Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Odds

For the first time since the days of Dan Marino, the Miami Dolphins have a legit franchise quarterback they can believe it. It took the Miami brass a once speculated reach in the 2012 NFL Draft to get to that point, but former Texas A&M product Ryan Tannehill just might be the Dolphins’ modern day savior.
And just about every Miami fan would probably say it’s about time.

While it’s taken awhile (and their fair share of bumps and bruises) for the Dolphins to get to this point, they’re finally here, and could be ready to make a run for the AFC East crown – if not a heck of a lot more. It sounds odd pumping up the Miami faithful just a handful of seasons removed from a dreadful 1-15 finish, but that’s the kind of spark the big-armed Tannehill provides. And if he can take his game to the level many think his potential could put him at, he’ll be much more than just a spark. He’ll be a beacon.

But assuming Miami’s 2013 success begins and ends with Tannehill isn’t fair, and it’s not all that logial, either. After all, Miami’s bread and butter lately has been with it’s stout, no-name defense, that thrives on being balanced and deep, rather than loaded with superstars.

That was until the Dolphins went on a free agent frenzy, that is.

In the end, Miami brought home cornerback Brent Grimes, inside linebacker Dannell Ellerbe and even reeled in big fish wide receiver Mike Wallace. Suddenly the Dolphins had star power. Add first round draft pick Dion Jordan to the mix, and Miami suddenly was packing a punch that few expected.

It seems the Dolphins have a firm grip on what kind of value they have through their drafts, too, as they had no problem letting free agent running back Reggie Bush walk, which in turn gave the back-field to Lamar Miller on offense.

There still remains some unanswered questions in Miami, but there is no denying the young talent filling out a deep and balanced roster. There’s also no denying the confidence the coaching staff and front office have in the players they’ve pieced together. Whether or not that means they can overcome their 40/1 Super Bowl odds remains to be seen, but they certainly are better off than they were a year ago.

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