Why You Should Be Betting Baseball


You Need To Bet MLB

Most recreational sports bettors choose to take the summer off and not bet baseball before the football season starts. It is well documented by sports books offshore and in Las Vegas that baseball is by far the least bet upon sport of the three major sports: football, basketball, and baseball. I have also talked with odds makers who openly stated that they are just happy to break even in baseball because of the little action they receive. The big money rolls in during the football and basketball seasons.

One of the biggest reasons why novice gamblers shy away from baseball is because they don’t understand the lines. However, in all actuality it’s really not that difficult to understand. Let’s say the Dodgers are playing the San Diego Padres and the Dodgers have been listed as -150 favorites. What that means is that if you were to bet the Dodgers, you would have to risk $1.50 for every $1.00 you want to win. So if you want to win $100, you would risk $150. If you were to bet, the Padres, depending on your sports book, you would have a line of either +130 or +140. Some books offer a 10 cent differential for underdogs and some offer a 20 cent differential. It’s important for you to find a book that offers a dime line which is a ten cent differential when betting an underdog. If you got the dime line on the Padres you would win $1.40 for each $1.00 risked. Pretty simple right?

Many pros believe that in the summer months, you can really catch the bookies off guard because they are not overly concerned with turning a profit. They simply fall asleep. Since bookmakers aren’t looking to rake in profits during baseball, there are many MLB betting opportunities that can arise for the astute gambler. If you can follow all of the teams and pitchers closely, you can find mistakes made by the odds makers.

Betting baseball is a time consuming process because there are so many factors that go into the game. However, hard work can really pay off. There are a number of betting opportunities each day in baseball and when you add in the fact that the season is seven months long, you can see why there are bound to be mistakes made by the odds makers. Injuries, hot and cold streaks, pitching mismatches are constantly changing so if you follow the game closely, you can find great spots to put your money down.

For me, baseball is my biggest money maker due to the high volume of games and the bookmakers’ apathy toward the sport. The other thing that makes baseball so profitable is the fact that there is no point spread. I only have to pick the winner of the game unless I bet the run line. It takes hard work but by following everything I possibly can and studying the statistics thoroughly, I am able to consistently find discrepancies in the line. It’s a long season and if you are able to stay on top of what’s going on, baseball is a game that can be beat. If you’re not betting baseball outside of the World Series, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to build a bankroll for football season.