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DraftKings NBA Picks: $5,000 Contest Wednesday Night!

draftkings-NBA-strategyWith the full card that is going on tonight in the NBA (10 games) there is always that slight chance that I could have overlooked a value player or two. Not the case here, I’ve looked and checked. Then checked again. I’m very confident that the plays here will get you to place and cash in on any daily fantasy contest of your choice tonight.

Please as always, be sure to check all players status prior to tip-off, last thing you want tonight is a donut or bagel. Here are your Wednesday value-plays.

Darren Collison PG Dallas Mavericks (Pick For Your Winning Roster on DraftKings) – Collison is coming right off of the second best fantasy production night of the season. It’s no bull when I tell you that Darren hasn’t just been lucky, no. Darren is for real and getting better at it with every start. Collison posted up 23 points in Monday night’s win over the Timberwolves as he flirted yet again with another double-double. No, this isn’t a stroke of luck or a hot streak. This is Collison, at least for now and now is when we need him.

Darren tonight faces-up against the Houston Rockets and in the last game between these two Collison put up 25 fantasy points although this time around I’m expecting at the least 10 more points here considering that since the last game Darren’s minutes and overall production has risen.

–> Projection: 19 pts / 6 ast / 6 reb / 2 stl

Bradley Beal SG Washington Wizards (Pick For Your Winning Roster on DraftKings) – I never thought I’d say this but I can’t believe that Bradley Beal is the leading scorer for the Wizards. Straight out of the archives of ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’. It is true and kudos to him, hey if a guy is getting a job done when the others around him aren’t then there’s something to be said about that guy. If you have any doubts about starting Beal tonight, don’t.

Bradley will almost guarantee to deliver between 26-32 fantasy points each night and tonight is no exception. His price is down. Why? I have no idea but I do know that I’ll be taking advantage of it. His average production pays off his salary, he’ll get a little more than average here.

–> Projection: 20 pts / 4 ast / 6 reb / 2 stl



Rudy Gay SF Memphis Grizzlies (Pick For Your Winning Roster on DraftKings) – Not much to say here other than Rudy kills the Spurs, whether home or on the road Rudy kills the Spurs. His past success against San Antonio is the stuff that legends are made of (that and really cheesy made-for-TV movies) and he’s already done it twice against them this season and tonight he’ll do it again. In the two meetings already this year Rudy has averaged 19 points, 2 assists, 8 rebounds, 0.5 block and 1 steal. That’s not a bad 32 fantasy point ‘average’. You gotta be kidding me, start him already, same Gay, same Spurs, same outcome. Note: Playing Gay is extremely safe tonight due to the fact that Popovich will likely sit all of his starters in the second quarter. I’m sorry that was an exaggeration, I meant to say the first quarter.

–> Projection: 21 pts / 3 ast / 9 reb / 1 blk / 2 stl

Tristan Thompson PF Cleveland Cavaliers (Pick For Your Winning Roster on DraftKings) – Thompson has become a fantasy production machine. On Monday night Tristan collected a double-double scoring 17 points, 4 assists and 15 rebounds while logging in 38 minutes on the floor. Tristan now has 10 double-doubles in his last 14 starts and guess what? He’s starting tonight. His price is , well, low and you’re just getting so much with this kid. Listen, Varejao going down was a bad thing for him but a great thing for Thompson, as he has been able to really showcase his talents. Start him in everything that you may have going on and if you can’t get him into your line-ups, then try again.

–> Projection: 16 pts / 4 ast / 13 reb / 1 stl
Roy Hibbert C Indiana Pacers (Pick For Your Winning Roster on DraftKings) – Okay, to make it short here’s what happened. Hibbert (and I wish more coaches in all the four major sports groups would do this) was playing like crap a few nights ago and was benched in the fourth quarter and it wasn’t Roy’s back spasms for the benching it was that Mahinmi was playing a heluva lot better, all around. However, what I expected to happen happened. Ninety-nine times out of one hundred anytime a player is publicly chastised in one form or another (I’d hate to think of what that one would be) the player (if he owns testicles) comes back with a huge game. Case in point, Roy.

He skunked out on Sunday night with the “back spasms” and then what happens in the next game after being publicly dogged ? 34 flippin’ fantasy points, that’s what. Never fails. Always and I mean always take players in their next game after they are recovering from a cold, the flu, whooping cough or leprosy. Trust me, they ‘beast it’ that next game. I have no clue why, submit that one with the X-Files.

Start Roy, I know I will because that kick-in-the-ass jumpstart got him moving again. His value and upside well exceed his price tag. Roy can also have a field day with blocks as well, he’s good in this game for at least 5.

–> Projection: 13 pts / 1 ast / 8 reb / 1 stl / 5 blk


– Dirk Nowitzki PF Dallas Mavericks
Projection: 26 pts / 4 ast / 7 reb / 1 blk / 1 stl

– Joakim Noah C Chicago Bulls
Projection: 16 pts / 1 ast / 17 reb / 3 blk / 1 stl

– Ty Lawson PG Denver Nuggets
Projection: 18 pts / 9 ast / 4 reb / 2 stl

– Alonzo Gee SF Cleveland Cavaliers
Projection: 21 pts / 5 ast / 4 reb / 1 blk / 2 stl

– O.J. Mayo SG Dallas Mavericks
Projection: 29 pts / 7 ast / 9 reb / 2 stl

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