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DraftKings Fantasy NBA Lineup Advice Nov. 24-25th

Now that the weekend is here, that can only mean one thing. The NBA Weekend Edition! We’ve digested most of that truckload that was our Thanksgiving dinner and we’re now ready to move on to more NBA. Let’s get right to the weekend plays.


Luke Ridnour PG Minnesota Timberwolves ($5700 Salary at DraftKings) – If you are in need of a reliable PG this weekend, then set your sites on Ridnour. Most would think that once Love came back that would reduce Luke’s playing time. No, on the contrary I’ll be looking for Ridnour’s assist average to surge along with his steals and 3-pointers. Ridnour’s salary is on the low side which gives us an upside of value. Luke is good for double-digit scoring on any given night. Perhaps tonight will be one of those ‘given nights’.

Projection: 15 pts / 8 ast / 4 reb / 3 stl

Ty Lawson PG Denver Nuggets (TBA Salary at DraftKings) – Lawson goes up against New Orleans on Sunday and Ty couldn’t be happier. In his most recent history (last 4 games) versus the Hornets, Ty is averaging 15 points per game and I see no reason to think that anything will change in this match-up. For those of you who aren’t aware, Lawson is coming off two great and identical performances. In his last two starts, Ty has posted up 18 points, 9 assists and 2 rebounds. Lawson will have the best offensive game of the year Sunday night as I’m looking for him to post up a terrific stat line. One more item to note, Lawson averages 38.5 minutes per start against New Orleans. That’s alot of time to do alot of damage.

Projection: 18 pts / 11 ast / 4 reb / 3 stl

O.J. Mayo SG Dallas Mavericks ($6000 Salary at DraftKings) – Mayo has been on a min-tear as of late and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more reliable SG on today’s card. In O.J.’s last few starts he has played way beyond the realms of the norm. His salary is nothing compared with what this guy gives you each and every night. It’s amazing to see what other players have to offer once one of their big men go down. That’s just what we’ve seen with Mayo. He has picked up his game as of late (when does he not?) which has come at the right time, given the fact that he’ll take on the Lakers today. O.J. will not be moved. In O.J.’s last two games he has produced 27 points and I’ll be looking for him to break the 30-point mark here today. Mayo is on a roll and will not be denied in this match-up. Lakers thought: Hold the Mayo. My thought: Not likely.

Projection: 30 pts / 3 assists / 3 rebounds / 1 blk / 2 stl

Arron Afflalo SG Orlando Magic (TBA Salary at DraftKings) – I’m still waiting for Afflalo to get better acquainted with the Magic’s system. Once he does the assists will rise like nobody’s business. He has been coming along fine though, last night is a prime example. Arron posted up 19 points in the win against the Cavs. I’m sticking with him for at least the next few games. He is logging in sick minutes, on any night he could be in for 35 plus only to give opportunity for more production, fantasy style.

Projection: 18 pts / 2 ast / 7 reb / 1 stl

Alonzo Gee SF Cleveland Cavaliers ($5200 Salary at DraftKings) – Gee has turned the proverbial corner concerning his production as of late. He is logging in great playing time (averaging 33 minutes per start) but what I’m liking is what he’s doing with that extended playing time. In Gees last 4 games he’s averaging close to 15 points a game and I see another 15-point (if not more) performance from Alonzo in this match-up. Alonzo gets his shot at facing the Miami LeBron’s in which he averages 11 points per start in his last 3 games against them. Alonzo will surpass that average very comfortably today. Gee whiz.

Projection: 17 pts / 2 ast / 7 reb / 2 blk / 2 stl

Corey Brewer SF Denver Nuggets (TBA Salary at DraftKings) – I’ve always wanted to see what Brewer could do if allotted the time to play a whole game. When he is on when shooting treys, this kid is dangerous. Very dangerous. However, we can’t always get what we want (i.e. 38-plus minutes) but for his price, by taking him it would then allow you to invest that extra cap cash into the stud of your choice. He’ll get you twice his salary value in point production. Low price, high value, start him.

Projection: 12 pts / 2 ast / 4 reb / 1 blk / 1 stl

Ryan Anderson PF New Orleans Hornets (TBA Salary at DraftKings) – I used Anderson in one of my leagues last night and mam, oh man did that move ever pay off. Anderson went ballistic last night and ends the night with 34 points, 1 assist, 11 rebounds, 1 block and 2 steals. C’mon. He’s facing the Denver Nuggets and that’s one team that Ryan has got to be looking to play. In his most recent games over the last 2 years Anderson is averaging 22 points per game. Averaging, that is. With Ryan right now playing ‘well-above’ average it is not only smart to start here him but a crime not to.

Projection: 22 pts / 2 ast / 12 reb / 2 blk / 1 stl

Serge Ibaka PF Oklahoma City Thunder ($6300 Salary at DraftKings) – Wow, here’s someone you never see in this column. Like I mentioned two weeks ago, Serge is on here so much that he’ll have to start paying Mike for rent. He’ll be on here until he ceases to bring in high-value production for a very under-valued price. Ibaka is getting huge playing time and bringing in huge numbers to boot. He’ll go for his third double-double in a row tonight and I’m very confident in the fact that he’ll get it. Easily.

Projection: 17 pts / 1 ast / 12 reb / 3 blk / 1 stl

Marcin Gortat C Phoenix Suns – I had Marcin right here as a huge value play for Friday night. I’m not happy to say the least, hands-down his worst performance to date. If there were ever a guy in the league to get redemption after a poor performance on his next playing night, it’s Gortat. Start him with the utmost confidence, he won’t screw me over twice or you for that matter.

Projection: 20 pts / 1 ast / 7 reb / 1 blk / 2 stl

Anderson Varejao C Cleveland Cavaliers (TBA Salary at DraftKings) – Do yourself a huge favor and start him. He is tearing it up right now and is riding a 3 game double-double. That actually is no stranger to Anderson, he has started 12 games and registered 7 double-doubles. Right now though he seems to be a man possessed and we need to take advantage of that and we will. Most definitely. Start Anderson tonight, he will get his fourth double-double in a row. Look for a huge and I mean huge production night from Varejao tonight. You’re paying in peanuts for the value you get from him, period.

Projection: 22 pts / 3 ast / 19 reb / 2 blk / 1 stl

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