Daily Fantasy NBA Picks: Starting 5 For Monday Nov. 19th

Darren Collison PG Dallas Mavericks – I’m willing to do now what I should have done in his last start and that was, to start him. About a week ago I saw Darren’s progress and knew it would just be a matter of time before he would get into his rhythm. I think I was right. He’s coming off a 14 point performance against the Cavaliers on Saturday and for good measure he threw in 8 assists, 2 rebounds and 1 steal.
Has he turned the corner? I think he has, Darren plays with a ton of heart and when he gets into his groove he’s a force to be reckoned with. After a lull in his assists average, he has once again picked up the tempo as he did in the first week of the season. Look for a break-out night from Collison with ample fantasy points to boot.

Projection: 16 pts / 10 ast / 3 reb / 2 stl

Site Salary Salary Rank % of Top Value Rating
FanDuel FanDuel $6,100.00 78 71.76% +63.86%
DraftStreet DraftStreet $11,023.00 108 53.12% -83.52%
DraftDay DraftDay $10,750.00 19 66.56% -184.15%
FantasyFeud FantasyFeud $120,271.00 57 67.69% -115.35%


O.J. Mayo SG Dallas Mavericks – The gravy train that is O.J. Mayo seems as if it’s on a non-stop cross-country run. Mayo just doesn’t disappoint, period. I have literally played him at every opportunity (which means basically that he has to start) and let me remind you that this is no homer play. There is no such thing in my world. Only who will or will not perform to the best of their ability each and every night. That’s the definition of Mayo (that of course and a sandwich spread, unless you’re the type who is into Miracle Whip) he strives each night to outperform his last. Dirk going down just emphasized what he brings to the hardwood. Listen, when you’re nailing a little over 60% on your treys and averaging close to 22 points a game then you are playing for real. O.J. will surpass the 20 point mark tonight when he faces the Golden State Warriors which will see Mayo open all night. Take advantage of O.J’s salary price which is still relatively low on most sites.

Projection: 20 pts / 4 ast / 5 reb / 1 blk / 1 stl

Site Salary Salary Rank % of Top Value Rating
FanDuel FanDuel $6,900.00 57 78.41% -18.55%
DraftStreet DraftStreet $12,149.00 77 58.54% +5.2%
DraftDay DraftDay $12,200.00 22 76.01% -138.45%
FantasyFeud FantasyFeud $126,362.00 53 71.12% -18.72%


Chandler Parsons SF Houston Rockets – The one thing that you can count on when starting Parsons in your line-up is that he will perform up to his salary and at times, more so. He has only two double-doubles in ten starts and he’s due for another one. He has been logging in big minutes as of late and has been taking advantage of that in the fantasy realm. Chandler is one of those players who , when given the time on the floor can perform to their peak level. With the time that he’s getting I see a double-double in Parsons near future. Uh, let’s say tonight. Near enough?

Projection: 23 pts / 4 ast / 11 reb / 2 stl

Site Salary Salary Rank % of Top Value Rating
FanDuel FanDuel $6,400.00 44 64.65% +9.19%
DraftStreet DraftStreet $10,299.00 56 47.97% +175.89%
DraftDay DraftDay $10,600.00 240 55.94% +71.64%
FantasyFeud FantasyFeud $105,752.00 41 51.78% +156.01%


Byron Mullens PF Charlotte Bobcats – I tend to look at game performances from certain players (as far as fantasy points are concerned) in sets of three, rarely do players not have a drop-off after the third game, especially being on the road and flying back and forth across the country. Mullens is in that exact fantasy spot with tonight’s game versus the Milwaukee Bucks as he is coming off two great fantasy production nights (keep in mind, for his price in salary he has not failed) and see him coming up with his third in this match-up as he’ll go for the juggler and grab a double-double, ‘beast-mode’ style.

Projection: 17 pts / 3 ast / 13 reb / 1 blk / 1 stl

Site Salary Salary Rank % of Top Value Rating
FanDuel FanDuel $6,400.00 35 67.37% +205.11%
DraftStreet DraftStreet $11,236.00 54 55.40% +269.77%
DraftDay DraftDay $10,500.00 135 71.19% +137.22%
FantasyFeud FantasyFeud $99,478.00 32 99.12% +1613.46%


Chris Kaman C Dallas Mavericks – I’m going with Kaman tonight as I’m continuing to see a trend growing. When Kaman can get the time on the court he can do some damage to the other team , fantasy style. As of late he is averaging 27 minutes per game, which gradually has been on the rise. Chris has only topped the 20 point mark twice and I think that Kaman matches up well in this game to grab his third 20 point game. I’ll tell you what , I’ll go one better by putting Chris into the same category as Parsons & Mullens above by saying he too, will get his first double-double of the season tonight and make it look easy doing it as well.

Projection: 18 pts / 3 ast / 11 reb / 3 blk / 1 stl

Site Salary Salary Rank % of Top Value Rating
FanDuel FanDuel $6,200.00 17 65.26% -76.76%
DraftStreet DraftStreet $11,971.00 24 100% +1288.32%
DraftDay DraftDay $10,700.00 135 100% +1804.81%
FantasyFeud FantasyFeud $128,698.00 7 75.82% +160.65%