Free College Football Picks

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Here at BetVega, we are big time supporters of our college football expert handicappers, as they are long-term proven winners who are guaranteed to put more money in your pocket with their college football picks. However, some of the best in the biz both in Las Vegas and online don’t necessarily need the help of our handicappers to be able to be winners. For those and for so many out there, you always have the option to make free college football picks, and we’re here to help all of you as well at BetVega.

On top of having our regular team of handicappers, we also have others who are experts on our site who contribute all sorts of great information for you. Whether it’s a game-by-game analysis of some of the biggest matchups or a breakdown of some of the best ATS trends on the collegiate gridiron, you can count on us at BetVega to help you make your free college football picks.

Of course, you don’t just have to take our word for it either. There are plenty of ways to go forward and make your free college football picks with some of the handicapping tools that we have on our site, too.

One of the main ways that players make their own free college football picks is by looking at public betting percentages. Just one glance at a point spread as well as who most of the bets are on for a game will show you whether a particular team is sharp or square. Sharp plays are the ones that are generally made by bettors who are in the know and are playing with big bucks to move lines. Square plays are made by those who are generally small time bettors who only think they know what they are doing. How can you easily identify a sharp from a square? The squares out there all think they are winning 70 percent of their games from an ATS standpoint. Sharps are very happy at 54 percent and are probably raking in the bucks in a big time way.

On top of that, you can just try to handicap the matchup without the help of any gambling statistics. By doing so, you can analyze whether a team is particularly strong at one position or another and whether they excel on one side of the ball or the other. A team like the Alabama Crimson Tide have so many fantastic players up front along their defensive line year in and year out that it is almost impossible to try to get leverage at the line and run the ball against them. Unless the Tide are playing against a team that can spread them out and run those linemen a bit ragged with passing plays time and time again, it’s probably not all that wise to fade them.

Free college football picks are made by the mass majority of the people who bet on games. Though we know that our handicappers are the best of the best, you can be plenty successful by making these picks on your own as well.