
Buccaneers 60/1
Dolphins 60/1
Falcons 60/1
Rams 60/1
Saints 60/1
Eagles 65/1
Lions 70/1
49ers 75/1
Titans 75/1
Chargers 100/1
Browns 200/1



Best NBA Handicappers YTD

The 2015 NBA season has been very profitable for BetVega readers! Many sports bettors jump into the NBA betting fray once football begins to slow down. provides the top NBA Handicappers selections on a daily basis with 100% documented records.

Please see the table below that lists that best NBA handicappers year to date for the 2015 season. These NBA handicappers are the best of best. All picks are tracked and displayed on a daily basis for all to see, no matter if a handicapper goes 5-0 or 0-5.


NBA Leaders
Service Units
Jack Jones +1896.0
Mr. East +1794.0
Alex Smart +1738.0
Info Plays +1727.0
Steve Janus +1652.0
Brandon Lee +1026.0
Rick Doane +973.0
Pure Lock +870.0
Mark Franco +791.0
Red Dog Sports +727.0

NFL Draft Order 2015


The 2015 NFL Draft starts Thursday April 30th and ends Saturday May 2nd.

The NFL draft order for all 7 rounds of the are located below. With the unbelievable success of rookie QB’s last season, make sure to check out the latest odds to win the 2016 Super Bowl before and after the NFL Draft. Vegas may provide us with some hints which teams they think vastly improved their shot at the Lombardi trophy next season.

Round 1
Tampa Bay (2-14)
Tennessee (2-14)
Jacksonville (3-13)
Oakland (3-13)
Washington (4-12)
New York Jets (4-12)
Chicago (5-11)
Atlanta (6-10)
New York Giants (6-10)
St. Louis (6-10)
Minnesota (7-9)
Cleveland (7-9)
New Orleans (7-9)
Miami (8-8)
San Francisco (8-8)
Houston (9-7)
San Diego (9-7)
Kansas City (9-7)
Cleveland – from Buffalo (9-7)
Philadelphia (10-6)
Cincinnati* (10-5-1)
Pittsburgh* (11-5)
Detroit* (11-5)
Arizona* (11-5)
Carolina* (7-8-1)
Baltimore* (10-6)
Dallas* (12-4)
Denver* (12-4)
Indianapolis* (11-5)
Green Bay* (12-4)
New Orleans – from Seattle* (12-4)
New England* (12-4)

Buffalo -> Cleveland: Sammy Watkins
Seattle -> New Orleans: Jimmy Graham

Odds To Win NCAA Tournament 2015: Duke vs. Wisconsin



Duke vs. Wisconsin 2015 NCAA Tournament Odds from BOVADA



College Basketball Picks: Who are the best handicappers?

If I said it once, I have said it one thousand times here at…..why would you ever buy sports picks from a handicapper who is not monitored?

As always, the basketball handicappers on are 100% documented and ranked. You know what you are getting with our sports handicappers, good or bad.

Take a look at out latest set of college basketball handicapper rankings below and go with with the guy who is kicking ass lately. It is just that simple folks!

College Basketball Leaders
Service Units
Teddy Davis +2475.0
Bryan Power +2096.0
Marc Lyle +1972.0
John Martin +1932.0
Jeff Alexander +1607.0
Matt Josephs +1588.0
Kyle Hunter +1477.0
Zack Cimini +1310.0
Matt Fargo +1289.0
Stephen Nover +1098.0

Odds To Lead MLB In Home Runs 2015



Giancarlo Stanton +600
Jose Abreu +800
Edwin Encarnacion +1200
Jose Bautista +1200
Chris Davis +1500
Miguel Cabrera +1500
Mike Trout +1500
Anthony Rizzo +2000
Chris Carter +2000
Paul Goldschmidt +2000
Mark Trumbo +2500
Prince Fielder +2500
George Springer +3000
Josh Donaldson +3000
Troy Tulowitzki +3000
Bryce Harper +4000
Carlos Gonzalez +4000
Adam Jones +5000
Albert Pujols +5000
Jay Bruce +5000
Nelson Cruz +5000
Ryan Braun +5000
Yasiel Puig +5000
Yoenis Cespedes +5000
David Ortiz +6000
Avisail Garcia +7500
Evan Gattis +7500
Evan Longoria +7500
Gregory Polanco +7500
Josh Hamilton +7500
Adam LaRoche +10000
Adrian Gonzalez +10000
Andrew McCutchen +10000
Freddie Freeman +10000
Hanley Ramirez +10000
Joey Votto +10000
Jorge Soler +10000
Justin Upton +10000
Kris Bryant +10000
Lucas Duda +10000
Matt Adams +10000
Matt Kemp +10000
Pablo Sandoval +10000
Steve Pearce +10000
Todd Frazier +10000
Will Myers +10000
Yasmany Tomas +10000
Jason Heyward +20000
Victor Martinez +50000


MLB Over-Under Wins 2015 Have Been Released

It is a great time of the year for baseball bettors as 2015 Vegas MLB futures begin to be released from sportsbooks. The most popular of MLB futures has just been released, MLB Over-Under season win totals.

