Jason Dufner’s Wife Bikini Pics: Yet Another Reason We Love Dufner!


You think Dufner gives a shit that you think he is fat? Look at it from his perspective:
– He is worth millions of dollars.
– He may be the most well liked guy on the PGA tour.
– He comes across as 100% approachable and down to the earth, the exact opposite of Tiger.
– He married a complete smoke-show who loves to get drunk and show off in a bikini.

Being Jason Dufner is a fucking dream!

BTW….our boy Dufner is listed at 33/1 odds to win the 2014 PGA Championship.








  • juanjeremy2012

    this bitch is hot as fuck tiger is a lucky guy

    • Ordeith

      How would someone like you, who has often not only admitted his preference for men but publicly and repeatedly made comments about your personal homoerotic fantasies, even know?

      You can’t go back into the closet, juan.

      • juanjeremy2012

        quit projecting you and your boyfriends desires on others ordeith.

        • Ordeith

          Who’s projecting? I’m not one to publically divulge my desires as you so often do when you write about your homoerotic fantasies in your comments. I still don’t understand why you do it, I can assure you no one here is interested in what you fantasize about.