Fox Bet Free

Most people like watching sports, some people like betting on sports, but everyone likes free.

On FoxBet, there will be a free-to-play option that allows users to pick and win without having to bet to real money. Why would a company do this? Cheap customer-acquisition. It will allow FoxBet to grow its user-base quickly, and possibly convert those users into real-money players when the time comes. The plan is for the free-to-play product to be mobile-friendly, based on peer-to-peer predictions on sports that allows users to win cash prizes.


FoxBet To Follow “Super 6” Blue-Print?

FoxBet will look to follow the success of Sky Bet’s “Super 6”, another Stars Group company overseas. This is a very popular tool in the UK legal sports betting market, as most of the online sportsbooks allow free-to-play options, including the aforementioned Sky Bet. 

In the UK, Sky Bet’s “Super 6” is essentially a six-game parlay that allows for users to win their share of £250,000, or even up to £1M, and there are weekly prizes as well. Pick the exact score of all six of the featured matches, and win. This game is available as a standalone app on iOS/Android while also being integrated into Sky Bet’s own application and website.

As proven time after time, free-to-play games are very valuable if not for anything else but growing a database. More users is great for companies, especially when they have a chance to convert such players to real-money players when legalized. This will help FoxBet acquire the casual bettor, especially if [and when] Fox Sports advertises such games.

Fox Sports is a massive television and media network, with the capability of reaching nearly 100 million households in a weekend. Advertising their own free-to-play game that will be as easy as downloading an app and making your picks, you can surely bet on FoxBet growing successfully regardless of which states are ready or not. Remember, Fox has a 5% stake in The Stars Group, making it an easy target on Fox Sports.


When Will The FoxBet App Launch?

Expect to see more details as football season nears in late August, as the plan has always been to launch before the NFL season begins. Recently mentioned that FoxBet will launch in PA by early September. Obviously the massive ad budget will be in place to compete with likes of FanDuel and DraftKings Sportsbook. Expect to see a FoxBet promo code bonus that will offer a free bet or new player deposit match to entice players away from other sportsbooks.

If they can replicate the success of “Super 6”, maybe with picking a certain number of players to score a touchdown, a pick every game correctly contest, or other ideas. It will be a huge boost to FoxBet’s user base, making them very strong players in the American sports betting market.