DraftStreet NBA Tips & Value Picks for Monday 1/7/13

draftstreet-NBA-tipsIn what looks to be a very offensive minded evening, the NBA unleashes 7 great match-ups tonight on the start of a new week. Also, given the fact that there’s no more Monday Night Football, all eyes will be on the NBA tonight. The value market is somewhat limited tonight but I’m very sure I’ve picked the cream of the crop for you and you’ll have no problem cashing in this evening. Let’s get to ’em.

Greivis Vasquez PG New Orleans Hornets (Add To Your DraftStreet Lineup Tonight) – Vasquez has become the proverbial ‘force to be reckoned with’, it’s very apparent that this guy has something special and that ‘something’ is what will help carry us to the cashiers window. As hot as hot can be Vasquez is coming off of the overtime win against the Mavericks in which he scored 25 points (11-19 FG, 3-6 3Pt, 0-2 FT) and added 7 rebounds, 9 assists and 1 steal. Greivis has also been hovering around the triple-double mark as of late. Just a matter of time before it happens. It could happen tonight and why not? Vasquez is now averaging 18.6 points, 6.4 rebounds and 11.0 assists in his last five games. Greivis takes on the Spurs (again) tonight and he’ll look to repeat his previous numbers against them which in fact are solid. His average in the two meetings this year is now 11 points, 8.5 assists and 4.5 rebounds. No reason not to start Vasquez here as he’ll get a slight increase on his Spurs average.

–> Projection: 18 pts / 6 ast / 12 reb / 1 stl

Francisco Garcia SG Sacramento Kings (Add To Your DraftStreet Lineup Tonight) – I’ve got to be honest, I’m not that crazy over the SG selections today. Very short on value but I think I have someone who , (and I hate using this phrase) is due. Garcia was on quite of a mini-tear there for a while as he was getting decent floor time but has come up short in his last few starts. I see that trend changing tonight. Garcia is logging in decent minutes per night yet hasn’t had a double-digit scoring night in three games. Look for Garcia to turn it around here and get back on track. Look, you really can’t go wrong with starting him. Garcia is literally all the way down on the price list and since Evans and Thornton have gone down Garcia is still able to live up to his salary and anything over that for us is gravy.

–> Projection: 11 pts / 3 ast / 6 reb / 2 blk / 2 stl

John Salmons SF Sacramento Kings (Add To Your DraftStreet Lineup Tonight) – Here’s another player who has benefited from the Evans / Thornton injuries and there’s a big reason why you should be starting Salmons tonight. Salmons has been playing well over the last few weeks but his days could be numbered. There could be a slight chance that Evans ‘could’ start tonight but that hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. Regardless, being able to start and actually getting out there and producing are two completely different things. I see Salmons starting this evening and logging in his normal 32-plus minutes. Salmons time could very well be limited after this very game so if you’re going to start him then it should be tonight. There is a touch of risk here with this play but the potential for a nice payoff is too good to pass up.

–> Projection: 18 pts / 5 ast / 6 reb / 2 stl

Anthony Davis PF New Orleans Hornets (Add To Your DraftStreet Lineup Tonight) – Look for history to repeat itself when you start Davis tonight. Anthony loves playing the Spurs. No, I mean he really loves playing the Spurs. In the two games this year that he has faced them Davis is averaging 19.5 points, 9 rebounds, 1 block and 1 steal. Nothing to over think here as Davis has their number and the Spurs know it. Although Anthonys last few games have lulled, this start tonight against the Spurs may be just what Davis needs to get back into the saddle. He should have no problem tonight as he’ll have the 63-year old Duncan covering him throughout the night. Expect similar digits tonight from Davis as he’ll take S.A. to the house, again.

–> Projection: 17 pts / 1 ast / 10 reb / 3 blk / 1 stl

J.J. Hickson C Portland Trail Blazers (Add To Your DraftStreet Lineup Tonight) – How good has Hickson been lately? Take out your Webster’s and look up the definition of ‘double-double’. Got it? Okay, you see that picture? That’s a photo of J.J. Hickson. Talk about a guy being on absolute fire? Hickson has just set the longest double-double streak by a Portland player since Kermit Washington in 1980. Not only that but J.J. He now has 19 double-doubles on the season and has passed, get this, the Lakers Dwight Howard for most DD’s in the league. Not too shabby huh? Plus, his price is reasonably low considering the fact that he puts up beast-like numbers for a mid-range price.

–> Projection: 19 pts / 2 ast / 7 reb / 2 blk


– Nikola Vucevic C Orlando Magic Projection: 20 pts / 2 ast / 19 reb / 1 blk / 1 stl

– Jameer Nelson PG Orlando Magic Projection: 26 pts / 4 ast / 8 reb / 1 blk / 1 stl

– Tristan Thompson PF Cleveland Cavaliers Projection: 15 pts / 2 ast / 13 reb / 2 blk / 1 stl

– Alonzo Gee SF Cleveland Cavaliers Projection: 14 pts / 3 ast / 7 reb / 1 blk / 2 stl

– Jason Kidd SG New York Knicks Projection: 14 pts / 6 ast / 7 reb / 1 blk / 1 stl