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Fantasy NBA Picks: DraftKings November 28th

The NBA is presenting us with 11 games today. One game to keep an eye on will be the scourge of the NBA , the dreaded Washington Wizards. Will the boys from D.C. get their first win tonight while hosting the Trail Blazers? Also, keep an eye out for the Raptor / Grizzlies match-up which should provide a ton of points all evening. Here are your Wednesdays plays.

Brandon Knight PG Detroit Pistons ($5200 Salary at DraftKings) – If you watch as much NBA as I do then you can’t help but agree with the following statement. Play Knight anytime he is starting against the Suns. For whatever reason the Suns either can’t see this kid while he’s on the court or they’re just not interested. I know that they are interested, I also know that Knight isn’t pulling a Claude Rains ‘Invisible Man’ stunt. So what is it then? Pure talent? I’d have to say yes to pure talent although as in every other sport some players just seem to perform better against certain teams. That’s the case here. I’m looking for a much larger stat line posted by Brandon before the Knight is over.

Projection: 24 pts / 6 ast / 7 reb / 1 stl

Gordon Hayward SG Utah Jazz ($5100 Salary at DraftKings) – Hayward is coming off of two really horrific performances ( 4 pt & 8 pt games) and that’s good news. Playing daily fantasy basketball, or should I say winning daily fantasy basketball is all about knowing ‘when’ pertaining to any given player. Just as in daily fantasy baseball, it’s all about match-ups. Well, I see Gordon matched-up well here tonight and I’m looking for him not only to bounce back but to go far beyond his average stat line. Without a problem I might add.

Projection: 18 pts / 5 ast / 4 reb / 2 blk / 2 stl

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist SF Charlotte Bobcats ($5200 Salary at DraftKings) – When starting certain players there are times that you may not beware of certain stats from time to time. One of those things that I’ve noticed is that as good (and I mean good) as Kidd-Gilchrist is and has been playing he has only registered one double-double. One? Looking at his stats one can see that he flirted with it 6 times, so very close on so many occasions. Not here though.. He’ll easily nail his second DD of the season, he’s averaging 28 minutes in his last 5 starts. That’s all he’ll need tonight against the Hawks, who last time out facing them, he turned in a nice 11 point, 7 rebound, 4 blocks and 2 steals. I’m expecting Mikey-Mikes to surpass those digits tonight. So it has been written, so it will be done.

Projections: 16 pts / 3 ast / 11 reb / 4 blk / 3 stl

Patrick Patterson PF Houston Rockets ($4200 Salary at DraftKings) – I’ve been happy, not thrilled but happy with Patterson’s performance as of late. However, what would thrill me is when I’m starting him and he’ll finally register his first double-double. That my friends, willl happen tonight. Patrick and the rest of the Rockets will take on the Oklahoma City Thunder and Patrick matches up well in this spot against Ibaka. Patterson will easily put up an above average stat line in this game, he’ll find room all night. Patrick will succeed tonight at getting his first double-double of the season, courtesy of the Thunder.

Projection: 18 pts / 1 ast / 11 reb / 1 blk / 1 stl

Chris Kaman C Dallas Mavericks ($5800 Salary at DraftKings) – Kaman is coming off of a nice 20 point outing last night against the 76ers. Now, this is what I’ve been waiting for , Kaman being able to produce 20 or for that matter 20-plus. Listen I’m a big double-double guy, when it comes to playing daily hoop guys who have a better shot at going the DD route can make the difference between a win or the dreaded ‘L’ word. Getting back to the subject of double-doubles, Chris only has one to his credit and this match-up tonight will help provide his second of the season. He’s hovered around the number a few times but just couldn’t punch them in. He’ll get number two here.

Projection: 21 pts / 2 ast / 13 reb / 1 blk / 1 stl

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