Michelle Beadle jumped on the radar a few years back when ESPN launched SPORTSNATION with Colin Cowherd. Beadle left ESPN/ABC for NBC and then made her way back with a heavy focus on NBA coverage. Her most recent project is a new 7amEST morning show with Mike Greenberg called “Get Up“.

Beadle was replaced on SPORTSNATION by our girl Charissa Thompson (aka: “Page Views”), who receives a solid 8.5 to 9 consensus rating by the highly qualified judges in the BetVega.com office.

Our feeling on Beadle is that she is definitely a good time…..loves to drink (Beadle on Twitter), huge WWE fan, rips into other female reporters, obviously has good knowledge of sports. Overall we see the major networks making a renewed push for top talent. Just take a look at Kelly Nash and Cari Champion.

Some negatives…..she dated Matt Barnaby. How old is Beadle? Maybe it’s the drinking, but some days she looks 50ish.

BetVega office consensus rating on Beadle is 7.5 to 8. If she would consistently show solid cleavage, we grant the firm 8 rating.