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Don’t know who Katie Nolan is? She is the hot chic from high school with a big mouth, who would make you feel like you were 2 inches tall if you pissed her off…..but you still wanted to tap that ass!

Katie joins two of our favorite girls here at BetVega, Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson, at the new FOX SPORTS 1 kicking off this month.

If I was building a new sports network to compete with ESPN, I would have hired the exact same three-some to attract the the 18-35 male demo needed to compete with ESPN.

Check out some hot pics of Katie Nolan below. As you can see, she has no problem showing off her bombs and shaking her sexy ass in some .gifs. BTW, Fox has the Super Bowl this year, so hopefully we see much more of Katie.








Katie Nolan’s new show on Fox Sports 1: