NFL Offense Stats 2014

There’s enough for NFL bettors to think about when they handicap the NFL betting lines, but one of the key items to always look at are the offensive statistics for both teams that are going to be playing in the game you’re looking at.

Though we do believe that defense is always looked in this day and age of fantasy football and the sorts, it’s undeniable the this is an offensive game that we are watching in the NFL, and it would be foolish to not consider just how much offense teams could produce.

It all starts at the quarterback position. It’s very rare that a team is going to have a lousy quarterback and can win in the NFL, and one glance at the NFL offensive stats will tell you which teams have quarterbacks and which don’t. It’s not just passing yards per game that we’re speaking about, though. Remember, in the 2013 season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers, and Carolina Panthers were the four worst teams in terms of passing yardage. Carolina and San Francisco were both playoff teams, while New York was on the verge of being a .500 club.

However, when you look at quarterback rating, a far better stat to analyze when you look at the NFL offensive stats, you’ll see who really struggled at quarterback. The only teams in the NFL that had sub-75 quarterback ratings in 2013 were the Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans, Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, and the aforementioned Jets. Of those teams, not one made the playoffs.

There are a few other key stats that we look at when we analyze NFL offensive rankings.

One of those stats is third down conversion. There’s a lot to be said about converting on third downs, including how long those third downs are on average. That said, you can really figure out quickly how strong a team is when it needs to be at its best on third downs. The top offenses in the NFL in 2013 on third downs were the San Diego Chargers (49.0%) and the Denver Broncos (46.3%). Both teams not only made the playoffs, but they were both in the Divisional Round of the postseason as well. Most overlooked the Chargers, but one glance at the third down conversion stats could have shown just how strong this offense really was under QB Philip Rivers.

Third downs will show just how clutch a team is, while QB rating will tell you what you’ll see from the quarterbacks, but keep an eye on the offensive lines as well. Utilizing some combination of yards per rushing attempt and sacks allowed will be the best indication that you have. Not shockingly in 2014, the team that allowed the fewest sacks, the Broncos, had one of the best offenses in league history. One of the most dynamic offenses, though, belonged to the Philadelphia Eagles. Yes, they allowed 46 sacks, but when you consider how many drop backs they had, that’s as horrid of a number. The better indication? This team averaged 5.13 yards per rushing attempt for the whole season.

Though offense is only half of the game, beating the NFL lines in close games will ultimately usually come down to whether teams can move the ball or not. Using the NFL offensive rankings and stats are always crucial for handicappers.