Do the Super Bowl betting lines have you dazed and confused? Here at BetVega, we’re taking the opportunity come up with some great ways to make some “coin” before the ball even gets kicked off.

When the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles stand at mid-field Sunday February 4th to make the pivotal call of heads or tails, it will not only start the biggest spectacle of the season, but it will provide us with our first graded Super Bowl bet of the day.

What we have to remember about the coin toss is that this is really a 50/50 proposition. This is why many sportsbooks offer -105, -104, or even -101 odds on the prop. Every person believes that they have the “know” about which player is going to be calling the coin toss and what he is going to say when he gets to the 50 yard line on Sunday, but the truth of the matter is that this really is a random call, and it’s a random result that occurs. Although, there was been nothing random about the NFC winning 13 straight Super Bowl coin tosses through 2011.