NLCS Betting Preview: Phillies vs. Dodgers

NLCS Preview: Phillies vs. Dodgers

A lot of fans thought it was the Cubs year.  The Dodgers took offense.  The match up between the Philadelphia Phillies and LA Dodgers should turn out to be a good one, and while some of the regular season stats might seem to tip favor towards the Phillies, the Dodgers came on strong late and are a better team than their season stats indicate, in strong part thanks to the hitting of Manny Ramirez, and the late season dominate pitching of Chad Billingsley over the last several weeks.

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The Phillies are one of the hardest hitting teams in baseball, and the power in their batting order has to scare even the most seasoned and dominate of pitching staffs.  The Phillies pitching hasn’t been dominate, but it has been better than most fans gave them credit for.  The Phillies pitching staff is #6 in team ERA in major league baseball (3.88), and while they don’t have a dominate ace, there isn’t an obvious weak link in the rotation, either.  Add a whole slew of 30+ HR hitters for run support, and this has been a winning combination for this 92 win team.

The Phillies have score 799 runs this season to the Dodgers 700, but the Dodgers have become a much higher scoring team in the second half of the season, since picking up Manny Ramirez, who has been absolute gold.  The Dodgers have shown better defense by allowing nearly 40 less runs, but these are two evenly matched teams now.

The Phillies have the edge in offense, especially in power hitting, but Manny Ramirez has been absolutely clutch, providing offense in clutch situations and with runners in scoring position.  While the ERA of both teams pitching staffs are close, the Dodgers get the nod here.  While the Phillies are #6 in ERA, the Dodgers are #2 with a 3.68 team ERA, and their pitching staff has allowed nearly 80 less walks, and are #5 in opposing teams’ batting average as opposed to Philly who is at #12.

The Dodgers dispatched the Cubs easily, in fact so easily that it made them go from play-off after thought to World Series contender in one week.  The Phillies easily dispatched an iffy Brewers team, but both of these teams look ready for the next play-off series.  While the Phillies have the offensive advantage, the Dodgers have the defensive edge.  Neither is so far ahead of the other to have a heads and shoulders advantage, which means this should be a very good series.

While this one could go either way, and nothing against the Phillies who are playing at their normal exceptional level, but the Dodgers are a great team also on a hot streak, and you have to think that Manny would love to face his old team in the World Series, while Torre would love to be there as a “screw you” to the Yankees franchise that let him go.  The Dodgers are undeniably on a hot streak right now, and so the edge goes to them in a close seven game series.


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