Bet on how many games Barry Zito will lose

Which MLB Pitcher will lose the most games?

Is Barry Zito holding up how many games he think he will lose by the end of June? At the pace he is going early in the 2008 MLB season, he may be the first 30 game loser in baseball history. A record of 0-6 with an ERA of 7.53 has people calling the 2006 signing of Zito by the SF Giants, the worst free agent ever!


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Some of MLB’s best pitchers have been struggling mightily so far this season and instead of fans and experts wondering who will win the Cy Young awards this year, most are speculating as to which pitcher will lose the most games.

Big names like Zito, Sabbathia, and Mussina have been more than letting their teams down, they’ve been downright awful.  This being the case, the largest, most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odd son which pitcher will lose the most games in MLB this year.
Oddsmakers at posted the following odds on the MLB’s most losingest pitcher:

Player to lose most games in 08 season:

Barry Zito     10/1

Chad Billingsley  15/1

Joe Blanton  12/1

Boof Bonser   14/1

Matt Chico   8/1

Jason Jennings  9/1

Bronson Arroyo  15/1

Dave Bush  20/1

Kevin Correia  10/1

Tom Gorzelanny  15/1

Ted Lilly  15/1

Francisco Liriano  25/1

Gil Meche  25/1

Matt Morris  12/1

Brett Tomko  8/1

C.C Sabathia  18/1

Steve Trachsel  16/1

Justin Verlander  45/1

Jared Washburn  15/1

Odalis Perez  14/1

Mike Mussina   25/1

Kerry Wood    45/1

Most Losses by any one pitcher this season will be:

15 or Under Losses  5/2

16 Losses 6/1

17 Losses 4/1

18 Losses  3/1

19 Or More Losses   2/1

Barry Zito Total Losses during 08 Season:

Over 15.5 6/5

Under 15.5 6/5

C.C. Sabathia Total Losses during 08 Season:

Over 11.5 6/5

Under 11.5 6/5
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