Sexy Allie LaForce Makes CBS Sports Network Watchable


The CBS Sports Network and FOX Sports 1 have a long way to go in hopes to prove that they can put the smallest of dents into ESPN’s dominance of cable sports. Step one of grabbing the 18-35 year old male demo is to hire very attractive women who have a some knowledge of sports. Hence why FOX Sports 1 quickly brought in Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson.

So far, the top female “talent” at CBS seems to be focused on Allie Laforce. Allie is definitely a sexy girl. My only issue is that she does not have that certain “talent” that stands out….example being the amazing natural chest of Erin Andrews or the insane ass and legs of Charissa Thompson.

You can see Allie LaForce co-host “Leadoff” with Doug Gottlieb on the CBS Sports Network. BTW….Gottlieb has sick knowledge of college hoops and is a must follow on Twitter for college hoops bettors.






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  • Jimmy Mac

    Allie has a great future! Beautiful, natural smile and outgoing personality. She is going to be great in her chosen profession. By the way, she is a rare, natural beauty and that is unknown at most of the competitor networks!