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Draft Kings Fantasy Basketball Advice: Nov. 27th

Sometimes when there is a full slate of games in the NBA, I’m loving it. Other times there could only be a few going off (like today) and that actually works for me too. It’s good at times to only have to cap a handful of games. Less players to filter out. Well, we have 5 decent games to invest our money into so let’s begin this by getting right to the plays.

Luke Ridnour PG Minnesota Timberwolves ($5500 Salary at DraftKings) – I’m personally looking for this kid to turn it around. After cruising through this early part of the season Luke seems to be in a slight shooting slump of sorts. Granted, he has been touch and go with his minutes in the past but with the injury bug floating around this Timberwolve team it’s on Luke to make the best out of his extended playing time. He’s coming into this game matched up well against Aaron Brooks and should get back on track with a above-average fantasy production night. If you need to get out of your funk, there’s no better team to do it against than the Kings. His price alone makes him that much more tempting to start.

Projection: 15 pts / 6 ast / 7 reb / 1 blk / 1 stl

O.J. Mayo SG Dallas Mavericks ($5700 Salary at DraftKings) – Here’s another candidate for a bounce-back game. After only scoring 13 points on Saturday versus the Lakers I’m looking forward to starting O.J. after anything less than an average performance. If you watch him you know that’s just how he rolls. Very seldom does he (if ever) has consecutive bad starts, at least I can’t remember off hand right now. I’ll grab Mayo tonight at a very reasonable (even if he averages out) price and I believe tonight he over-produces in fantasy points making up for that last debacle.

Projection: 26 pts / 5 ast / 5 reb / 1 blk / 2 stl

Metta World Peace SF Los Angeles Lakers ($4500 Salary at DraftKings) – Here I present to you the best bang for your buck right now on any site. Are you kidding me? Artest. Sorry about that. World Peace is logging in huge minutes lately and given the fact that his pricetag is way down then it’s time to grab him. Metta is logging in an average of 35 minutes per start which has been the main reason in the spike of his fantasy production. I am calling it right here, right now. Metta acheives two things tonight that he has yet to do all season. The first being to get double-digits in rebounds. That will happen tonight. The other being, that since he’ll get his double-digits in rebounds,, tht means that he’ll also get his first double-double of the season. It will happen tonight and as I stated earlier, World Peace is well worth his price, I’d even say close to a steal considering his price.

Projection: 18 pts / 3 ast / 11 reb / 1 blk / 2 stl

Tristan Thompson PF Cleveland Cavaliers ($5700 Salary at DraftKings) – Usually anyone that you take who is going up against Phoenix is a good play. Starting Thompson however makes it more of a great play, as a matter of fact Thompson should surpass any number that he’s topped to date. I’m willing to say (considering that Thompson is matched-up with Morris tonight) that Tristan will have his best game to date. The most points in a game that he has scored has been 14, he’ll beat that tonight. As far as rebounds, the most he has registered in onne game this year has been13, he’ll beat that as well. Look for a ‘beast-mode’ type of performance from Thompson tonight.

Projection: 17 pts / 2 ast / 15 reb / 1 blk / 1 stl

Omer Asik C Houston Rockets ($6300 Salary at DraftKings) – What’s not to like here? When you get Omer you’re getting a variety of weapons at your disposal. I mean even head coach Kelvin Sampson called Asik the best defensive center in the league. Sampson might not be that far off. The boards and the blocks that you get when setting him into your line-up will always pay off in leaps and bounds. He’ll go up against Toronto tonight in what should be a great stat line posted up by Omer, he’ll be pulling them down and swatting them away all night long. Matter of fact Omer should put up not only a good but Asik stat line tonight. (Sorry, couldn’t help it)

Projection: 17 pts / 2 ast / 13 reb / 3 blk / 2 stl

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