New York Jets Super Bowl Odds

The New York Jets are an interesting bunch. From Rex Ryan’s foot fetish to the Tim Tebow fiasco, to Mark Sanchez’s butt fumble, this is clearly an NFL franchise in complete disarray.

As bad as it looked for parts of the last two seasons, though, loyal Jets fans are still clinging to the idea that this is still a team that was in two straight AFC title games three years ago. And as bad as Mark Sanchez has looked lately, he’s still the guy who was under center when the Jets were at their best.
Here comes the rub, though: Sanchize may finally be coming to a crashing halt this year, as the Jets’ new brass decided he’s probably not the answer anymore. That means they either think rookie quarterback Geno Smith (who they selected in round two of the 2013 NFL Draft) is the guy to finish the job, or they just would rather take a leap of faith than continue doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. After all, Albert Einstein defined that act as insanity.

The Jets aren’t quite insane, but they might be bordering on that if they think they can get past their 100/1 Super Bowl odds with Sanchez under center far past the first week of the season.
That might mean even Rex Ryan finally gives in and benches Sanchez for good. Whether that means Broadway Geno will turn the tables and make New York a legit title contender remains to be seen.

However, considering this was a Jets defense that relied heavily on “The Island” of Darrelle Revis on defense (who they traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers), it’s probably asking a lot for an aging defense to shoulder the load for a rookie quarterback. It worked when Sanchez was a rookie, but with a less talented defense and even less to work with on offense, it’s unlikely we see the Jets hoisting the Lombardi Trophy this year.

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