FanDuel Review

best-fanduel-promo-code-2014 is a relatively new website (formed in 2009) that has allowed fantasy sports players to play their favorite games at a quicker pace than usual. While most fantasy sports leagues are built around play over an entire season, FanDuel allows fans to participate on a daily basis. Players can draft a new team at any time, and pitch it head-to-head against an opponent, or a league of opponents for real money. The player whose team has the most fantasy points after the games have completed wins the cash prize. FanDuel has daily MLB, NBA and NHL games. There are weekly NFL contests.

Daily Real Money Fantasy Sports Leagues!

How to play at FanDuel:

On the site’s home page, the player will choose from an option of tabs to select which sport he wants to play. Once a sport is selected, the player will determine his entry fee level and the number of opponents to compete against. There is even an option that allows the player to compete against just a single opponent. After this has been set, the player will draft his team. This can be done based on a salary cap or by an auto-pick method. Games can be played for as little as $5. Once all of the relevant games in the sports have been completed, players are paid instantly.

MLB Fantasy Games

When the player selects the MLB tab, he will be given two options to select his team. For the salary cap option, the player is shown a list of relevant MLB players that can be drafted for the upcoming day’s action. The list includes the average fantasy points that each player accumulates per game, the number of games played and the fantasy salary for the player. The MLB salary caps are set at $35,000 per team. The fantasy player will field a team of nine MLB players (one for each position) based on his salary cap.

The auto-pick method allows players to field a team without having to worry about salary values. There is a running clock at the top of the page that lets the fantasy player know when the game is going to begin. Deposit Information

FanDuel has a variety of deposit methods available for its customers. The site uses PayPal to conduct transactions. In addition, FanDuel clients can use MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express to make and receive payments. New customers are eligible to receive a 20% bonus to their initial deposit.

A New Approach to Fantasy Sports

The fantasy sports industry has certainly exploded in the last decade. Millions enjoy becoming involved in a variety of fantasy leagues. Still, the concept of a season-long league can have its drawbacks. Many teams in a league will quickly fall out of the running without a real chance to win. Then, there is a time commitment that fantasy players must deal with in seasonal leagues. FanDuel gives fantasy players another option. A player can play every day or at his convenience. FanDuel is a sprint for fantasy players as opposed to the marathons of season-long leagues.


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