Oakland Raiders Super Bowl Odds

If you want to make some serious cash this NFL season, perhaps you should consider laying down a nice bet that the Oakland Raiders will win it all in 2013. Actually, let me rephrase that: if you don’t want to lose all your money, don’t bet on the Raiders at all in 2013.

Yes, it’s awfully tempting to throw some cash down on Oakland’s incredible 150/1 odds to win this year’s Super Bowl, but any money tossed in that direction is almost certainly money lost.

From top to bottom, the Raiders are an absolute mess. The only bright spot, star running back Darren McFadden, is never healthy and will be the focus of the opposing defense every single week. And the only way for McFadden to break free is for the Raiders’ awful passing attack to keep defenses honest.

With the likes of Matt Flynn, Terrelle Pryor and rookie Tyler Wilson duking it out for the “honor” of winning the starting quarterback job, it’s not likely the Raiders will strike much fear in the hearts of opposing pass defenses this year.
Suffice to say, Oakland’s offense is surely to be a disaster, and the only thing that can really help alleviate that would be a suddenly elite defense.

That’s not going to happen, either.

Oakland did draft a stud corner in rookie D.J. Hayden and veteran Charles Woodson returned home for some odd reason, but this is still a swiss cheese defense. The defensive line has been completely ravaged by free agency, and the linebacking corps leaves something to be desired, as well.

The Raiders are looking towards 2014 and even further on. They almost certainly have no real expectations of shocking the world and winning the Super Bowl this year. Or at least if they do, they should knock it off real quick.

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