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DraftKings Fantasy NBA Picks For November 21

Today the NBA has thrown you an appetizer prior to the big day tomorrow. A huge card of 14 games to go off this evening and make it a point to grab as much NBA as you can because tomorrow you’ll only be able to count on 3 things. The Macy’s Day Parade, turkey and football. Enjoy the games tonight and I’ll be back on Friday to attack the NBA card with some great value plays. Until then have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and drive safely.

Tony Parker PG San Antonio Spurs ($6100 Salary at DraftKings) – Yes, it definitely looks like Parker has turned that proverbial corner. He is still extremely low priced to say the least on almost all of the sites while his production slowly climbs. Trust me, that flu-bug he’s getting over is not an easy thing. He’s feeling his way back and you can see him finding his groove once again. Tonight the Spurs travel to take on the Celtics, a big game. Parker always gets up for the big games and if he and Duncan are on and that’s how I see it, then it is more than possible that Tony goes over the 20 point mark in this one as he’ll see maximum minutes and then some. Parker goes off as the most valued at the PG position tonight.

Projection: 21 pts / 8 ast / 4 reb / 1 blk / 2 stl

Austin Rivers SG New Orleans Hornets ($3200 Salary at DraftKings) – You can search and scan every single board on each and every daily site and you would be hard-pressed to find more value within the SG position than Rivers. He’s been a steal on every site and he almost always doubles his salary in fantasy production each and every night. This kid will only continue to get better with time. At times though he can go through the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde motions as well. Once Rivers becomes more consistent at his control and shooting he’ll be dangerous. Once again, his price is so low that I’d love to tell you to use him as a filler but the truth is that Rivers price is a gift because he is so much more than a filler. Starting him will leave a huge amount left of cap space to build on a stud or two.

Projection: 20 pts / 4 ast / 5 reb / 1 blk / 1 stl

Tayshaun Prince SF Detroit Pistons ($4400 Salary at DraftKings) – He gets to go up against the Magic who he just faced Friday night. By any slight chance did you see the game? I did. Tayshaun ended the night with 18 points and added in 3 assists, 3 rebounds and 1 steal. Good numbers right? I believe Prince will create better ones here. The Magic played soft against him (hence the massive 18 point production from him) and he’ll only take advantage of that once again during this match-up. Look for Prince to again come up big against Orlando, actually make that bigger than he did two games ago. Twenty points? Yep, why not.

Projections: 20 pts / 5 ast / 6 reb / 1 blk / 1 stl

Patrick Patterson PF Houston Rockets ($3600 Salary at DraftKings) – Here’s a nice secret. As a matter of fact, depending on how much you play, Patrick Patterson could be the best fantasy player that you have never heard of. He was seriously low-priced for quite some time but has risen slightly due to his nightly fantasy point production. He never seems to have a bad offensive (or defensive, for that matter) night. He is reliable enough to use and he’ll always get you twice his point production per his salary. One of the best values on the board today. Patrick is coming off a huge 19 point night in Utah and I’m looking for him to continue that trend tonight in his own house in Houston. Hey, nothing beats home cookin’.

Projection: 21 pts / 1 ast / 6 reb / 2 blk / 1 stl

Anderson Varejao C Cleveland Cavaliers ($6200 Salary at DraftKings) – You would be doing a huge favor for yourself if you were to start Varejao tonight and a major injustice if you didn’t. He is priced at well below stud prices which is actually funny because on most nights he has produced stud numbers. He seems to leap frog his performances great…good…great…good. I mean, for the love of God, he put up 35 points against the Nets last Tuesday. Hold on, I’m not done. He also had 18 flippin’ rebounds. 18!!! He’ll go up against the 3rd best defense in the league in points allowed but that won’t move Anderson. He bulls down the court and when his shots are clicking he can be a massive plus to your line-up. The one thing that I would honestly point out is this. You will always get a good night from Varejao. The surprise is how many points? 15, 20 or maybe even 35. He’s fun to watch (as long as you have him and not your opponent, that is) and as long as he stays out of foul trouble he’ll get his 35 -37 minutes on the floor.

Projection: 21 pts / 4 ast / 14 reb / 1 blk / 2 stl

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