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How To Win On DraftKings


Now that you’ve learned How To Win On FanDuel, let’s turn our attention to a new (ish) daily gaming start-up based in Boston, DraftKings is relatively new to the daily fantasy sports scene, but they’ve made a lot of headway since they started the site less than a year ago and have some of the best contests and promotions out there. I actually had the pleasure of meeting with DraftKings’ founders last spring and was impressed how in-tune they were with the mind of a daily fantasy sports gamer (but more on that below).


We covered a lot of “how to win at daily fantasy sports” basics in the “How to Win On FanDuel” piece, so make sure don’t purge your memory of those lessons – they’re still very valid on almost any daily fantasy sports site. Now that you’ve got those tips etched into your memory banks, let’s take a deeper dive into some more tenants of daily fantasy sports that include some site-specific tips on how to win on DraftKings.

Know Your Scoring:

Much like season-long fantasy sports leagues, daily fantasy sports sites have different types of scoring that others. If you play on various daily fantasy sports sites, you’ll quickly come to realize that the same player might give you a very different score depending on the site you’re playing on. If you’re playing daily football, some sites give a point for a reception, and some don’t. If you’re playing daily baseball, some sites give more importance to pitchers than other. I mentioned earlier that I had the pleasure of meeting the owners of DraftKings. I didn’t mention that to name-drop, however. I was trying to illustrate a point.

One of the first things one of the owners told me is that they wanted to differentiate themselves from other daily fantasy sites (in terms of baseball) by placing more importance on hitters. Whether you win or lose at baseball on some daily fantasy sites largely depends on which pitcher you choose. On DraftKings, however, you are rewarded for choosing the days best hitters. The lesson here is that on any daily fantasy site (and in this case DraftKings), it’s incredibly important to know how players are scored. Take a few minutes to read the scoring system on any daily fantasy site you play on, and I promise that you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

Watch the schedule:

Another key to winning on DraftKings (and really any daily fantasy site) is playing on the right days. In baseball, Mondays and Thursdays are typically light on games played. In basketball, Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually the days on which less games are played. Why does this matter for this article? Well, on days where there are less games, doing more research on players doesn’t matter as much because there’s a smaller pool of players to choose from. If there are only two games played on a day, you and your opponent are very likely to have a lot of the same players and your matchup might be decided by one or two players you choose.

I’d highly advocate avoiding temptation to play every day and solely focus on the days where there are more games. This will increase your chance of differentiating your lineup from your opponent and give you a better chance to choose the right players through your research.


Value Plays:

Most “newbies” on DraftKings will try to stock their lineup with as many good players as possible (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but the more experienced players will quickly learn to find the best bargain-basement plays so that they can save some salary cap for the right stars. For instance, if you find out that a reserve shortstop who mashes lefties is getting a start against a lefty starter, you might want to give that player a shot at a cheap salary so that you can save the rest of your money to fill your roster with the high salary players that you want.

This strategy is very similar to the “stars and scrubs” strategy that a lot of expert gamers use in season-long auction leagues, and it is also a strategy that will pay dividends for you on daily fantasy sites.


I hope you’ve come out of this article feeling armed with some good techniques on how to win on daily fantasy sites and on DraftKings in particular. If you keep following these rules (along with the ones I wrote for How To Win On FanDuel), you’ll be well on your way to increasing your bankroll each and every night that you play. Good luck!


Written exclusively for by Nick Raducanu. Nick is the mystery man behind the TraderX persona at and you can also follow him and ask him for advice on Twitter: @FantasyTrade411

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