MNF Preview: Packers vs. Saints

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Packers vs. Saints Week 12 MNF Preview

MNF: Pack vs. Saints

This Monday Night Football games shouldn’t be a dud this week as two teams with play-of aspirations face off.  The Green Bay Packers are coming off their best game of the year, and will need all the momentum that they can muster against a Saints team that despite being absolutely hammered by injuries, is still loaded on offense and at 5-5 still has a chance to make a run for the play-offs.

The Packers have a sieve at defense against the run, but the Saints are not the type of power or speed running team that can take advantage of this.  Even worse, the Packers don’t cover the short pass well, but they cover the deep ball extremely well, making the loss of Reggie Bush and his 8-9 catches a game even more painful.  You don’t want to throw deep against this team: they’re tops in the league in interceptions, and have already run six back all the way for touchdowns.

On offense they had their first good running day, and with the Saints rush defense, they’re looking for number two.  The Saints have a good offense, but for all the love the media gives Drew Brees, they fail to mention he turns the ball over as much or more than Brett Favre does.  Against this defense, that’s spotting them two touchdowns, because you just can’t throw deep on this secondary.

In fact, in light of how bad the Saints’ defense is, and how their offense goes right into the teeth of a Green Bay defense, I’m not sure how the Saints are even favored here, especially if RB Ryan Grant is really returning to full speed.  The Saints’ only chance on defense is to blitz and confuse QB Aaron Rodgers.  The teams with very good pass rushes have made him look terrible.  Teams who don’t get to him are destroyed by an offense loaded with great skills position players, and maybe the deepest receiving corps in the entire NFL.

The problem is, it’s hard to see that happening, and it’s hard to see Brees getting out of this game with less than two or three turnovers.  If that’s the case, then I just can’t see who on the Saints defense is going to be able to make up for that, especially from a woeful injury riddled secondary.

Look for a shoot out, but a lot of the points of the Saints might be in 4th quarter junk time, and the Packers look to start a roll into the play-offs.