Obviously the popularity of Charissa Thompson has gone through the roof with her new gig co-hosting SPORTSNATION with Colin Cowherd. Never failing to miss out on some easy page-views, we dug up some great bikini pics of Charissa with the original ESPN hottie Erin Andrews.

The pic we are referencing in the title of this post is the last pic in the first row. Click the image of Charissa and you will quickly see that not much is left to the imagination in the va-jay-jay area.

Fortunately for us, Charissa provides plenty of “material” for her fans via Twitter –

Unfortunately, FOX does not have the Super Bowl this season, so we will not see much of Charissa after the NFC Championship game.






Charissa Thompson Instagram Bikini Photos

Call it wishful thinking, but I believe the Charissa & Jay Williams show may be over. Charissa has been tweeting some “moving on” kind of shit lately, but the clear evidence just hit her Instagram account. Girls love to pull this shit….post all kinds of insanely sexy pics, letting the guy know what they lost. Jay’s loss is our gain!