College Football Lines



It doesn’t matter whether the game that catches your eye is the one featuring Alabama and LSU or Florida International and Florida Atlantic. The college football lines for every game can be the one that really makes your bankroll boom, and we’re going to talk about it all today at BetVega.

There are two main ways in which you can bet the college football lines, and that’s to bet a side, also known as a point spread, or a ‘total’.

When you bet on a point spread, you have to consider a whole heck of a lot of things.

We’ll start with home field advantage. Typically speaking, home field advantage is worth three points when you talk about football, so if you’ve got two teams which are exactly the same, the team that is home should be favored by a field goal. It is generally accepted that teams should be getting a little bit more respect than that. An average of around 3.5 points is considered acceptable. However, there are some stadiums that are just flat out harder to play in than others. SEC games generally feature bigger stadiums, thus more people in the stands and a much harder environment to play in.

The really tough games to try to handicap on the college football lines are the ones which are outside of conference play. The good news? If you can figure out what you’re doing, you might have a leg up on the oddsmakers. The bad news? It’s really hard to compare teams, especially when you’re talking about the huge mismatches that are out there in non-conference play at times. Should Alabama be favored by 35 or 45 against Florida International? On one glance, you’d think that there isn’t a number that the Crimson Tide couldn’t cover, but quite often, there’s a big difference between 35 and 45 on the college football lines.

That’s why you see a heck of a lot 45-7 games that don’t ultimately end in a cover for the favored team, especially when those favorites are amongst the Top 10 or so ranked teams in the America.

You also have to remember that because games are higher scoring in college football than they are in the NFL that the value of some of these points isn’t what they are at the next level. For example, the key number of ‘3’ or ‘7’ on the NFL lines are still key, but they aren’t nearly as crucial in the college game.

That’s why some bettors prefer playing the college football lines with ‘totals’. ‘Totals’ are a lot more straightforward, and you don’t have the issue of trying to figure out what home field advantage is really worth or anything like that. You only need to determine whether the two teams on the field are going to score more points than what the oddsmakers think or not. Points are a lot easier to come by in college, and with the way that the clock stops with first downs and offenses run a lot more fancy schemes than they do in the NFL, but the oddsmakers have adjusted. It’s rare that you’ll see a ‘total’ any lower than around 45 or so, and it’s not all that unusual to see numbers to beat in the mid- to high-70s either on the college football lines.