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U.S. Presidential Election Odds 2016


Here is what we do know about the 2016 Presidential election….Barack Obama will not be on the ballot. Whether that makes you happy or sad, it’s a fact. Now, it seems like every rumor in the political world is pointing towards New Jersey governor Chris Christie or Jeb Bush to win the Republican nod in 2016. Hillary Clinton is the current favorite for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2016.



(updated 9/6/15)

Hillary Clinton 8/5
Jeb Bush 6/1
Donald Trump 8/1
Bernie Sanders 15/1
Joe Biden 15/1
Marco Rubio 15/1
Scott Walker 15/1
Ben Carson 20/1
John Kasich 25/1
Chris Christie 35/1
Ted Cruz 40/1
Elizabeth Warren 50/1
Carly Fiorina 75/1
John Kerry 100/1
Martin OMalley 100/1
Mike Huckabee 100/1
Rand Paul 100/1
Al Gore 200/1
Michael Bloomberg 200/1
Rick Perry 200/1
Rick Santorum 200/1
Bobby Jindal 250/1
Jim Webb 250/1
Lindsey Graham 500/1
George Pataki 1000/1
Lincoln Chafee 1000/1

Democratic Presidential Nominee:
Hillary Clinton 1/4
Joe Biden 9/2
Bernie Sanders 7/1
Elizabeth Warren 30/1
Martin OMalley 40/1
Al Gore 50/1
John Kerry 75/1
Jim Webb 125/1
Lincoln Chafee 250/1

Republican Presidential Nominee:
Jeb Bush 2/1
Donald Trump 3/1
Scott Walker 11/2
Marco Rubio 13/2
Ben Carson 9/1
John Kasich 10/1
Chris Christie 15/1
Ted Cruz 15/1
Carly Fiorina 20/1
Rand Paul 25/1
Rick Perry 60/1
Rick Santorum 60/1
Bobby Jindal 125/1


With the recent news of Mitt Romney NOT running for the GOP presidential nomination, we can only assume that Chris Christie is now the only true competition for Jeb Bush…..AND we must now assume that this video of Chris Christie falling on his ass at WIP in Philly will be played everywhere over the next 2 years!

Video –

  • Antwan


  • mike marsh

    hillary does not have a shot in hell ,old ,stupid and Bubba’s wife

    • Brett

      U sound a little butt-hurt; are you one of the countless umbers of prejudicially and ignorant Americans, who still choose to live in the past, and in turn are blind to the fact that Hillary posses the tact, strength, patience that is needed to run our country better than the countless men before her?

  • Vincent Brady

    The next GOP nominee, is not on this list. Yes our next President will be a Republican but they’re not mentioned here. If your looking for who the next commander and chief will be in 2016, look here for the answer & details early Jan. or year. Go to:

  • Jonathan

    At 5/1 there is tremendous value here with H.C. Ted Cruz at 50/1 is also intriguing.

    • jayvega

      Hillary is +180….little less than 2/1 odds…..still decent value considering early polling.

  • Brett

    Hillary will win it all!

    • Trev Rogers

      not exactly going out a limb there……

    • Kolodzczjzyk

      Brett go home and take your medicine, you’re hallucinating.

      • Demolish

        No I don;t think so. All you GOP will cry again, this time with Hilary he he he, remember with Obama twice

        • Kolodzczjzyk

          Personally one of the things I most proud of is that I never voted for Obama. I knew beyond a doubt that he was a liar the moment he opened his mouth. He was elected by a great majority of black voters because they voted for his skin color not his abilities, and by others who wanted to feel noble that we had a first black president, and they also didn’t give a hoot in hell if he was capable or not. He has done everything possible to destroy America either because he’s an idiot or a traitor, or both. As for Hillary, she’s smarter than Obama, but she’s a conniving twit who wants to be the first female president. Personally once again, I want the best person to be president, and am not voting for a vagina as opposed to a penis!

    • Demolish

      Thats right she will win all the way.

    • Patrick

      Bill will rule again!

    • Kolodzczjzyk

      That’s only if you think all of America is intellectually challenged as you are.

  • Pocho Basura

    1st clinton crime family member to give evidence should be offered immunity and allowed entry to the witness protection program

  • Brianna LaPoint

    Jeb bush? dear god no.

    • Kolodzczjzyk

      Not a chance! I think it’s time to quit these dynasties and get back to America.

  • Jason Mormando

    Fuck Hillary, that fucking cunt… I hope she fucking dies… Trump is the future. He can’t be bought, and he loves America and Americans… Hilary doesn’t give a flying fuck about the middle or lower class. But it’s not about politics anymore anyway, it’s about popularity… So pick the most popular one, and when you go from having a nice apartment to living in a shelter, let me know if you still think you made the right choice.

  • angel cuellar


  • scott

    TRUMP ..just wish I had bet when he was 100/1

  • scott

    wonder what the odds are on Deez Nuts?

  • car ger

star Recent handicapping champs star