StarStreet Pick 5 Fantasy NBA Tips December 3rd

If it looks as good as on paper, we’re in the kill zone, pal. Lock and load.

StarStreet started their Pick 5 Daily Game at the start of the NFL season and it’s a great game for daily fantasy players.  It combines the aspect of parlay betting with daily fantasy sports and a Pick em concept which appeals to the average fantasy sports fan.

I will be taking on the Pick 5 Daily game giving you insight and strategy each Monday during the NBA season.

StarStreet takes 10 players and makes you pick from Player A vs Player B to see who will have the most fantasy points that day. Most of the time the grouping of players is very close, so this is not an easy game.  Or at least that is the perception.   I will go over some basic strategies and then dig into what you need to look at each day to beat the game at a better than 5% clip to make money.

Here is how the scoring works:

Players that contribute in multiple categories are more valuable at StarStreet because of the extra .25 on rebounds and assists.


  • Point = 1
  • Rebound = 1.25
  • Assist = 1.25
  • Block = 2
  • Steal = 2
  • Turnover = -1

Here is how the payouts work:

Think you’ll pick ALL 5 correctly?

Play for:

$1 to WIN $20

$5 to WIN $100

Think you’ll pick at least 3 out of 5 correctly?

Play for:

$1.08 to WIN $2

$5.38 to WIN $10

$10.70 to WIN $20

Basic Strategy

  1. You must play the 5/5 and 3/5 game each time in order to break even on the days you do not hit the 5/5. The odds of hitting a 5/5 are 5% or 1/20, so this will help with your bankroll. I would recommend you either play each game at $1 or play each game at $5. I would stay away from the $10 3/5 entry for now.  Building a bankroll in the game first, and then picking your spots when you should “load” up on all entry fees and then “lock” in.

  2. Try and get your picks in early, you can always go back and edit them later on before start time. If a player is scratched prior to tipoff, you can take advantage. Last week, when the Spurs did not start 4 players, you could have easily won the Pick 5 because StarStreet changed out those players around 4 pm est.

Factors- Home Court, Consistency, Prior Matchups, Point Spread, Last 15 days, Opposing Defender PER Rating (League avg PER is 15), Pace / Projection, Intangibles – Days of rest, Injuries

Today’s Matchups:

Kyle Lowry vs Brandon Jennings

Lowry @ Denver-Toronto is +11 in this game which does have me a tad concerned, but Denver can’t play any defense.  It’s the Denver frontcourt that is a defensive mess, as opposing PG only have a 12.0 PER vs. the Nuggets. Also, Lowry’s stat lines the last 3 games have been nothing special (22, 19, 26).  Lowry has been the better player this year and will get a higher total on ASS/REB combined.

Jennings @ New Orleans-Jennings is one of the players who can drive you nuts as a daily fantasy basketball player because he is so inconsistent. But opposing PG’s have a 15.9 PER vs. the Hornets which is a huge advantage over what Lowry’s matchup offers. My projections have both teams scoring about this same tonight, so this one is a toss up.

Lock N Load on Lowry 

Stephen Curry vs Damian Lillard

Curry vs Orlando-Curry looks to be past the ankle issues that have plagued him over the past two seasons. Golden State is on game #4 of a home stand and Curry comes off a day’s rest, so he will have fresh legs tonight.  Golden State is starting to play well, while the Orlando Magic are starting to show that they just don’t have very much depth.  The over/under in the game is 195.5 with GS -9.5, I don’t think GS will pull their starters later on, so no concerns there.  PG’s have a 14.7 PER vs Orlando.

Lillard @ Charlotte – Portland is on game six of a long road trip that has seen Lillard put up monster games, but then put up only 15-20 pt nights. Because he is not the #1 option on offense, and Aldridge has been iffy with his back, it’s hard to know what Lillard can do on a given night. Portland has scored 85 pts or less in 3 out of the last 5 games. While getting Charlotte can usually be a nice night for most, this game is on the road and Portland has been showing signs of fatigue. This looks like a game that Charlotte can win.  Charlotte has moved to -1 in this game with a total of 191. PG’s only have a 12.8 PER vs. Charlotte.

Lock N Load on Stephen Curry

David Lee vs LaMarcus Aldridge 

(Note StarStreet puts 2 players from the same game here with GS / ORL and POR / CHA which could be to our advantage)

Lee vs Orlando-Gotta love getting another GS player vs POR tonight(see Curry vs Lillard above). GS is on a roll, and Lee is playing at a premium level getting double doubles every night. Lee never takes a night off which you love here. PF are at a 15.2 PER vs Orlando, just slightly above league average. The added bonus with Lee of the assists, steals are great here.

Aldridge @ Charlotte-Aldridge has been dealing with back issues, but the last few games he looks to be back in form. Still it’s a risk to pick a player on a long road trip, who doesn’t really have any glaring advantages over Lee. Also, Aldridge doesn’t fill up the stat sheet like Lee which is key on SS. PF’s are at a 15.0 PER vs Charlotte right around the league average.

Lock N Load on David Lee

Monta Ellis vs Kemba Walker

Ellis @ New Orleans –Ellis put up 37 last time at home vs. New Orleans, but this game is on the road.  Ellis has a nice PER matchup as SG vs NO are rating 18.7.

Walker vs Portland- Throw the OKC massacre out the window, and you have a player who consistently gets 30 fantasy points a night.  So I think you are getting Walker here with some value.  Slight lean on the total with 191.5 vs. 188.5 and Walker at home.

Lock N Load on Walker

Greg Monroe vs Al Jefferson

Monroe vs Cleveland-No total has been posted for this game, but my projections have a total that should be 193-194. So slight lean towards Jefferson on that.  Monroe is a consistent player, but his numbers are down slightly in the past few games.   Only a slight advantage for Centers vs. CLE with a 16.1 PER rating.

Jefferson vs LA Clippers-Good matchup with a nice high total at 198.5 and side of +2 for Utah at home.  Opposing C vs. LAC have 16.5 PER rating which is slightly above average.  Jefferson is one of the most consistent players in daily fantasy to use, and is great for this format.

Lock N Load on Jefferson

Pick 5 recommendations – Lowry, Curry, Lee, Walker, Jefferson

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