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College Football Betting Picks from top college football expert handicappers from Las Vegas and around the internet are listed below. Also see the latest odds to win the 2016 National Title along with with our latest College Football Betting articles.

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Making college football picks is one of the tougher tasks in all of sports betting, but here at BetVega, we have everything that you need to help you be a winner.

Perhaps the easiest, most mindless way to be a winner year in and year out is to follow some of our expert handicappers with their college football picks. We have some of the best handicappers in the world on our site, including Jimmy Boyd, Ray Monohan, Trev Rogers, Ben Burns, and Steve Merril. These men and so many others offer up guaranteed college football picks on a weekly basis, so even if they end up losing, you get your money back. However, all of our handicappers are proven winners with their college football picks over time, so the longer you stick with them all, the more money you’re going to ultimately rake in from your sportsbook with your college football picks.

There are also different ways to make college football gambling picks, too. The most traditional way to make them is by betting on the point spreads for various college games. Whether you prefer betting favorites or underdogs, any time you place that bet, you’ve made a college football pick.

The way to figure out whether you’ve won your college football ATS picks is relatively simple. We’ll say that Alabama is favored by 7.5 points on the college football lines over LSU. The Crimson Tide will have to win by more than eight points in order to cover the spread and make you a winner. The Bayou Bengals could win the game or lose by seven points or fewer in order to cover.

Alternatively, you can place a bet on the moneyline to make your college football picks. You’re going to have to manage your money for these bets for sure, especially if you’re betting favorites. It might cost you as much as $300 to win $100 on the Crimson Tide in the example that we had before, though on the contrary, a $100 bet on LSU could yield a profit of $250 or so if the team wins the game outright.

Finally, at least from a betting perspective, you can also make your college football picks on ‘totals’. Simply put, if you predict that a game will go ‘over’, you just need to hope that the two teams combine for more points than the oddsmakers suggest. Looking for an ‘under’? Those teams need to fail to hit the number posted on the betting lines for you to be a winner.

The definition could also be a bit loose for college football betting picks, too. A lot of offices across the country have pools where you have to pick either straight up winners in some of the big games of the week or picks against the spread, and when you fill out one of those sheets, you’re making college football picks. If you play daily fantasy sports, you can also make college football picks based on your lineup as well from your quarterback all the way down to your receivers and tight end.

However, our definition of NCAA football picks is the one that can clearly make you the most coin, so win with us at BetVega!