In one of the more drastic bits of news we’ve seen in two decades, Andrew Luck has retired from the NFL due to being worn down after battling through a multitude of injuries, rehab, and more.

Luck nearly broke down at his press conference, but it seems he is very stern with his decision to do other things in life for the time being, and get his mind and body right outside of football.

Opinions have swirled all across the internet in the last few days, but one thing cannot be disputed:

The Colts Super Bowl odds and other betting futures are now in SHAMBLES. Let’s go over some of the crazy movement, tidbits, and more in the wake of Luck’s retirement.

Colts Super Bowl Futures

As soon as news broke (and even before that), large sportsbooks had removed the AFC South odds, and for good reason.

Before Luck retiring, the Colts were +110 to win the AFC South, +700 to win the AFC Championship, and +1500 to win the Super Bowl on the FanDuel Sportsbook App.

Current Odds:

AFC South Champions: +500
AFC Champions: +3200
Super Bowl Champions: +6000

This is a drastic move, and it just shows how important a player like Andrew Luck is to his team, but also to the betting markets all across the NFL.

In addition, the Colts’ win total moved from 10 to 6.5, and it’s now up to 7.5 in some places. Crazy movement. This is an overreaction, and congrats to those who got the Colts at 6.5 wins.

Colts AFC South Champ Odds

In a short span, Lamar Miller’s torn ACL and Andrew Luck retiring shook the AFC South betting markets.

Now, the odds to win the AFC South on FanDuel Sportsbook are as follows:

Houston Texas +130
Jacksonville Jaguars +270
Tennessee Titans +310
Indianapolis Colts +510

Is this an overreaction? Probably, and it will regulate. But, Jacoby Brissett is no Andrew Luck and the AFC South odds have been jumbled with the news. Ironically, it may move again depending if the Texans trade Jadeveon Clowney or trade for a running back to replace Miller.

Drastic news calls for drastic movements, and the key is to take advantage of the news in your specific betting markets. Are the Colts as good as they were last week? No. But, they still have a chance to be an average to above average football team with Brissett at the helm.