See the odds below and please make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the post. Be on the look out for our MLB over-under wins prediction pieces next month.

Check out the latest odds to win the 2015 World Series as well.

2015 MLB Season Win Totals:


Arizona Diamondbacks – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 71½ (-115)
Under 71½ (-115)

Atlanta Braves – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 73½ (-115)
Under 73½ (-115)

Baltimore Orioles – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 82½ (-115)
Under 82½ (-115)

Boston Red Sox – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 86½ (-115)
Under 86½ (-115)

Chicago Cubs – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 82½ (-115)
Under 82½ (-115)

Chicago White Sox – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 81½ (-115)
Under 81½ (-115)

Cincinnati Reds – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 77½ (-115)
Under 77½ (-115)

Cleveland Indians – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 83½ (-115)
Under 83½ (-115)

Colorado Rockies – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 71½ (-115)
Under 71½ (-115)

Detroit Tigers – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 84½ (-115)
Under 84½ (-115)

Houston Astros – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 74½ (-115)
Under 74½ (-115)

Kansas City Royals – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 79½ (-115)
Under 79½ (-115)

Los Angeles Angels – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 89½ (-115)
Under 89½ (-115)

Los Angeles Dodgers – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 92½ (-115)
Under 92½ (-115)

Miami Marlins – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 81½ (-115)
Under 81½ (-115)

Milwaukee Brewers – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 78½ (-115)
Under 78½ (-115)

Minnesota Twins – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 70½ (-115)
Under 70½ (-115)

New York Mets – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 81½ (-115)
Under 81½ (-115)

New York Yankees – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 81½ (-115)
Under 81½ (-115)

Oakland Athletics – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 80½ (-115)
Under 80½ (-115)

Philadelphia Phillies – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 68½ (-115)
Under 68½ (-115)

Pittsburgh Pirates – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 83½ (-115)
Under 83½ (-115)

San Diego Padres – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 85½ (-115)
Under 85½ (-115)

San Francisco Giants – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 84½ (-115)
Under 84½ (-115)

Seattle Mariners – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 86½ (-115)
Under 86½ (-115)

St. Louis Cardinals – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 88½ (-115)
Under 88½ (-115)

Tampa Bay Rays – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 78½ (-115)
Under 78½ (-115)

Texas Rangers – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 77½ (-115)
Under 77½ (-115)

Toronto Blue Jays – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 82½ (-115)
Under 82½ (-115)

Washington Nationals – Total Regular Season Wins in 2015
Over 92½ (-115)
Under 92½ (-115)

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2015 Oscar Odds & Predictions



The nominations for the 2015 Academy Awards have been announced and now the release of Oscar betting odds allow fans to cash in on some potential big underdogs Sunday night February 22, 2015.

Personally, I believe one of the best long-shots worth a wager on Oscar night, is Steve Carrell (Foxcatcher) at 25/1 odds to win best actor. Most people are shocked to see Bradley Cooper at 33/1 odds to win for “American Sniper”, but we all know the liberal bias in Hollywood will never let him win. I like Michael Keaton, but my guy tells me that he will not win Sunday night Feb. 22nd.

The Oscars – Best Picture
Boyhood 1/14
The Grand Budapest Hotel 12/1
Birdman 14/1
Selma 18/1
The Imitation Game 20/1
Theory of Everything 25/1
Whiplash 50/1
American Sniper 50/1

The Oscars – Best Director
Richard Linklater – Boyhood 1/14
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu – Birdman 13/2
Bennett Miller – Foxcatcher 25/1
Morten Tyldum – The Imitation Game 25/1
Wes Anderson – The Grand Budapest Hotel 25/1

The Oscars – Best Actor
Michael Keaton – Birdman 4/5
Eddie Redmayne – The Theory of Everything 1/1
Benedict Cumberbatch – The Imitation Game 12/1
Steve Carrell – Foxcatcher 25/1
Bradley Cooper – American Sniper 33/1

The Oscars – Best Actress
Julianne Moore – Still Alice 1/20
Reese Witherspoon – Wild 10/1
Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl 20/1
Felicity Jones – The Theory of Everything20/1
Marion Cotillard – Two Days One Night 33/1

