Super Bowl Odds

Week 2 was a crazy and will have major Super Bowl implications going forward. Ben Roethlisberger is out for the season. The Eagles had three players hurt during warmups. Kirk Cousins struggled big time in a loss to the Packers, and Drew Brees is out for at least the next six games. 

A wild week in the NFL means one thing, those Super Bowl Odds have changed and drastically for some teams. If you thought week 1 had big movement, wait till you see the numbers below.

Here is a look at the movement on Super Bowl Odds at DraftKings Sportsbook after Week 2.

The following is a chart with all 32 NFL teams sorted by movement.


Latest 2020 Super Bowl Odds Movement

TeamPre Week 1 OddsPre Week 2 OddsPre Week 3 OddsTotal Change



Big Risers


Detroit Lions

There are 10 teams in the NFL without a loss. One of them is the Detroit Lions. At 1-0-1, the Lions looked bad as they blew a win in Week 1 to the Cardinals who tied them after a big comeback, but in Week 2 the Lions beat a good Chargers team 13-10. The Lions are now +6600 to win the Super Bowl after being +15000 last week, leading the charge for the biggest positive adjustment of the week.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs beat the Carolina Panthers 20-14 on Thursday Night Football in Week 2, and raised their Super Bowl Odds from +10000 to +6600. The Bucs have a long way to go with new coach Bruce Arians, but Chris Godwin looks terrific and the Bucs defense shut down Christian McCaffrey. In Week 3, the Bucs get to face rookie QB Daniel Jones in his first career start.


Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons upset the Eagles 24-20 in a huge win for the team. They avoided going 0-2 and raised their Super Bowl odds to +2500 from +4000. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Calvin Ridley form a terrific offense. If the Falcons can stay healthy and improve their trench play, they could be an NFC playoff team.


Big Fallers


Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins were +15000, after Week 1 they went to +25000. After Week 2, they are now +50000 to win the Super Bowl. They traded Minkah Fitzpatrick, other players have asked for a trade, and they just scored 0 points in an NFL game while mustering just 184 total yards. This team is clearly tanking, and +50000 still isn’t low enough.


New York Jets

The Jets moved from +8000 to +12500 after their MNF loss to the Browns. Most of it is due to quarterback Sam Darnold catching mononucleosis and missing the better part of the season for the Jets. How New York is a second-year promising quarterback catching mono? The Jets aren’t winning the Super Bowl this year, and the odds reflect that.


Pittsburgh Steelers

How does a team drop from +2500 to +6000 in a week? By losing your quarterback. Ben Roethlisberger will have elbow surgery and is now out for the season. Young quarterback Mason Rudolph is now at the helm, and Steelers bettors are hoping for the same magic that helped them win the Super Bowl 15 years ago when another young QB stepped in for the injured starter in Week 2.


Teams to Watch 


Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens started at +3300 to win the Super Bowl, then went down to +2500, and are now at +2000. There are only seven teams above them, and Lamar Jackson looks incredible through two weeks. The Ravens will be a team to keep an eye on, because if they keep winning they will see their odds rise accordingly.


New England Patriots

What? The Patriots? Team to watch?

Well, their odds…yea. It’s Week 3 in the NFL and the Pats are already +333, as the favorites in the NFL on DraftKings Sportsbook.

They acquired Antonio Brown, they have destroyed both opponents through two weeks, and now get to face the Jets, Bills, Redskins, Giants, Jets, and Browns before the Ravens in Week 9. These odds will rise, surely.

If you want to place a bet on the Patriots to win the SB, now would be the time.