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Who will be the next Pope? Odds Offered On Who, Age & Country


Online sportsbook BOVADA is wasting no time making odds available for who will replace Pope Benedict, who shocked the world with the news of resignation.

You can bet who will be the next Pope, along with his country of origin and even his age.

Odds on who will be the next Pope? 


Marc Ouellet (Canada)                            7/2

Francis Arinze (Nigeria)                          4/1

Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson (Ghana)      4/1

Leonardo Sandri (Argentina)                    13/2

Angelo Scola (Italy)                                7/1

Angelo Bagnasco (Italy)                          15/2

Gianfranco Ravasi (Italy)                         8/1

Tarcisio Bertone (Italy)                            16/1

Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Argentina)            20/1

Christoph von Schonborn (Austria)           33/1

Tim Dolan (USA)                                    33/1

Odilo Pedro Scherer (Brazil)                    33/1


Next Pope will be from?    


Italy                                                      8/5

Africa                                                    7/4

North America                                       13/4

South/Central America                           7/2


Age of Next Pope?   


60 or under                                            10/1

61-65                                                    2/1

66-70                                                    1/1

71 or over                                              2/1

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