The Oscars – Best Supporting Actor
JK Simmons – Whiplash 1/18
Edward Norton – Birdman 9/1
Mark Ruffalo – Foxcatcher 12/1
Ethan Hawke – Boyhood 20/1
Robert Duvall – The Judge 33/1

The Oscars – Best Supporting Actress
Patricia Arquette – Boyhood 1/25
Emma Stone – Birdman 12/1
Keira Knightley – The Imitation Game 20/1
Laura Dern – Wild 20/1
Meryl Streep – Into the Woods 25/1


Katy Perry Super Bowl Prop Bets


Katy Perry will be the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime entertainment when the Patriots and Seahawks meet up Feb. 1st for Super Bowl 49. As usual, some of the most entertaining Super Bowl Prop Bets will focus on the halftime show. One thing is for sure, when it comes to Katy Perry, no one will be thinking about “deflation” or “shrinkage”. is essentially giving away money if you don’t mind laying -700 on Super Bowl Sunday.

Will Katy Perry be showing cleavage during the halftime show:

Yes -700

No +450

katy-perry-super-bowl-props-2015Will Katy Perry Kiss a Girl On-Stage?

Yes, Kisses a Girl +550

No Girl is Kissed -1200

katy-perry-prop-betsWhat color will Katy Perry’s hair be when she begins the Halftime show?
Pink/Red 3/1
Blue/Green 3/1
Black/Brown 2/1
Purple 5/1
Blonde 4/1

katy-perry-nippleWhich song will Katy Perry perform first at Halftime?
Firework 3/2
Roar 3/2
This Is How We Do 5/1
Dark Horse 12/1
E.T. 12/1
Wide Awake 12/1
Waking Up In Vegas 20/1
Last Friday Night 14/1

katy-Perry-hot-cleavage-photoWhat will Katy Perry be wearing when she begins the Halftime show?
Pants (below knees) 2/1
Shorts (above knees) 2/1
Skirt or Dress 4/5

How many times will Katy Perry be mentioned in the 1st Half?
From kick off until final whistle of 1st Half. Live pictures only, any taped pictures or past video does not count towards wager. Half time does not count towards wager. Must clearly say Katy Perry.

Over/Under 2 Mentions

katy-perry-bikiniOdds on Katy Perry wearing a whipped cream bikini: 18/1

Odds on a halftime show wardrobe malfunction:


Super Bowl Betting History




Patrtiots vs. Seahawks Expert Picks: CLICK HERE

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Big Super Bowl Upsets

There have been some significant Super Bowl upsets over the years. The biggest was in Super Bowl III when the AFL’s New York Jets stunned the NFL’s Baltimore Colts as an 18-point underdog. The AFL struck again in the following year when the Kansas City Chiefs took down the Minnesota Vikings as a 12-point underdog. It would take nearly three decades before another major upset would occur. In 1997, the Denver Broncos knocked off the Green Bay Packers as an 11-point underdog.

Underdogs have been on quite a run in recent Super Bowl match-ups. Dogs have covered the point-spread in five of the last six Super Bowls, winning 4 of 6 outright. The Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints, and New York Giants have pulled off straight-up Super Bowl upsets.

Evolution of the Super Bowl

The first Super Bowl in 1967 wasn’t even a sellout at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles. However, it didn’t take long for the game to become a signature sporting event. The upset in Super Bowl III and the AFL/NFL merger made the Super Bowl a must-see game entering the seventies. In turn, wagering on the game also progressed. One of the most notable Super Bowls in terms of betting was in Super Bowl XIII. The odds on the game between the favored Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys fluctuated between three and five points. Pittsburgh’s 35-31 victory proved to be a disaster for bookmakers as a dreaded middle. Many bettors were able to win on the Steelers at -3 to -3.5 points while Dallas backers were able to get the Cowboys at +4.5 to +5 points at certain times as well. In 1985, prop bets began to become a big part of Super Bowl betting. A prop bet on whether or not William “the Refrigerator” Perry would score a touchdown for the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX was a big hit with bettors. It was during this time that another trend was developing that was a problem for bookmakers.

For 13 straight years form 1984-96, the NFC won every Super Bowl. During this stretch, the NFC went 10-2-1 against the spread. Since that run has ended, the Super Bowl has become a mega-event in Las Vegas. There are hundreds of prop bets available on the game for novice and professional bettors to choose from. As a new decade begins, the Super Bowl will continue its growth.

See our expert Super Bowl Picks, along with updated 2015 Super Bowl Odds.