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Launched in the summer of 2010, DraftStreet.com has brought some unique concepts to the world of fantasy sports. At DraftStreet, players can compete in a variety of sports and leagues over the course of the year. With a number of daily and weekly contests to select from, there are plenty of opportunities to cash in at the site. Recent competition from DraftKings.com has certainly impacted DraftStreet, but overall they are still a top 3 DFS site.

DraftStreet.com Overview

DraftStreet features fantasy leagues for the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. For the various leagues, there are a number of game styles to choose from. There are basic free leagues that can be joined by new fantasy players. After getting a feel for the main aspects of fantasy sports, players can move up to cash leagues. Each day, there are a variety of leagues that vary in duration, size and fees.

DraftStreet enables players to choose teams through a live draft or salary cap. For the main league games, the users can range from 2 to 10. In addition, there are guaranteed prize pool leagues at DraftStreet. In these leagues, hundreds of players can compete. For the various leagues, the entry fees range from $5 to $215.

DraftStreet Daily Fantasy Leagues

There are dozens of Daily Leagues that can be played at DraftStreet. When this option is chosen at the site, there is a list of the games that are about to begin. The menu begins with a game number to designate the various contests. Then, the sport for that particular league is indicated. The next part of the menu indicates the type of draft that will be featured in the game. On the menu screen, there is also a list of the fees for each of the various games. In another column, there will be a listing of how many players have joined the league up to that point. If 4/6 is listed, this means that four players have signed up for a league that can have a maximum of six participants. Then, there is a listing of when the first pro contests will begin for that particular league.

On the menu, there is a running clock next to the start times to indicate when the draft will be closed. Usually, the drafts will close about ten minutes prior to the start of the actual pro games. The final listing in the menu indicates the prize pool that can be won in each particular league. When the Weekly Leagues option is clicked, the same type of menu will be visible to the player.

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Additional Features

To compliment the various fantasy games at DraftStreet, there are some other interesting aspects to the site. There are leaderboards that are listed for each of the four sports to indicate which players are doing the best at DraftStreet. The site also provides some helpful news and injury information on the pro players that could be drafted in 1-day fantasy leagues. There are blogs, chats and instruction videos at the site as well. With plenty of action for fantasy players to enjoy, DraftStreet is certainly worth a look.

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