Super Bowl Odds

Super Bowl Odds
Sportsbooks wasted no time setting odds to win the 2015 Super Bowl after the Seahawks destroyed the Broncos. The Seattle Seahawks opened up has favorites to win Super Bowl 49, which will be played in Arizona. The SF 49ers and Denver Broncos round out the top 3 favorites win the Super Bowl in 2015.

NFL Over-Under win totals for the 2014-2015 season have been already been released Cantor.

(updated 4/14/14)






Seahawks 6/1 6/1
Broncos 7/1 7/1
49ers 15/2 7/1
Patriots 9/1 8/1
Packers 10/1 12/1
Bears 28/1 20/1
Colts 20/1 20/1
Saints 22/1 20/1
Eagles 18/1 20/1
Panthers 25/1 28/1
Cowboys 40/1 33/1
Cardinals 33/1 33/1
Falcons 33/1 33/1
Ravens 33/1 33/1
Chargers 33/1 33/1
Bengals 33/1 33/1
Chiefs 33/1 40/1
Steelers 33/1 40/1
Texans 33/1 40/1
Lions 40/1 40/1
Giants 40/1 40/1
Rams 50/1 50/1
Redskins 50/1 50/1
Browns 50/1 50/1
Dolphins 50/1 50/1
Bucs 50/1 50/1
Jets 66/1 66/1
Vikings 66/1 66/1
Titans 75/1 75/1
Bills 75/1 75/1
Raiders 100/1 100/1
Jags 150/1 150/1

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While the main focus of sports wagering involves betting on individual games, pool wagers are also quite popular in sports betting. The most popular pool in NFL wagering involves the Super Bowl.

Most bookmakers will release their 2015 Super Bowl odds in February of each year, right after the Super Bowl of the prior season is completed. Thus, the initial odds are primarily based on the results of the previous year. Once the first odds are released, there will be various shifts in the odds during the spring and summer based upon personnel changes for each team. The free agency period can also turn the fortunes of several teams in the offseason. The NFL Draft in April is closely monitored, and coaching changes can certainly lead to shifts in the odds.

During the offseason, the Super Bowl odds are based on speculation. After all, the actual teams have yet to play a game. Once the season begins, the odds have a deeper rooted foundation because bettors can evaluate the teams on the field each week. It is during the regular season when the odds will fluctuate the most as teams move up and down, like stocks, depending on their perceived value.

Big Super Bowl long-shots are tougher to find

The appeal of Super Bowl betting to bettors involves the favorable odds of these wagers compared to the 10/11 odds of football point spread bets. It wasn’t uncommon to find teams at odds of 200/1 before the start of the season in the recent past. However, these kind of odds have basically disappeared since the 1999 St. Louis Rams and 2001 New England Patriots ended up winning Super Bowls after being in the 200/1 range at certain points during their championship seasons.

Still, some teams are priced in the 100/1 range prior to each season. These favorable football odds can attract serious professional gamblers and causal sports fans who want to take a shot with their favorite team.

Super Bowl Betting – Good bet for the house?

The Super Bowl pool is usually a favorable bet for the house. There are 32 wagering options but only one winner. Because money is pumped into the pool on a year-round basis, online sportsbooks have plenty of opportunities to adjust the odds in their favor. If certain teams are getting bet too heavily, there odds can be adjusted to a lower payout to make the clubs a less favorable wager. In addition, teams that aren’t getting much support can have their odds adjusted to a higher payout to lure in more wagers.