New England Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday Night Point Spread Preview, Picks, Score Prediction

NFL betting action on Sunday Night Football will be about as heated of an affair as you can ever imagine. The Steelers and Pats have quite the history with each other, and every meeting seems to be more tense than the last. This is one of the two battles on the weekend on national television that features a pair of 6-2 teams.

Which one will still be tied for the best record in the NFL when the dust settles? Check out the answers to these three questions to find out:

Patriots vs. Steelers Betting Key #1: Were the Patriots dogging it last week to avoid showing anything to the Steelers?

Would you really put it past Bill Belichick to do such a thing? Think about it. If you’re the Pats, especially when you fall behind early against the Cleveland Browns, would you rather try to fight back and potentially spoil your game plan for next week against the team you probably hate the most in the NFL, or just give up on it and work towards next week? New England isn’t a team that loses by 20 to a team like Cleveland and skunks it the next week.

Patriots vs. Steelers Point Spread: Steelers -4.5 points

Patriots vs. Steelers Over-Under: 45 points

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Patriots vs. Steelers Betting Key #2: Have the Steelers figured out the key to stopping the Brady Bunch?

After getting smoked for years and years by the Pats, Pittsburgh finally seemed to figure it out in the most recent meeting of these teams two years ago, beating them 33-10. However, that was with Matt Cassel calling the shots, not Tom Brady. Since Brady has taken over, New England has averaged scoring 28.7 points per game against a Steelers defense that annually ranks out amongst the best in the NFL.

Patriots vs. Steelers Betting Key #3: Can Rashard Mendenhall have the same sort of success on the ground this week that Peyton Hillis had in Week 9?

Mendenhall has been one of the best running backs in the NFL all season long, and there isn’t a team that loves its ground game as much as Pittsburgh does. You can bet that a second half lead will be turned into a running affair for the Steelers, as they have no problems running the ball 15 straight times on a drive if it means the offense is headed in the right direction and the clock keeps moving. Last week, Hillis set a career high on the ground with a whopping 184 yards and two TDs. If Mendenhall has anywhere near that type of production, the Pats are cooked!


We aren’t so sure whether it will be by hook or by crook, but New England is finding a way to win this game. Belichick and company don’t lay down easily, especially in games like this, and we still aren’t all that sure the Steelers are one of the best 2-3 teams in the NFL. Don’t be shocked to see an upset in the makings in the Steel City come Sunday night.

New England 31 – Pittsburgh 27