Odds To Win AFC Championship 2015




Save for the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots, most believe that there isn’t much of a chance for anyone else to win the AFC this year. We’ll take a look at both of those clubs as well as two others we think can really make a case to reach the Super Bowl this season.


Denver Broncos (+225) – The reason the Broncos are the favorites here is because they still don’t have much of a division to match up against. The only question we have is when (and if) QB Peyton Manning is going to break down. He clearly didn’t last year when he put up arguably the best season an NFL quarterback has ever had, but how much longer can it really possibly last? If Manning takes any steps in the wrong direction, the Broncos defense clearly won’t be able to hold up.

New England Patriots (+350) – If you ignore the wide receiver position, it’s hard to find many flaws with the Patriots this year. Picking up DB Darrelle Revis only further solidifies a defense which was a lot better than what most people recognize. Remember that the Pats reached the AFC Championship Game last year without DE Tommy Kelly or DT Vince Wilfork. If New England is able to avoid the injury bug this year, look out. For our money, this is the best team that the NFL has to offer.

Indianapolis Colts (+1000) – For a team which legitimately could end up with a first round bye in the playoffs, this is a heck of a price on Indianapolis. The AFC South is incredibly weak this year, especially if you believe that Houston still has major problems to work out in its first year under Head Coach Bill O’Brien. QB Andrew Luck is only going to get better with time, and the rest of these young players who made up this offense two years ago are now three years in. All the potential in the world is there for Indianapolis, and it has a shot to go 11-5 or better. If the Colts don’t get the No. 2 seed though, there’s little hope for these odds to win the AFC to pan out.


Jacksonville Jaguars (+10000) – Laugh all you want about the Jags, but then go back and realize what they really have done recently. After starting off at 0-8 last season, the team went 4-4 down the stretch, and the games it ultimately came up short in, it was in all the way through. DE Red Bryant rejoins his former defensive coordinator from his Seattle days, and he is one of the what might end up being nine new starters on the defensive side of the ball for Head Coach Gus Bradley. With QB Chad Henne taking care of things for the time being, seeing this team go 8-8 is entirely possible (sneak into the playoffs) with four games against Houston and Tennessee as well as home games against the Steelers, Browns, Dolphins, Cowboys, and Giants.

Odds To Win AFC Conference 2014-2015

Denver Broncos 9/4
New England Patriots 3/1
Indianapolis Colts 8/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 12/1
Cincinnati Bengals 16/1
Baltimore Ravens 18/1
Kansas City Chiefs 18/1
San Diego Chargers 18/1
Houston Texans 22/1
Cleveland Browns 25/1
Miami Dolphins 25/1
New York Jets 28/1
Buffalo Bills 40/1
Tennessee Titans 40/1
Oakland Raiders 50/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 100/1


Mike Rose

Mike Rose

MIke Rose is a leading sports writer for top sports betting news websites across the internet. Feel free to follow him at http://twitter.com/MikeRose77 and Google+ .

About Mike Rose

MIke Rose is a leading sports writer for top sports betting news websites across the internet. Feel free to follow him at http://twitter.com/MikeRose77 and Google+ .